How To Do A Cord Cutting Meditation To Preserve Your Energy & Cut Spiritual Ties

cord cutting meditation

We meet and get to know different people every day, online and in real life. If you recall how you felt after talking and connecting, you will notice that a lot of the time, you feel drained of all your energy. It’s almost like a cloud of heaviness and tiredness has covered you. Cord cutting meditation is what you need to get your power and energy back.

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Do you understand what you are losing by not practicing powerful cord cutting meditation?

It’s not just the energy that you are losing. 

You also lose your mental, emotional, and physical energy along with it. 

You might be losing your connection with yourself. Your spiritual progress, the self-love you have, and possibly losing touch with your intuition. Preserving and taking care of our spiritual energy is extremely important.

There are so many things in our life That depends on the mental, emotional, and spiritual energy we have. It affects your life in various ways.

leaking spiritual energy

This is one of the initial things that happens when your energy starts to leak through these energy cords. This can be anything, and you might not even be aware of them yet. You could be losing interest in the things you once felt passionate about it. 

  • Reduced ability to manifest:

We all can manifest anything with desire at any time without consciously manifesting those desires. This power significantly reduces when your emotional and spiritual energy starts to drain. 

  • Detachment from everything:

It is believed that when we go further in our spiritual journey, we start to detach from worldly things. There is a difference between the detachment that happens with spiritual growth and the detachment when you don’t have the energy for it. When you are growing spiritually, you feel detached, but you still feel great. You are still full of energy and love, affection, and peace. 

You may also feel fear, self-judgment, self-doubt, and self-criticism. These things can lead to disconnecting from your inner self and the people who love you.

So, what is cord cutting meditation?

The process of cord cutting meditation involves visualization and energy work for cutting the spiritual energy ties with other people.

In this energy meditation, you are meditating to preserve your own energy and then replenishing it in the same meditation session. 

You need to understand how these energy ties happen in order to understand what this meditation is.

spiritual energy cord connecting

You are not just connecting by communication whenever you meet and connect with someone. You are also connecting yourself with them through spiritual energy. The energy cord starts to form between you and them the moment you feel something for the other person. 

The feeling can be anything can be respect, gratitude, inspiration, or admiration. The energetic cords are formed when you feel something and feel connected to someone, but that doesn’t always mean you know the person well. 

These energetic bonds are not visible, but they keep us connected on emotions and spiritual levels. These connections also help us intuitively know when our loved ones need us.

These energetic ties are not inherently negative. There can be ties that are the reason for the negative energy you are feeling.

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What are spiritual cords, and why are cutting cords important?

All the healing work and energy meditation goes to waste when you have spiritual energetic cords that are draining you.  Spiritual growth benefits all of us in many different ways.

You could be forming spiritual connections to energy vampires, negative or toxic people. These connections can become extremely draining, and you may not even understand what is happening. 

It’s understandable that you might feel drained and want to cut cords with toxic relationships and ex-friends. These are always the most apparent connection. You can consciously choose to cut the cords with them emotionally and spiritually.

The real damage happens from the connections you are not aware of. Your spiritual energy constantly leaks through those spiritual cords. You feel something is wrong, but you cannot pinpoint what it is because these people haven’t done anything wrong to you. 

Cord cutting is not only a way of getting rid of these energy leaks but also to be able to recognize these cords.

Card cutting meditation becomes even more important when you are an empath or a spiritual coach. You want to help people, but you also want to preserve your energy while doing so.

Practice cord cutting meditation every day, and you will definitely see the difference. You will not only disown those connections but also restore your energy.

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How To Do A Cord Cutting Meditation?

This meditation is of very spiritual energy, and you need to be very careful when doing this meditation. It is advised to use a guided meditation or a meditation coach if you are a beginner in meditation. 

It is crucial to use guided meditation or take help from an energy healer if you don’t have experience with energy and spiritual meditation. There’s so much that can go wrong, and sometimes cutting cord meditation might not even work.

We will explore the side effects later in this blog post. For now, let’s focus on how to do cord cutting meditation the good way.

cutting cord meditation

Step 1: Prepare your mind and body.

Sit as comfortably as possible in a way that allows you to stay alert. Take a deep breath to relax your entire body and mind. Continue to breathe deeply and slowly for as long as you want. Allow yourself to adjust to a comfortable position.

What you are about to experience and do in cord cutting meditation requires your to prepare yourself. If you are doing this meditation for the first time, prepare your mind for as long as you need to with calm breaths.

Step 2: Protecting and grounding yourself.

Imagine a white light around you, protecting you from any negative energy. You can also visualize the roots of your energy body growing deeper into the ground. Connecting you to mother nature and absorbing positive light energy from the earth. 

This part of the meditation is important because you need to protect yourself before moving forward. This is an energy meditation, so protecting and grounding is essential. You don’t want to feel even more drained, or the energies can spiral out of control.

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Step 3: Identifying the problematic cords

Visualize the energy cords that are connecting you with someone or something that is causing you pain, stress, or anxiety. Try to identify the source of this energy in your mind’s eye.

You can focus on the area of the body that feels stressed, heavy and painful. Mostly these are the parts of your energy body is draining from.

You need to be able to feel the negative and energy-draining cords before cutting them. If you are to cut all the spiritual cords you may start to feel isolated and lonely. Being able to feel a spiritual and emotional connection with the people we love is also important.

Step 4: Cord cutting And healing them

Focus on the cord and start visualizing it, cutting away from you one by one until all of them have been cut away completely. You can also ask your higher self or the powers you believe in for severing ties and attachments.

Every time you cut cords, imagine it with the belief that the cord is disappearing and being healed by the light. You can also ask your spirit guides and the power you believe in to send you their healing power.

If you leave the cords unhealed, they might grow again and stronger than before. An alternative visualization to this is plucking the cords away for good. Visualize whatever way feels easy and best for you. 

Step 5: Protecting and replenish your energy

After cutting away all the cords, visualize a bright white light sphere protecting and surrounding you. This light will keep any negativity out of your aura, energy field, and life moving forward.

Now is also the time for replenishing all the energy that was being taken away from you. You can do this by absorbing energies from the elements of nature or by visualizing the light healing you and providing you energy.

If you will not pay attention to replenishing and healing your spiritual energy, then you might continue to feel the same for days to come. So, visualize yourself showering and soaking in positive energy from the light. 

You can also visualize your energy roots glowing with the light from the earth, replenishing energy from it.

Step 6: Send out love and gratitude to the world

Keep breathing and set the intention that you are sending love, light, and positivity out in the world. Also, take some time to express gratitude for all the connections that served you and the energies that healed you.

Allow yourself to heal and when ready, take a few more deep breaths and slowly open your eyes. You might start feeling refreshed and free from any negative energies weighing you down. 

This step of sending love and gratitude into the world signifies that you come from a place of love and light. This also means that you are doing this cord cutting ritual with positive intentions.

You can also do a meditation for clearing negative energy apart from cord cutting. There are also a few different ways to cut cords.

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Benefits Of Cord Cutting Meditation

Other than helping you protect yourself spiritually, cord cutting rituals have a few more benefits. 

Emotional healing: Clearing any energy cords that are connected to traumas can be a powerful tool for emotional healing. This allows you to move forward with more peace and optimism in your life.

Increased clarity: Cord cutting meditation can help to clear the mental fog and feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. This can help to bring clarity and insight into difficult situations. This clarity enables you to make better decisions moving forward in life.

Improved relationships: Cord cutting meditation releases any negative energy from unhealthy relationships. It can help create healthier boundaries and positive connections with others. 

Increased self-awareness: Through cord cutting meditation, you can become more aware of your own energy. How it affects your interactions with others as well as your overall well-being. This knowledge allows you to take better care of yourself and make healthier choices in the future.

There is also a science to healing meditations. Studies also show that energy-healing meditations can be significantly effective in managing chronic illness symptoms.

Side effects of cord cutting meditation

If you don’t do the cord cutting meditation the right way, there can be many, many side effects. The side effects will not only be on a mental and emotional level but also on spiritual levels. 

side effects of cord cutting meditation

The bond might grow even stronger: 

When we cut something, it grows back. They can also be true for spiritual connections. If you want to make sure that the connection doesn’t establish again, then pluck the cord instead of cutting it. 

You can feel even more drained:

If you don’t protect yourself and heal in the process of meditation, then it can become even more draining. This happens because you are not protecting and branding yourself well enough. 

The people you cut cords with will reach out: 

This will most likely be those toxic negative people and energy vampires that benefited by taking energy from you. Once you cut the cord, the energy flow stops, and they will intuitively see that connection back.

It is wise to remember, you are trying to heal from something and not return to the pain and tiredness again. Doing the cord cutting meditation the right way can help you get rid of those cords completely. 

Only get into this form of meditation if you are experienced with energy healing meditations. Even many spiritual healers guide you well through cord cutting meditation. 

It’s best to follow a guided meditation from someone who knows and understand how chords and these spiritual connection work.


Even though cord cutting ritual is essential for everyone to keep their spiritual hygiene. Cutting cord can also be equally dangerous and create more chaos in your life if not done properly.

It’s best not to try random cord cutting meditations from anywhere before doing your own due diligence. If you ever wish to try cord cutting guided meditation, you can trust the Enhanced meditation app. We still advise you to try other spiritual meditations available on the app before practicing this meditation. 


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