26 Types of Meditation: How To Choose Right One For You

types of meditation

Have you ever wondered why meditation has been practiced for thousands of years across many different cultures? The answer lies in its numerous benefits, ranging from stress reduction and increased focus to a deeper sense of inner peace and self-awareness.

With countless types of different meditation techniques now available, there’s a suitable practice for everyone, regardless of their preferences or experience level. In this blog post, let’s explore different meditation styles and how they can enhance your emotional health and overall well-being.

Try this calming meditation before you start your journey to discover the best type of meditation for yourself.

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Key Takeaways

  • Explore types of meditation to find the perfect one for you.
  • Learn from experts and resources to deepen your practice.
  • Incorporate meditation into daily life for emotional health & well-being.

Exploring 26 Best Types Of Meditation Techniques

best type of meditation

The world of meditation is vast, diverse, and steeped in traditions such as:

  • Buddhism
  • Yoga
  • Christianity
  • Zen

Each technique has its unique benefits and is tailored to different preferences. Thus, exploring these techniques will help you discover the one that suits you best.

From mindfulness and transcendental meditation to body scan and loving-kindness meditation, certainly, there’s a wealth of options to choose from. We’ll now examine some popular meditation techniques and their unique characteristics.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation, also known as mindful meditation, is all about being present and fully aware of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgment. It’s a versatile practice that can be easily incorporated into daily life, with techniques such as mindful breathing, guided imagery, and body scan guided meditation.

Regular practice of mindfulness has been shown to increase focus and reduce mind wandering. It can also relieve stress and promote positive emotions.

Transcendental Meditation

This is a unique meditation technique that involves:

  • Repeating a personal mantra to achieve a state of deep relaxation and transcendence
  • The practice is guided by a trained teacher
  • Provides a personalized mantra tailored to the individual’s needs

Transcendental meditation has been known to help individuals connect with their inner self, find peace, and achieve a higher state of consciousness. Transcendental meditation mantras are what provide the unique benefits of this meditation.

Vipassana Meditation

Vipassanā, also known as insight meditation, is a Buddhist practice that focuses on observing the breath and developing insight into the nature of reality. This technique cultivates clarity, understanding, and self-awareness, making it a powerful tool for personal growth.

The vipassana meditation can also incorporate the 4-7-8 breathing technique, which involves taking a deep breath for 4 second, hold it for 7 seconds, and exhaling for 8 seconds, providing a natural tranquilizer for the body and helping to shift focus during moments of anxiety.


Zazen, a form of Zen meditation, emphasizes sitting in stillness and focusing on the breath. Practitioners of this technique aim to gain insight into the empty nature of existence, fostering a deeper understanding of the world and themselves.

The practice can be found in two schools of Zen, Soto and Rinzai, each with its unique approach to meditation, ultimately leading to a greater sense of peace and clarity.

Sound Meditation

Sound meditation technique utilizes the power of sound vibrations to promote relaxation and healing. This form of meditation can include listening to music, chanting, or using therapeutic-grade instruments to create a calming and peaceful experience. For example, singing bowls or even any musical instrument of your choice.

By focusing on the vibrations and letting go of any distractions, sound meditation can help clear the mind and deepen relaxation.

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Visualization Meditation

Visualization meditation involves creating mental images to manifest desired outcomes or promote relaxation. Techniques such as Campfire Visualization Meditation encourage individuals to immerse themselves in a peaceful scene, using all of their senses to enhance the experience.

Visualization meditation can also help reduce stress, improve focus, and boost creativity, making it an excellent tool for personal growth and well-being.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation or Body Scan Meditation

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Progressive muscle relaxation, also known as body scan meditation, is a technique that systematically tenses and relaxes muscles to release tension and promote relaxation. By focusing on different muscle groups and gaining awareness of physical sensations, this form of meditation helps individuals connect with their bodies and achieve a greater sense of relaxation.

The ancient practice is particularly beneficial for soothing the body and mind before bedtime, making it a great choice for those struggling with sleep.

Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga Nidra, a form of yoga meditation, but it’s very similar to body can. It’s a guided relaxation technique that induces deep rest and rejuvenation. Through series of visualizations and breathing exercises together, practitioners are guided into a state of profound relaxation, allowing the body and mind to restore and heal naturally.

This form of guided meditation is particularly beneficial for those seeking a more structured and guided approach to relaxation.

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Loving-kindness meditation also called metta meditation, cultivates feelings of love and compassion for oneself and others. Practitioners repeat phrases such as:

  • “May I be happy.
  • May I be well.
  • May I be safe.
  • May I be peaceful and at ease.”

While visualizing themselves and others in the present moment, individuals may experience various physical sensations.

This form of meditation also helps foster positive feelings, empathy, and connection, making it an excellent choice for those seeking emotional healing and well-being.


Qigong, a Chinese practice, combines meditation, movement, and breathwork to promote health and well-being. Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong focuses on balancing the body’s energy and cultivating a deeper connection with oneself and the environment.

This practice offers numerous physical and mental health benefits, including improved concentration, reduced psychological stress, and increased energy.

Quantum Meditation

Quantum meditation focuses on accessing higher states of consciousness and manifesting desired outcomes. This technique involves visualization, intention setting, and principles of quantum physics to create a powerful and transformative meditation experience.

By tapping into the power of the mind and the universe, quantum meditation can enhance mental clarity, focus, and emotional balance. This meditation technique is also a very powerful method for manifestation.

Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation aims to balance and align the body’s energy centers, known as chakras. By focusing on the seven main chakras, individuals can restore balance to their energy, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Here are a few questions you want to find the answer to before getting into the seven-chakra meditation practice:

  1. Where is Chakras located in the body? 
  2. What is the color of each of the 7 chakras, and what do they mean? 
  3. What is the significance of the 7 Chakras and their individual importance? 
  4. How each Chakra affects our life in this material world? 
  5. What happens when 7 Chakras are activated? 

This form of meditation is often used in conjunction with other practices, such as yoga and breathwork, to achieve optimal results.

Breathing Meditation

Breathing meditation is a simple yet powerful technique that involves focusing on the breath to promote relaxation and mental clarity. By paying attention to the sensations of the breath as it enters and exits the body, people can cultivate a sense of calm and mindfulness, reducing anxiety and stress.

This accessible practice can be easily incorporated into daily life, making it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced meditators alike. You only need to focus on being in the present moment with your natural breathing. There are also many different breathing techniques available that you can learn if you choose to practice this type of meditation.

Focused Attention

Focused attention meditation involves concentrating on sensation or an object to develop mental focus and clarity. This technique can be practiced using a variety of focal points, such as the breath, a mantra, or a visual object.

By training the mind to stay focused on the chosen object, individuals can improve their concentration and mental resilience, making it easier to navigate life’s challenges with grace and ease.

Candle Gazing Meditation

a person meditating by looking into a candle

Candle gazing meditation, also known as trataka, is a technique that involves staring at a candle flame to improve concentration and focus. By fixing the gaze on the flame and allowing the mind to become absorbed in the experience, individuals can cultivate a sense of calm and mental clarity.

The roots of this meditation practice can be traced back to ancient India. Here are some benefits of practicing this simple focus exercise:

  • This helps strengthen eye muscles. Many also claim that it can also improve vision.
  •  Increase the ability to focus for longer periods of time.
  •  Enhances intuition and willpower. 
  •  Also helps regulate sleep patterns.

Practicing candle gazing meditation regularly can help reduce stress and anxiety while enhancing overall well-being. Remember to practice in a well-ventilated area and never leave the candle unattended for safety reasons.

Moon Gazing Or Sun Gazing Meditation

Moon gazing or sun gazing meditation involves focusing on the moon or sun to promote relaxation and spiritual connection. By immersing oneself in the natural beauty and energy of these celestial bodies, individuals can cultivate a sense of peace, harmony, and connection with the universe. In addition to other spiritual benefits, this also helps fix the circadian rhythm of the body.

It’s important to practice sun gazing safely, using protective eyewear. Also, try not to stare directly at the sun for extended periods.

Reflection Meditation

Reflection meditation encourages introspection and self-awareness, allowing individuals to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their experiences. Techniques such as journaling, sitting in silence, and moving meditations can be used to facilitate reflection and promote personal growth.

By regularly engaging in reflection meditation, individuals can develop greater resilience, inner strength, and emotional balance.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation involves repeating phrase or word to focus and promote relaxation. Practitioners can choose a personal mantra or use traditional phrases, such as “Om” or “Aham Prema,” meaning “divine love”.

By continually reciting the mantra, individuals can achieve a state of inner calm and mental clarity, making it an excellent practice for those seeking a more focused but intentional meditation experience.

Astral Projection Meditation

Astral projection is a unique practice that aims to induce out-of-body experiences and explore higher realms of consciousness. This advanced technique requires deep relaxation, visualization, and focused intention to separate the consciousness from the physical body and travel to astral plane.

Practitioners often report profound insights, spiritual growth, and a greater sense of connection to the universe as a result of their astral projection experiences.

Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation connects individuals to a higher power or greater sense of purpose. It also helps foster a deeper sense of meaning and spiritual growth. Practices such as prayer, contemplation, and mindfulness can be used to cultivate a connection with the divine or explore one’s inner wisdom and intuition.

By regularly engaging in spiritual meditation, individuals can experience greater peace, harmony, and well-being in their lives.

Grounding Meditation

There are many other types of meditation practices, some of which revolve around your spiritual body. For example, you want to have an out-of-body experience or wish to invite other positive light energy. Before trying any of those kinds of spiritual practice is important to ground energy using a grounding meditation

The whole point of this meditation is to feel connected to the earth and nature. If you ever feel drained or tired after a relaxing meditation session, then this is one of the ways to protect and center yourself. 

Manifestation Meditation

Manifestation meditation focuses on attracting desired outcomes through focused intention and visualization. Practitioners envision their goals as if they have already been achieved, allowing themselves to fully experience the emotions and sensations associated with their desired reality.

So, with regular practice of manifestation meditation, individuals can transform their thoughts and beliefs, creating a more positive and fulfilling life experience.

Reality Shifting Meditation

Reality shifting meditation involves:

  • Changing one’s perception of reality
  • Creating a more positive and fulfilling life experience.
  • Exploring different perspectives and dimensions of reality.
  • Manifesting desired version of reality.
  • Experiencing greater happiness and well-being.

By regularly engaging in reality shifting meditation, individuals can develop greater self-awareness, resilience, and adaptability in the face of life’s challenges.

Crystal Meditation

Crystal meditation uses the energy of crystals to promote healing and balance. Different crystals possess unique energetic properties that can help individuals relax, focus, and connect with their spiritual side.

By incorporating crystals into their meditation practice, individuals can enhance the experience of deep meditative state. It can also help harness the healing power of these beautiful and powerful stones.

Healing Meditation

Healing meditation focuses on promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through various techniques, such as deep breathing, visualization, and mindfulness. This form of meditation is often used to alleviate physical ailments, manage chronic pain, and reduce anxiety and depression, ultimately improving overall well-being.

By regularly practicing healing meditation, individuals can tap into their body’s innate healing abilities and restore balance to their lives.

Reiki Meditation

Reiki meditation involves channeling healing energy through the hands to promote well-being. This unique practice, rooted in Japanese tradition, focuses on balancing the body’s energy and promoting deep relaxation and healing.

By incorporating Reiki meditation into their daily routine, individuals can experience greater physical, mental, and emotional balance, enhancing their overall well-being and quality of life.

Stoic Meditation

Lastly, stoic meditation encourages reflection on life’s challenges and the development of resilience and inner strength. By contemplating potential hardships and cultivating a mindset of acceptance and perseverance, individuals can build the mental fortitude needed to navigate life’s obstacles with grace and wisdom.

Regular practice of stoic meditation can lead to greater self-awareness, emotional balance, and personal growth.

Best Meditation for Emotional Health

While each meditation technique offers unique benefits, some practices are particularly effective at promoting emotional health and well-being. Mindfulness meditation, loving-kindness meditation, and focused attention meditation are just a few examples of meditation techniques that can help reduce anxiety, manage stress, and cultivate positive emotions.

A consistent practice of these meditations can lead to enhanced emotional balance and resilience amid life’s challenges.

Integrating Meditation into Daily Life

Integrating meditation into your daily routine is key to reaping its full benefits. Simple techniques, such as mindful walking, shower meditation, or focusing on a beautiful object, can help you cultivate mindfulness throughout the day.

Additionally, setting aside dedicated time for more structured meditation practices, such as body scan meditation or mantra meditation, can enhance your overall well-being and improve your ability to manage stress. With consistent practice, meditation can become an invaluable tool for maintaining emotional health and well-being.

Choosing the Right Meditation Style for You

Selecting the right meditation type is a personal journey that depends on your individual needs, preferences, and goals. For example, if you want to manifest your goals, then manifestation or quantum jumping meditations can help. Experimenting with different techniques or consulting with meditation teachers can help you find the practice that resonates with you.

Finding a meditation style that suits your unique needs can lead to improved emotional and physical health benefits, inner peace, and overall well-being.

Learning from Experts: Meditation Teacher and Resources

Seeking guidance from a meditation teacher and exploring available resources can greatly enhance your meditation practice. Workshops, online communities, and meditation teachers can offer valuable advice, support, and encouragement.

Additionally, resources such as books, online courses, and meditation apps like Enhanced can provide further guidance and instruction. Learning from experts and making use of available resources can help deepen your practice and unlock the plethora of meditation benefits.


In conclusion, meditation offers a wealth of benefits for emotional health and well-being, with countless techniques available to suit individual preferences and needs. By exploring different styles, integrating meditation into daily life, and seeking guidance from experts, you can unlock the transformative power of meditation and experience greater emotional balance, resilience, and inner peace. Remember, the journey to well-being begins with a single breath.


What are the 9 types of meditation?

There are nine popular types of meditation, including Mindfulness meditation, Spiritual meditation, Focused attention meditation, Movement meditation, Mantra meditation, Transcendental meditation, Progressive relaxation, and Love-kindness meditation. Each type of meditation offers different techniques to meditate and find peace.

What are the three major types of meditation?

Meditation comes in three main forms: guided meditation, unguided, and silent meditation. All of them offer different ways to approach your practice, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Additionally, there are also three major forms of meditation techniques: visualization, mindfulness, and transcendental.

Are there many ways to meditate?

There are definitely many ways to meditate, as there are hundreds of different techniques encompassing practices from a variety of traditions, cultures, spiritual disciplines, and religions.

How can I integrate meditation into my daily life?

Try adding mindful walking, shower meditation, or focusing on a beautiful object into your daily activities to integrate meditation into your life.

What are the benefits of meditation for emotional health?

Meditation can help reduce anxiety, manage stress, and cultivate positive emotions, contributing to improved emotional health and well-being.


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