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What Intuition Means And How To Tap Into It Using Meditation?

what intuition means

Intuition meaning the gut feeling and the ability to know something is true and real without having the needed information, facts, and logic for it to be true.

In this article, we will understand what intuition means and learn how to enhance it with the help of meditation. First and foremost, it is not magic; you can cultivate intuitive ability with practice over a period of time.

Let’s start with a meditation to awaken the intuition.

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What Intuition Means?

Intuition is a direct perception that can’t be explained or reasoned. It is an ability we can trust and rely on to help us understand things without conscious reasoning. Some people call it a hunch or gut feeling because it is a feeling that you get but can’t explain why and where it is coming from.

Intuition is like a shallow voice coming from deep layers of the subconscious mind. What makes intuition so unique is that you don’t know why or how you decided to do or say something, but it is the unexplainably true and right decision.

If it weren’t for intuition, we’d all be having a hard time navigating our lives. Intuitive knowledge doesn’t only helps us stay safe, but it can also lead us to success and in the direction of growth.

What Is An Intuition Example?

A clear and easy-to-understand example of intuition in action can be when you have a sudden desire to do something differently.

Suppose you take the same route to work every day for months, and it’s convenient for you. But one day, out of nowhere, for no reason, you decide to take a different longer road because there’s this feeling that you should. Later when you reach your office, you find out on the news that a building on the route you used to commute from has collapsed.

In this case, your intuition saved you from chaos, delay, or possible bad consequences. The conscious reasoning process doesn’t work here. Why you took a different route than usual can’t be explained, but there was a feeling that made you choose to do it.

Scientific Definition Of Intuition

Intuition is defined as a part of the cognitive-experiential self-theory (CEST). This is a dual-process theory of personality. It suggests that people process information through two systems.

  1. Experiential or intuitive system
  2. Verbal reasoning system.

The intuitive system operates through associative learning, shared with other animals. Intuition is considered a subsystem of the intuitive system with narrower boundary conditions.

How To Know You Are Not Intune With Your Intuitive Ability?

lost and not intune with intuition

There are few signs that can tell you if you are in tune with your intuition or not. If you feel like you are not connected to your intuitive feelings, then meditation can help you establish that connection again.

  1. When you often ignore your instinct and rely only on logic, reasoning, and facts.
  2. You are mostly relying on intelligence and subject expertise to make any decision. Which means you freeze or fail to act or decide if you don’t have insight and a deep understanding of something.
  3. You constantly second-guess yourself and find it hard to even rely on common sense.
  4. Feel disconnected from your inner self.
  5. You can’t make decisions without seeking outside opinions.
  6. You’ve been gaslighted into thinking that what you feel and think is not real unless you can back it up with evidence or facts.
  7. You are always questioning your knowledge and how you perceive things.

How To Awaken Own Intuition Using Meditation?

how to awaken intuition

Meditation is an incredibly easy way to turn your attention inside and connect with yourself. To awaken your intuition, it is very important that you can easily connect with your subconscious and the Spiritual energy within you.

Let’s look at the types of meditation that can help you tune into your intuition faster.

Guided Meditation To Connect With Your Inner Voice

When you are trying to awaken your intuition, it’s important to learn and practice connecting with your inner voice. The more you are in tune with your higher consciousness, the louder your intuitive voice will be.

This meditation uses deep relaxation and visualization processes to help you tap into intuition.

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Visualization Meditation To Practice Recognizing And Trusting Yout Intuition

You must have experienced at least one or two occurrences when your intuition helped you in some way. With visualization, you can revisit that incident again to understand how that intuition felt. Once you know and understand how it feels to you when you get an idea of how to differentiate your intuition from other voices inside you.

It will also help deal with self-sabotage, doubts, and mental chatter.

Body Scan Meditation To Understand Your Gut Feelings

Body scan meditation can also be a great technique to enhance your intuitive power. We use the word intuition interchangeably with gut feelings for a reason. Your body and subconscious can sense good and bad outcomes before you can even interpret what’s happening around you. Practicing body scans regularly can help you identify when there’s something out of the ordinary. It is also a great method for relaxing and quieting your mind.

Tips To Strengthen Your Intuitive Power?

Apart from meditation, you can also continue to strengthen the power of your intuition. You don’t need to use these tips every day consciously, but they can surely help a lot.

tips to connect with intuition.webp
  • Spend more time in nature. Most animals spend their entire life in the wild and in nature. Establishing a connection with nature and breathing in the open air more often can help you awaken that intuitive sense in yourself.
  • Indulge in creative hobbies. Working on enhancing your creativity can also help you make your connection with intuition deeper.
  • Engage in daily contemplation time. You will be able to recognize when your intuition came through when you spend time contemplating the things that happened during the day.
  • Start trusting your gut more. It will feel risky at first, but you can start by trusting your gut feeling on a daily basis for small things in life. It will make it easy for you to make the decision without conscious effort or logical thinking.

When Should You Avoid Relying On Your Intuition?

trusting your intuition

According to the Harvard business review, you should not always base your decisions on intuitive knowledge. Intuition can not replace expert subject knowledge, facts, and historical data. Many start to make the mistake of trusting their intuition when faced with complicated business choices. It can turn out to be dangerous sometimes, especially when you are not in tune with your intuition. 

So, in the following situations, you should avoid replying just on intuition:

  • When you have a lot of options and choices to make. It’s best to rely on data and your gut instead of completely going with your intuition.
  • Complex and risky situations where you have control and access to information. When you can use available information from similar situations of the past, then make use of that.


Knowing intuitively when and what to do can make life a lot easier. It makes navigating through life a lot easier. However, it’s also risky to base your important decisions on intuition when you are not deeply connected with the power of intuition. Enhanced Meditation App has a lot of guided meditations that can help you deepen that connection. You can download the free meditation app and get access to many premium-quality meditations for free.


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