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Visualization Meditation: Harnessing the Power of Your Visual Mind

visualization meditation

Life has become more than hectic today. The fear of getting left behind, hustle culture, and the dreams of having it all figured out at a young age. Sometimes meditation doesn’t feel enough. It feels like we need something more than meditation. Something that can also help us achieve all that we want. Visualization is one such meditation technique. With visualization, you can easily combine meditation and manifestation together

Visual meditations are also one of the easiest ways to relax and de-stress on a busy day. On the other hand, if you will start your day with visualization meditation, it will act as motivation and drive to keep you going throughout the day.

Here’s a very powerful visualization meditation for you to try and experience how incredible visualization meditations can be!

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What is visualization?

Visualization can have many meanings depending on which context it is being used. Visualization practice in meditation refers to creating peaceful scenes and mental image in motion on the screen of our mind. It’s actually a huge part of meditation practice. Additionally, there’s always some type of visualization involved with every form of meditation.

what is visualization

There are two types of visualizations that are used for meditation practices. Visualization for achieving a deep state of meditation and visualization for specific outcomes.

You can visualize peaceful scenes such as forest, beach, and sunset in visualization meditation. They help a lot to cultivate peace, positive feelings and focus. Meditating with these calming visualization makes it easy to focus for longer periods of time. The longer you are able to focus and meditate, the deeper your state of meditation will become. It’s a great method for meditating if you can’t meditate for more than 5 minutes.

You can also visualize specific outcomes during your meditation. These types of meditations are mostly done with the goal of manifesting those visions into reality. Quantum jumping meditation can be a good example of using the power of visualization and quantum energy in meditation. It’s incredibly powerful, and not many people are utilizing it because they are not able to get past their doubts.

relationship goal visualization
Relationship Goal Visualization

Benefits of visualization meditation practice

Let’s look at the benefits of this meditation practice. If you practice visualization meditation daily, you can get a lot of benefits that are not limited to the benefits of regular meditation. Such as decreasing stress, deep relaxation, and improving mental health. These are just regular outcomes of practicing meditation.

Helps achieve goals faster:

When you see your goals in your mind’s eye happening exactly the way, it’s likely to happen in reality. Your brain will not able be able to tell the difference between visualization and reality. The part of the brain called amygdala is responsible for not being able to differentiate reality and vision during the deeper states of meditation. When your mind sees your goals as reality, it helps you to achieve them faster.

visualization benefit for work

Improve problem-solving skills:

The human mind is particularly biased with imagery. Regular meditation practice that involves exercising your visual mind helps sharpen problem-solving skills. You mind becomes used to of thinking in images and finding solutions.

Spiritual healing and well-being:

healing with white light

Visualizing can also help with spiritual healing and well-being. There are many guided visualization meditations that are specifically designed for healing. The guided visualization in these meditations includes a series of guided imagery for healing. If you’ve been feeling drained lately as if no matter what you do, you are still feeling tired. Then you might also benefit from learning about cord-cutting meditation practice.

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It’s proven that practicing visualization can also help you stay motivated. The motivation that comes from a deeper spiritual peace within you is also likely to last. You can try visualization exercises that focus on motivating mental imagery. Visualizing a positive image of your goals will also help the motivation to last a lot longer than the motivation you get from outer sources.

There are many pieces of research that show how effective visualization meditation can be. In one such research, 80 nursing students were meditating for 20 minutes a day for 8 weeks. The results showed that visualization meditation significantly increased the achievement-oriented motivation levels of the students.

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goal related visualization meditation

Helps increase courage:

If you really want to manage stress response and anxiety and win over your fears, then boosing courage is what you need. Visualization meditation can be a useful tool for cultivating courage. When you visualize yourself in a scenario where you can feel powerful, victorious, and full of courage, it will also start to reflect in your real life.

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Unleash Your True Potential!

Explore the world of meditation with our powerful guided sessions crafted to bring peace and strength to your spirit.

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Increases positivity in your aura:

Visualization exercises with positive guided imagery is extremely helpful. It helps reduce stress and enhances peace. When you are in tune with your inner self and free of stress, positivity also starts to show in your aura. When you meet people, they will be able to notice and feel that positivity in your body language and expressions.

Makes you more resilient:

Visualization meditation for cultivating resilience can look exact opposite of peace and tranquility. We can think of it as working on the shadow side, facing pain, fear, and our Worst Nightmare head. It can be very rewarding when done right. You will have the ability to cope with chess and become resilient. If not done right, you can end up feeling worse, so it’s best to do it with expert guidance.

You come closer to finding your true purpose:

Daily practice of visualization exercise helps you gain clarity on your goals and what you want from life. The increased clarity can lead you in the direction of finding life’s true purpose. So, if you are in search of life’s purpose, practicing visualization meditation can help you a lot.

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It can also help you enhance creativity:

a woman painting enhancing creativity

Visualization meditation focuses on creating mental imagery and different creative scenarios. It is like painting an image like an artist using your imagination but in your mind instead of a canvas. It is an effective tool for tapping into your creative flow with the help of active imagination. Creativity is not at all limited to art, and it’s your intent that matters the most.

Other than these benefits of visualization meditation, it can also offer health benefits. Visualization can also help with physical pain and release muscle tension by allowing you to relax. We now know so many benefits of visualization; let’s get into the steps of making this a daily practice.

How To Practice Visualization Meditation

how to practice visualization meditation

The easiest way to practice visualization meditation is by using guided meditation. Because using guided meditation gives you the freedom to indulge in the visualization part completely. If you consider trying visualization by yourself, then you may experience some obstacles. We will discuss those obstacles later in the article. Let’s first focus on the steps of this practice.

Step 1: Have a clear goal for meditation

Having a clear goal or intent for the meditation is crucial here because there are many techniques of visualization. If you don’t have a clear goal, it can be confusing which techniques to use. For example, there is loving-kindness meditation, chakra meditation, color breathing, and so on. They each serve a different purpose, and we will discuss them in a minute.

Step 2: Use a guided meditation from a narrator you trust

using visualization guided meditation

This is also very important because the way your narrator is guiding you into the meditation will determine if you can visualize or not. Many people find visualization meditation difficult because they can’t visualize. One of the reasons for not being able to visualize is not using the right guided meditation for them.

Step 3: A completely quiet space

If you meditate somewhere, you can’t completely focus on relaxing and visualizing. If not, then it can be hard to achieve a deeper state of meditation. So make sure you are not going to get disturbed at all by noises or by anything.

Step 4: Set aside specific time for meditating

If your mind knows that it is time to meditate, it will automatically start to prepare. It will prepare service for focus and staying still for some time. Also, people around you will know that it’s time for you to meditate, so they will avoid disturbing you.

Step 5: Get relaxed and ready

Sometimes visualization meditation can feel like a roller coaster. It depends on which form of meditation you have selected. For example, meditations like energy healing or loving-kindness can be full of emotions. Search is important to get yourself in a comfortable position and get relaxed beforehand.

Step 6: Pulling back your wandering mind

There is a huge possibility that your mind will wander during the meditation, especially if you are a beginner. Whenever your mind wanders, it’s important to pull it back gently into the visualization. It’s normal, so there is no need to feel frustrated, even if it happens after. However, it can be difficult because, with visualization, you might feel like you have lost track.

If you catch yourself thinking and wondering about a completely different scenario, then focus on your breath. After a few seconds continue right from where you are being guided in the present. You don’t need to go back and rewind or begin the meditation from the start.

Step7: Take time to process the meditation

Give yourself some time to process what you have visualized. It will allow you to soak in the positive and empowering visions from the meditation. It can help you discover new pathways, inspiration, and ideas as a result.

Now let’s look at the 5 visualization techniques!

1. Loving-kindness or compassion meditation

In this visualization technique, you first cultivate love within you by visualizing a real incident. For example, a time in your life when you experienced extremely pure love. You fill your heart with that loving energy by focusing on that memory. Then you visualize yourself pouring that loving energy from your heart to someone you love or on yourself. This is one of the most beautiful meditation experiences. It cannot only help increase self-compassion but also help you feel compassion for others.

There’s a study published in 2014 that says that 10 minute practice of this meditation technique can prevent burnout and increase compassion and resilience.

2. Color breathing visualization

This visualization meditation works by focusing on your breath. It is a very straightforward technique, just like its name. You visualize your in-breaths and out-breaths in different colors. When breathing in, visualize air in a color that represents positivity and light to you. Imagine, by taking a deep breath, you are taking in positive energy. When you exhale, visualize your breath in a color that represents the stress and any negative feelings.

3. Goal visualisation technique

In this visualization method, you will be visualizing yourself in a scenario where you have achieved your goal or achieving your goal. It’s important that whatever you are visualizing relates and connects with you. The magic is being able to believe in the vision you are seeing. Sounds very simple, but it is one of the most powerful visualization meditation techniques.

Just like this guided visualization meditation from Enhanced is perfect if your goal is to make wealth:

4. Guided images for relaxation

guided images for visualization

If you are goal is to just relax and feel good, then this is the type of visualization meditation you can go for. With this type of meditation, you will be guided through multiple beautiful sceneries. These can be scenes of waterfalls, a beautiful pond, and a heavenly Garden. When you use this type of guided meditation, they will often be accompanied by the sounds of the imagery you are being guided in.

5. Energy visualization

This is the type of visualization technique where you are guided to visualize different forms of energies in different ways. Chakra meditation, energy healing, and cord-cutting all use energy visualization as part of the practice.

Why do I have trouble visualizing during meditation?

When you are meditating by yourself, and there is no one to guide you told the visuals, then it can be hard to visualize. Let’s look at the possible reasons why you can’t visualize.

  1. It’s possible that your guide or teacher is not giving you enough time to visualize. Try experimenting with different teachers’ or guided meditation.
  2. Maybe the guided meditation is too slow for you. There are so many people with very active minds; maybe you are one of them. You can always rightly increase the speed of guided meditation if you need to.
  3. You don’t have a vivid imagination. It can definitely be improved with practice and technique. You can learn more about it in this article here: 4 Must Try Vivid Visualization Tips – How To Visualize In Meditation


There are so many unique benefits that visualization meditations offer. Benefits like compassion to, resilience, motivation, enhanced concentration, and creativity. If you find other forms of meditation monotonous, then visualization meditation is best for you. There are many visualization techniques you can try to keep you engaged in the process of meditation.

If you are looking forward to trying visualization meditation, then it’s what checking out the Enhanced Meditation App. In the app, you will find so many spiritual and goal-specific meditations for free.


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