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15 Things You Can Do To Connect With Yourself Deeply


Do you know why it’s essential to connect with yourself? Because it lifts the weight of expectations from your relationships. A deeper connection within also helps you love yourself more. There are so many advantages of feeling and nurturing that deeper connection within.

As we go further in the article, you’ll learn how to improve that connection with your conscience. You’ll also learn the benefits of having a spiritual connection on a subconscious level. And what happens when you are feeling a disconnect with your inner self?

According to psychologist Kristine Klussman “self-connection is a state of being…one in which you regularly tune in to your own emotional, spiritual, and physical needs, and honor them in your daily actions. You listen to your intuition.”

Our whole life is relationships and connections. And amidst all those relationships, we tend to forget the most important relationship. Relationship with ourselves. Improving our connection with ourselves can change everything. It can improve our relationship with ourselves as well as others. It can help us feel more positive on a day to day life.

Cultivating self-love might feel useless if you can’t feel connected and grounded.

This guided meditation can instantly help you forge and deepen that connection with yourself.

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As spiritual beings, if there’s a void within, we long to connect with others. And self-love becomes harder to feel. Let’s look at the benefits first:

Benefits of having a deep emotional and spiritual connection with yourself

  • You will have a lot more meaningful and deeper connections with others.
  • You and your partner will be able to have a more fulfilled relationship.
  • You’ll have a happier family life along with successful professional relationships.
  • It will become easier to understand others’ perspectives without taking things personally.
  • It will be effortless to feel positive when you are connected with your conscience. Because you’ll feel a sense of security which helps you let go of unnecessary fears.

Now let’s understand on a deeper level what that disconnect to inner-self feels like.

How to recognize you are feeling disconnected from yourself

  • You find connecting with others difficult.
  • You might feel a kind of emotional stress which feels like it’s not going away.
  • There is that empty feeling or void you can’t seem to shake off.
  • You are questioning your self-worth even though you know your worth.
  • You are not able to feel loved by others.
  • You always seek validation and attention but feel anxious when you get it.
  • Everything feels meaningless, and you can’t seem to find your life purpose.
  • You might experience symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • It can feel difficult to open up and be yourself with the people you love and care for.

An article from Manhattan Mental Health And Counseling also mentions anxiety and depression as one of the dangers of living in a state of inner disconnection.

Feeling a void and emotional stress is a sign enough to find ways to reignite that connection. And We can’t let you work on that alone. So let’s get straight to the ways to connect with yourself deeply.

How To Connect With Yourself In 15 Ways 

There are several ways to cultivate a deeper emotional and spiritual connection. We gathered 15 ways you can connect with yourself. 

These points cover what you can do and why the disconnect happens.

1. Paying attention to your triggers

Why? You might ask. Because connecting with yourself on a deep level also means understanding yourself. Paying attention can help you understand and manage your triggers a lot better. And this can also reduce emotional stress to a significant level.

Being able to recognize why you are feeling triggered is going to be the first step toward healing. So pay attention to your feelings when triggered.

2. Include prayers in your routine

It doesn’t have to be a religious or traditional way of praying. You need to believe in something that makes you feel safe. It can be the universe or your higher self. Pouring your heart out in your prayers is another way of finding yourself again.

This also reduces the sleepless nights of overthinking. And the anxiety of uncertainty. Praying is an act that is so like meditation and equally beneficial.

3. Disconnect from the outer world

Disconnecting is a significant step that you must take. Your efforts into your spiritual growth will come to fruition when you disconnect. And by disconnect means turning off all the distractions and worries of the past and future.

You can either do this by reading books or practicing meditation. If you can go on a vacation somewhere away from the noise of the city, then don’t hesitate to do so.

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4. Learn to make yourself a priority

To connect with yourself, you’ll need to learn that you are a priority over everyone else. This means you will focus on having your needs met before others. This is especially true for emotional needs because our relationship depends on emotions.

It will not be noticeable, but ignoring your needs to fulfill others will start to fill you with anger. Anger and resentment towards yourself. And this is also how disconnection with yourself starts.

5. Make short meditation sessions your best friend

Short meditations will be your best friend, as they are the best way to connect with your innermost self. And meditating doesn’t have to be difficult. You can always take out 10 minutes to focus and be present.

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But first, let’s ensure our sessions are the perfect fit for you.

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Short meditation sessions will ground you and help you reach deeper emotional contentment. These short meditation sessions will also help with understanding your thoughts and triggers. This also leads us to our next point.

6. Practice being aware of your emotions, thoughts & feelings

When you neglect your thoughts and feelings, you become vulnerable to self-hatred. Understand that there are two parts of the human mind, conscious and subconscious. And your subconscious mind is taking notes when you are thinking negative thoughts. So essentially, you are being toxic to your subconscious and inner self.

Our subconscious is always silently listening and Paying attention to all the details. So whenever you call yourself an idiot, you are humiliating your subconscious. And after all the toxicity, your inner self starts to push you away. Pay attention to your emotions and thoughts if you don’t want that.

Feelings will guide you, and positive thoughts will help connect with a deeper conscience.

7. Compassionate self-talk

Make compassion and self-talk a habit. If you notice, you’ll find it hard to meditate because our mind is constantly thinking and talking. And that constant self-talk doesn’t have to be of a critic. Being compassionate towards yourself will help you find contentment more easily.

Compassion towards self also helps us act more compassionately toward others.

8. Treat your inner-self like a child.

Would you ever treat a child the way you treat yourself? Would you ever talk to a child the way you talk to yourself? If not, then you need to change that. Our subconscious wants to feel like a kid, and it is a lot like a kid.

Treating your subconscious and giving it a safe space will heal your inner child. When you heal your inner child, you’ll notice that you don’t long to connect with others anymore. Because then you start connecting with your inner self more every day.

The longing for deeper connection in our relationships stems from the need to feel safe and free. On a deeper level, we feel content when the inner child feels safe. So provide that safety and freedom to your inner child instead of seeking it from others.

9. Improve your relationship with food

Do you know what’s the first thing we do when emotionally distressed? Take it all out on food. It can result in overeating or not eating at all. You might use food to comfort yourself. Or you might stop eating at all to show resentment and pain.

If you decide not to eat, think about it for a minute. Doesn’t that mean you are trying to punish yourself for how you feel?

And when you overeat, doesn’t that mean you are trying to find love and comfort in food?

Either way, your relationship with food is very important. You can’t expect to feel content and connected with yourself when you are not treating your body well.

10. Leave self-judgment behind

Even if you disagree, I’d say we all judge our past actions and mistakes. This is not even discussed, and all the regrets and guilt stem from judging ourselves. And letting go of self-judgment will improve your connection with yourself a lot.

Letting go of the judgment for your past will also help your spiritual growth. The more you practice letting go and not judging yourself, the calmer you will become.

11. Try to get accustomed to solitude

There’s a big difference between being alone with yourself and solitude. Being alone when you don’t like being with your thoughts alone is a clear disconnect. When you are connected with yourself on a deeper level, you will find being alone pleasing.

Time alone will feel like a treasure, and you will often try to find time away from the crowd. Solitude will become a synonym for peace and relaxation. And you’ll find yourself looking forward to having your me time.

12. Get comfortable expressing and being yourself

This point is very relevant to point number 4, learning to make yourself a priority. Fear of rejection or hurting other people keeps us from being our true selves. Over the months and years, it all adds up. And we start to resent those same people we love because we’ve been ignoring ourselves for them.

And that resentment starts to show as feeling the lack of deeper connection. So if you want to feel deeply connected with yourself and others, you need to be brave enough to show up as you.

You can start small by first being your most honest to your conscience.

13. Get yourself moving

Our emotions and body are connected, so if you want to release emotional energy, you need to move. You can choose dance, running, yoga or workout but add movement to your routine.

Going out for a walk or hike in nature can also help. You can easily go for a walk whenever you want. But if you want to feel connected on a deeper level spiritually, then going for a hike is a good idea. If your health and circumstances allow you to go on hiking, then you should.

14. Create a self-care to-do list

This self-care to-do list can include your morning and evening routine. Add all the things you feel you need to get done to take care of yourself.

Having a set-up morning routine to kick-start your day. And having a list of things to do to unwind after the day is over will certainly change things.

It will make you feel more organized even after having a busy, chaotic day. Because most of us today don’t have a certain routine and juggle between work and life.

15. Consume a lot of content but mindfully

With so much content on social media, we don’t even realize how all the things we watch or read are affecting us. That’s why it’s so much more important to be mindful when browsing social media, reading news, or blogs.

Many of the things you’ll watch or read will help you deepen your connection with yourself. But also, there’s a lot of content that can make you feel down or sad. Or you can easily lose track of time, productivity, and motivation to do anything. 

So if you want to connect with yourself, you’ll also have to be mindful of the content you are consuming. It’s not practical to stay away from what’s happening in the world but being mindful is.

Final Thoughts

It’s all the small steps that you will take towards connecting with yourself that will count. Many tools like meditation, journaling, gratitude, and affirmations are there to help. But it will also take determination, dedication, and patience from your side.

Meditation can be a powerful tool if you just set your intention right. And meditation is also something that will help you fill that void you might be experiencing.

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