The 7 Stages of Spiritual Awakening – On Which One Are You?


Spiritual awakening feels like a mystery in itself. Going through the awakening can feel equally mysterious and confusing. Especially without a guru or someone to guide you! But, it’s quite rare to find a genuine guiding figure. Because most people can’t grasp the meaning of spiritual awakening. Experiencing awakening is far from reach without understanding it.

However, don’t let these things disappoint you. It’s still possible to experience enlightenment through consistent deep meditation and efforts. You can take advantage of technology to self-guide your journey. The time we are living in is reasonably the best time to be alive. Today guided meditations are available at our fingertips, making everything possible.

Even then, it’s crucial to understand what spiritual awakening is for you. Before you learn about its stages. Because there are different meanings and values of spiritual awakening for every individual.

Finding your true-self can be the start of this incredible awakening journey!

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What Does Awakening Mean?

Spiritual awakening can mean different for many individuals for many reasons. Some believe that being spiritually awakened means becoming a superhuman. Attaining some kind of unique spiritual power. For example, developing the eighth sense, even mind reading.

You must be wondering why eighth and not sixth or seventh sense. As per common knowledge, there are five basic senses, smell, sight, touch, hearing, and taste. There are actually two more senses. Vestibular or sense of movement and proprioception or sense of body positions.

Some believe that you are awakened when you attain a certain type of ability. For example, the ability to connect with different spiritual dimensions. There’s also a religious aspect of spiritual awakening. Which can mean attaining the highest form of bliss and closeness to God.

The real meaning of spiritual awakening can only be understood in the context of what spirituality means to you. If you think of spirituality as a means to help you become aware of the truth of reality. In that case, awakening will mean attaining that awareness and wisdom.

The meaning of spiritual awakening can be as unique and as subjective as the meaning of spirituality. Yet, there’s one common ground we all can agree on. That is, reaching the highest level of awareness of the truth of life we seek to find is spiritual awakening.

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What Are the Possible Causes Of Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening doesn’t always have to be the result of a traumatic event. Awakening can also be triggered when you meet your soulmate. Here’s a list of a few more causes:

  • Connecting With Another Spiritually Awakened Person.
  • A near-death experience.
  • Loss of someone very close to you.
  • Past trauma resurfacing.
  • Need for healing.
  • Your search for the purpose of life can also lead you to experience enlightenment.

What Are The 7 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening?

Now let’s learn about the stages of spiritual awakening. Your journey towards awakening can be shorter or longer than that of others. Knowing and understanding these seven stages will help you immensely.

Denial And Confusion

This stage is also called the spiritual awakening. Because this is where everything starts to direct you toward your spiritual growth.

Awakening, on some occasions, is triggered because of a difficult, painful, traumatic event. Other times suppressed emotions or memories resurface when awakening starts to take place.

In both cases, we experience an extreme amount of pain, and many go through depression and denial. This results in us feeling isolated, unsupported, and confused. We find ourselves unable to understand and comprehend how we are feeling.

In case of a recent loss or traumatic event, we do know the reason behind our pain, yet it feels difficult to process. The more pain and difficulty we feel, the more we try to deny and suppress these emotions. Because most of us will be unaware that it’s almost impossible to suppress or deny them. The pain here is meant for our spiritual growth.

These emotions and pain continue to resurface until we learn to face and resolve them. Especially in the case of a loss, prolonging mourning is going to result in the pain having a stronger grip on you.

Negative Emotions Surfacing Or The Dark Night Of Soul

Stage two is the continuation of stage one. At this stage, all the emotions we try to suppress start to surface in the form of various negative emotions. The more you try to run away and avoid experiencing the pain, the more resentment and anger you’ll feel.

This can feel very tiring, and a lot of people get stuck in this stage of the lack of guidance and direction. Even if you feel you don’t have access to guidance, you can still try to face and get through the pain. It’s best to take your time without rushing to heal because healing can’t be fast-forwarded.

Feeling the need to get over the pain and suffering as fast as possible is understandable. But the more you will try to rush through, the more time it might take. Because the feeling of urgency to get rid of the pain is a result of subconsciously wanting not to feel it.

Things like meditation can help significantly to rise above resentment and to heal. You can try different meditations to help you calm down and heal. You can try grounding yourself by going out in nature and doing breathwork. If meditation is not something you enjoy, then you can try positive affirmations as you try to focus.

The goal is to understand and find a balance so that you can move to the next stage.

Reflecting And Seeking Answers Or The Sponge Stage

From stage three, everything starts to take a new direction. As you start to become calmer, ready to adopt new beliefs. From here, the path you’ll choose will determine the direction of your awakening journey.

It doesn’t matter if you turn to religious or non-religious spiritual practices. The only thing that matters will be your intentions. You will automatically feel inspired to learn, reflect, and look for answers.

It’s called the sponge stage because the longing and curiosity to learn, understand and find a home in the spiritual sense is at its peak. Because of that, we become like a sponge for knowledge and wisdom.

Direction And Growth

Many people call this stage the Satoru Self stage, but using this term doesn’t feel as right as it should. “Satoru” is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening, which means experiencing the true nature of reality. Reaching that higher level of spirituality is the final result of the awakening process.

The purpose of the fourth stage is growth. At this stage, the best things happen when you understand yourself better. After learning and experimenting, you finally understand what works for you best. So this is the stage where we continue to move forward in the direction of growth.

The goal of this stage is to become as aware and as comfortable being ourselves as possible.

Realizations And Acceptance

This stage of awakening is also known as the soul work stage. Soul work sounds like a heavy word, and it quite is. Because this stage can be the longest one to get through for some people. It takes a great amount of patience to accept every part of existence, life, and ourselves.

This stage brings your growth to the soul level. In this period, you will discover a lot of different methods of healing and grounding your soul. It’s not just emotional healing you will be longing but you will long to heal the void and disconnect of the soul.

This can also be the time you can start feeling a stronger connection to your intuition. If your intent was to experience and discover truths of reality, then that will also start to emerge. Your connection with your inner self will also become stronger.

Surrender, Shifts, And Transformations

The stage of surrender means the complete transformation of your life and your being. The five previous stages of spiritual growth will make you a lot more spiritually mature. You will begin to realize your innate desire, above all, peace, and dedicate your life to a greater purpose.

This kind of spiritual realization brings a lot of positive changes for you as well as everyone around you. Your perception of reality might change. You might discover newer aspects of spiritual wisdom. You will also be discovering and connecting with your spiritual gifts, owning and honoring them.

These spiritual gifts can possibly be:

  • Becoming a peace and light spreader
  • Gift of healing
  • Manifestation
  • Intuitive knowing
  • Vivid and prophetic dreams
  • Deeper connection with nature
  • Undying faith and confidence
  • Attracting miracles

Finding Purpose, Bliss, And Truth

When you reach the seventh stage of your awakening journey, the first thing that welcomes you is peace and bliss. The realization of your purpose, the purpose of you being here, and the purpose your soul has, is also a by-product of the spiritual awakening.

You might experience the love and peace that comes from within that you’ve always been looking for. The kind of peace we all keep searching for in everything, family, friends, lover, work, social work. It feels as if you are finally experiencing life as a home or as somewhere you belong and know your place.

This feeling is the result of all the experience, knowledge, realization, healing, wisdom, acceptance, faith, and soul searching. It’s not something that came to you in an instant during a meditation session.

Even though this is an incredible spiritual experience, it took a lot for you to experience it. It doesn’t mean that after this unique experience, you will never have to face any difficulty in life. Difficulties, highs, and lows are all going to be there as long as you are living as part of this life experience. But you easily be able to overcome and grow through them because you are spiritually awakened.

Can you start spiritual awakening by yourself?

The answer is, yes, you can! But you can’t plan the entire spiritual awakening journey or fast forward to your final stage of awakening. Because the journey of spiritual growth depends on a lot of aspects, and every individual is going to experience them differently. Not everyone needs the same amount of healing and learning.

1. Meditate With the Intent Of Spiritual Awakening:

The desire to grow spiritually and cultivate spiritual gifts and wisdom is inspiring enough. But having the intention to help and serve humanity can help a lot. When you are ready to set your intentions for meditation, there’s something you need to do. Take a moment to remind yourself of one selfless reason for desiring enlightenment or awakening.

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2. Believe You Are Already Spiritually Awakened:

You are already trying to grow and asking yourself questions. You are already on the path of spiritual growth. If there are any unresolved emotions or lessons that you need to learn, then they will come to you. If not, then you might be starting your awakening journey from the sponge stage.

3. Ask the Universe And Higher Powers For Guidance:

Ask for guidance from the universe or the power you believe in the most for spiritual awakening. Stay consistent with your efforts, learn and help people as much as you can.

4. Take Guidance From Someone Who Has Experienced Enlightenment:

Even though no experience of awakening is going to be alike. Yet, receiving guidance from someone who’s spiritually awakened can help you a lot to navigate your journey.

Final Thoughts

Remember, there can possibly be some deeply hidden trauma that can later surface. So before starting your spiritual awakening journey, take some time to prepare yourself. Even if there aren’t significant problematic events in the past. You should still prepare yourself. What we mean by preparing is understanding that there will be a lot of good and positive waiting for you.

You just have to remember that the Enhanced meditation community is there for you. Remember, you can have complete control over your experience. Plenty of guided meditations in the Enhanced meditation app to help and support you.


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