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Water Meditations: 4 Types Of Water Meditation You Need To Try

water meditations

You will be mind-blown after trying water meditation. Water holds a different kind of energy that can help you find inner peace. When we think of water, we think of purity, life, power, peace, and chaos. It all represents different stages of spiritual growth and human life.

So, if you are looking forward to unlocking a completely new level of inner peace and contentment, then this is the meditation for you. Water meditation is one of the best meditations for spiritual and physical health. With this article, we will explore 4 types of water meditation and how they can help you.

Using a guided breathing meditation is one of the easy guided meditations to try with water.

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What is water meditation?

Meditating in the water

Water meditation is what its name suggests but not exactly what you might think. In this meditation, water is used as the point of focus to help you relax and feel calm. There are many ways to practice water meditation. You can do water visualization, or you can also be in the water and meditate.

You can also use the sound of water to focus during meditation. However, just listening to the sound of water will not make you feel connected enough. So, if you decide to use water sounds for meditation, then make sure to visualize water in some form in your meditation.

Now let’s look at the techniques you can use for this meditation!

4 Types Of Water Meditation Techniques

Water meditations are just as fluid as water. This means that you can make water a part of any meditation that you want to do. Be it mindfulness or any other healing meditation. Why healing, you may wonder! Water can signify healing and cleansing in meditation. So, if you wish to cleanse and heal your energy, using water to focus and meditate makes sense.

1. Kundalini Meditation

There’s a meditation called Kundalini, it’s best to do traditional kundalini meditation with the help of kundalini yoga instructor. It is a meditation where the energy known as kundalini gets awakened from the base of the spine and moves through the body.

You can ask your kundalini yoga instructor to guide you with kundalini water meditation instead of traditional kundalini meditation.

2. Chakra Cleansing

If you have been meditating for some time, you must have already heard about chakra meditation. Chakra cleansing is similar to normal chakra meditation, but it focuses on cleansing the body’s seven chakras.

You can visualize the flowing water cleansing and recharging all your chakra energy centers in the Chakra cleansing. The usual method of this meditation involves using light source energy for cleansing but visualizing water can be even more effective

3. Body Scan

The body scan is also a wonderful technique where you can use water. It is also based on visualization. This involves laying down, relaxing, and focusing on each body part. Starting from the head you continue to relax each part till your feet.

You can visualize the water flowing through and cleansing each part of your body. Washing away any pent-up energy, stress, or negative emotions from that part of the body. You can also visualize yourself on the water’s surface when meditating. It will help make you feel calm.

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4. Mindfulness Meditation With Water

Not many people know, but there is a mindfulness meditation called shower or bath meditation. This technique uses the water body in the shower or bath for meditation. You can use warm water instead of cold it will make meditating in water easy. If you are using a shower, you can visualize an infinite flow of water. Another option is to fill your glass with water and sip it as you focus on the present moment.

bath meditation

Importance of water meditations for spiritual and physical health

Using water, be it the sounds or visualization for meditative practice, offers many spiritual and physical health benefits. The human body is 60% water, and the brain is 73% water on average. This information doesn’t mean anything unless and until you can fully connect to the spiritual energy of water. Without that belief, water is just a source of hydration.

Spiritually water meditations can help you connect with your inner self, experience flow state, and find peace and tranquility. So if you have been feeling off lately, try shower meditation and indulge in self-care.

When it comes to health benefits, water meditation practice helps reduce stress levels, enhance well-being and improve mood. It’s possible that it can also help with other health issues related to stress and tension.


If you can’t physically meditate in water, then visualization is another great option. Visualization actually makes it possible to use the power of water along with any other type of meditation. You can also visualize yourself in nature around flowing bodies of water when meditating.

There are also many guided meditations available with water visualizations in them. You can also download Enhanced Meditation App to get these types of guided meditation for free. Or you can also learn more about visualization if you have trouble visualizing here: 4 Must Try Vivid Visualization Tips – How To Visualize In Meditation


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