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Complete Inner Peace Program: Inner Peace Guided Meditation

inner peace guided meditation

Inner peace can be the only thank you may want when you start meditating. We all know that it’s not just the stress reduction anxiety or depression we want to get rid of. The reality is we all want inner peace, healing, and contentment.

The life we are living today it’s getting harder day by day. It seems like spirituality and meditation are the only way to attain peace. If you have been meditating for quite a while and still cannot find inner peace, then this is the right place for you. In this article, we are going through all the steps and goals you need to focus on before you can find inner peace.

Let’s start with a guided meditation right away!

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can't find inner peace

Let’s first understand what inner peace meditation is and how it can help.

What is Inner Peace Meditation?

Inner peace meditation is a method to help you cultivate that spiritual strength that allows calmness and peace to flow undisrupted. The focus and main intention of inner peace meditation are to let go of the attachment to fear, tension, stress, worries, and negative emotions.

Letting go doesn’t mean getting rid of any of them. Having that true inner peace and calm means things like fear, tension, and stress don’t affect you anymore. It is as if your subconscious has realized that these things are just there to help you grow and not to become a part of you.

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Types Of Meditation Techniques That Can Be Effective For Finding Inner Peace

Mindfulness and visualization are two of the most effective techniques, but maybe you are not looking for just peace of mind. Peace can mean different things to everyone. Some people might be looking for peace of mind, and some people might be looking for an unexplainable kind of spiritual peace. There is a meditation technique for everyone to achieve the kind of peace they desire.

how to meditate for inner peace

List Of 5 inner peace meditations:

  1. Mindfulness Meditation: It is a very easy meditation to do, and you easily adapt it to your daily life. Research also says mindfulness meditation helps attain inner peace by helping you stay in the present moment.
  2. Guided Visualization: Guided visualizations are guided meditations that guide you through a series of visuals. The visualizations may be targeted more to your inner world. How they will guide you toward that inner peace depends greatly on the teacher or narrator of the guided meditation. They can also help you tap into the most profound, peaceful, loving memories or visuals.
  3. Energy Healing Meditation: If you are spiritual energy is in balance, and you are in need of energy healing, then that’s the only possible way to find inner peace. If it’s something that is preventing you from living a peaceful life on a spiritual level, then only energy healing can help.
  4. White Light Meditation: The white light represents peace, love, light, and healing. If you feel like the chaos within you is deeper than it seems, practicing white light meditation is the easiest method if you want to find spiritual peace.
  5. Loving Kindness Meditation: This meditation is based on the feeling of love and kindness. If you feel like you cannot achieve inner peace because you are hurt or feeling guilty, or experiencing any other kind of negative emotion, then this is the meditation for you. Meditating on the feeling of love and kindness and sending love to yourself or someone close to you can help a lot to find that peace within yourself and in the relationship.

Now, let’s get straight into this free inner peace meditation program you can try to find peace.

7 Step Guided Inner Peace Meditation Program

This is a series of meditation practices, each focusing on different emotions and factors of peace. You can practice these meditations at your own pace. Give each meditation as much time as you need. For example, anger and fear can be two difficult emotions to let go of, so take as many days of meditation practice as you need before moving on to the next one.

Step 1: Letting Go Of Negative Thoughts

letting go and finding peace

Negative thoughts are the root cause of that inner chaos. It’s an essential step for achieving inner peace. It is possible to completely let go and stop the negative chatter in your mind. You just have to believe that you can do it, and this meditation will help you do exactly that.

Enhanced app screens

Unleash Your True Potential!

Explore the world of meditation with our powerful guided sessions crafted to bring peace and strength to your spirit.

But first, let’s ensure our sessions are the perfect fit for you.

Take our short quiz to find out!

Step 2: Dealing With Negative Emotions

Like negative thoughts, emotion also affects you and your peace of mind. Sometimes there are emotion we aren’t aware of or are in denial of. Becoming aware and letting go of these feelings is the second step in finding mental and emotional peace. Take your time to also let go of any guilt and forgive yourself.

Step 3: Let Go Of The Ego

The ego can be the source of negativity and chaos in our life. Especially The Spiritual ego can even make your spiritual growth stagnant. It’s essential also to let go of the ego in order to find spiritual and mental peace. This meditation will help let go of that ego in the kindest possible way.

Step 4: Unleash Your Inner Warrior

You might be wondering why and unleash the inner warrior. Why are we talking about war within all of a sudden? Isn’t war exactly the opposite of peace? It is, but unless you strengthen and unleash your inner warrior, you will not be able to fight your inner demons and fears. There’s always a constant war going on within all of us against so many things, which possibly results in anxiety. If you can feel powerful, confident, and strong mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, it will be easier to find peace.

Step 5: Inviting The Healing White Light

We have already discussed the significance of white light in finding that inner peace. The calm and relaxation you will feel after you meditate on white light will be on another level. Also, this will help you feel safe and relieve anxiety, reduces stress and worry. By the end of the meditation, you will be able to feel that the negative energies and darkness have been pushed away from you.

Step 6: Stillness Of Mind

It is possible that your mind is still not quiet or at peace but don’t worry; it’s natural. Many memories and feelings can resurface because of all the meditations you have done to release all the negativity. Even if you are not over-thinking or memories or any negative feelings haven’t surfaced, this guided meditation can help you achieve stillness.

Step 7: Focusing On True Inner Peace

Now is the time to focus entirely on inner peace. A guided meditation focused on peace will not only help you feel peaceful and in the present moment, but it will also give you insight into your thoughts and a sense of awareness.


This is just an example of how powerful meditation programs you can get in Enhanced Meditation app. Enhanced is free to download, and you will get a plethora of high-quality meditations just like the ones you tried here. There are many health benefits of practicing daily meditation, but peace outweighs everything. Whichever method of meditation you choose, you will find peace and calm regardless. However, if your goal is true inner spiritual peace, then taking a different approach is a must that involves healing and letting go.


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