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How To Meditate Properly For Beginners At Home: Very Effective Methods

How To Meditate Properly For Beginners At Home

There is a huge possibility that every other article you may have read in hopes of understanding how to meditate properly is pretty much telling you the same things. It can also feel overwhelming as a beginner when you see so many types of meditation, each one of them having a different set of rules.

It can also get confusing because you don’t know which type of meditation practices can help you achieve your spiritual and material goals faster. But we promise that by the end of this article, you will know exactly what to do to achieve your spiritual and material goals of meditating and how exactly to do it.

This is a fun guided meditation to start with you are new to meditating!

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What is meditation?

Meditation is going inwards and finding the real you. Once you find the real you, it makes you feel like you need to embark on journey for finding your higher self.

what is meditation and how to meditate properly

There are various meditation forms and techniques, so trying to fit them into one definition is slightly unfair. The best way meditation can be defined as being at ease but still be aware.

During the entire day, that may not be a single moment of time where your mind and full fields are at ease. Meditation practice is like the space between words. The goal is to make that space bigger and bigger. Your mind and your abilities to make shifts increase as that space of relaxation and being at ease grow.

Best beginner-friendly guided meditations

Trying to increase the pause or spaces between your thought may not be the most beginner-friendly advice when you start meditating. However, guided meditations can help you reach there very easily. So, before we get to the steps for meditation, let’s help you experience few of the best guided meditations.

So get in a comfortable position and pick meditation you feel most called to.

First is breath awareness; it’s a guided mindfulness meditation. Extremely easy, and you don’t even need to visualize.

This meditation is best suitable to meditate in the evening or at night, so if you are about to end your day or reading this at the evening or night then try this “End Of The Day” meditation practice.

If you feel that you often find yourself stressed and negative thoughts starts flooding during meditation practices then this inner peace meditation is perfect. It will guide you through different levels of mindfulness experiences.

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Unleash Your True Potential!

Explore the world of meditation with our powerful guided sessions crafted to bring peace and strength to your spirit.

But first, let’s ensure our sessions are the perfect fit for you.

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How to meditate properly as beginner meditators?

As a beginner in meditation, asking how to meditate comfortably and regularly is more important than asking how to meditate properly.

Understanding how to meditate properly is definitely important, but because you are starting out, it’s crucial to stick to the habit of meditating. So let’s understand in a way that can help you make meditation habit and, at the same time, a proper and effective method of meditation.

Step By Step Guide For Effective Yet Simple Meditation Sessions

learn how to meditate
  • Meditation pose: You can choose to lie down or sitting on a chair, or you can also meditate lying on a couch or even a comfortable chair in the office. Sitting meditation is mostly recommended because it helps to keep your spine straight.
  • Keeping eyes open or close: Closing your eyes is completely optional. Mindfulness meditation and focus meditation can easily be done by keeping your eyes open. You can read more about open eye meditation here: Learn The Incredible Eye Open Meditation: What It Is And How To Do It
  • Calming the mind: now it’s time to focus on your breath or an object of your choosing, in case you are keeping your eyes open. The world is going to fade away and it’s just you just being there. Just being in the present moment is also enough.
  • Getting back to regular simulations: It’s okay to get back to the usual state if you get disturbed or if meditating feels overwhelming. It’s part of doing something new and something as powerful as meditation.

5 things you must know before setting your expectations for proper meditation practice

Expectations from meditation can be one of the major problems when it comes to getting results. You need to be aware of these 5 things and then decide what you can expect from it.

Your idea of meditation can prevent having a real experience

As a beginner, it’s quite possible that you may feel, “What I am doing is even meditation”, “Is it even working”, or “How do I know if I am doing anything wrong.

Having an image or expectation of how meditation should feel can prevent you from having a real unique meditation experience. Letting go of any ideas or assumptions opens the door for more healing and experience deeper meditative states.

meditating properly

Trying too hard to control the mind can have a negative impact

Mind wandering is one of the things that makes meditating difficult. Especially when you begin meditating. It’s extremely natural for your mind to wander and thoughts to come.

If your mind wanders or sometimes a negative thought arises, you don’t need to fight it right away. You can observe and understand where it’s coming from. Directing your thought from negative to positive is also another beautiful technique that can help with meditating properly.

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Your meditation space can change how you meditate daily

Daily meditation practice will require you to have a space where you can feel good and safe. A dedicated meditation place will help you have better and deeper meditation experiences.

Investing in a meditation cushion is also a good idea if you don’t want to dedicate a room, you can just have a corner specifically to meditate.

You don’t need to master only one style of meditation

Doing the same meditation every single day is a perfect way to get bored. It’s best to keep trying and discovering new techniques to meditate. Mindfulness and breathing can also feel difficult sometimes because mind can wander off.

There are definitely many forms of beginner-friendly meditations you can try. We are going to discuss briefly each one of them in this article.

Ego and jealousy can get in the way

Ego and jealousy can also get in the way of progressing and reaching a higher level in meditation. If human nature to compare and get jealous and also feel like I know it all.

There is always going to be a new level of meditation and spiritual growth. So having any go or getting jealous of others’ progress can get in the way of your own spiritual growth.

Here’s a guided meditation that can help you let go of ego.

3 things you can do to make regular meditation practice easy

Apart from making an effort for consistent practice, there are 3 things you can do to make meditation a habit. Meditation exercise is also one of the easy ways to include meditation in everyday life.

regular meditation practice

Meditating after taking the shower

Talking shower before going to bed feels good because it makes us feel clean and fresh, so why not shower before you meditate?

Taking a shower right before sitting to meditate can enhance the level of meditation. You can also try shower meditation if you want. The goal here is to add meditation to your everyday routine practice.

Setting up your meditation place with good lighting

There are also certain types and colors of lights that can deepen your meditative state. You will be able to see results a lot sooner when the quality of meditation increases.

It’s obvious that you would like to meditate more often if you can experience a deeper sense of calmness. There are 7 colors of lights best suitable for good meditation room, so you can pick according to the benefits each light has to offer.

Journalling right after your meditation practice

Journaling right after meditation will help you document your meditation journey. You will be able to see how fast you are advancing and how vivid some meditation experiences can be.

Especially when using guided meditation, journaling can help you understand which type of guided meditation work best for you.

Best types of meditation techniques for beginners

Let’s look at some of the easiest and best types of meditation for beginners:

body scan meditation and yoga nidra

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness training can be a good start, and you can also try many mindfulness meditation exercises.

You can go for a guided mindfulness meditation, or you can also do it on your own because it’s that easy. However, meditation apps such as Enhanced can help a lot, and you also get to try other advanced meditations.

Body scan meditation

Bodyscan meditation is also great option for beginners because it helps keep your mind focused away from thoughts. It’s also a great way to release stress because it involves scanning then relaxing each part of the body.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra meditation is similar to a body scan, but it is a more elaborate method. In Yoga Nidra, you need to focus on the tiniest parts of your body, for example, each one of your fingers, paying attention on one after the other.

Another difference is that Yoga Nidra requires you to stay in the laying meditation position. Whereas with body scan meditation, you can also do it while sitting.

Walking meditation

This is a type of meditation where you focus on walking while being in the present moment. Noticing your steps and how your body moves as you walk, being aware of your breathing and the motion.

Being aware of your surroundings and experiencing everything in the present moment. Walking meditation is a very beautiful option when you don’t like to sit on the floor and meditate or when having a busy day.

Transcendental meditation

TM meditation is also good because it allows you to focus your attention on specific TM mantras. TM meditation can also provide very fast results, so it can also keep you motivated to meditate every day.

You can also try other meditation techniques. Even new meditators can achieve greater states of meditation and easily adapt to many different advanced meditations.

What you can achieve through meditation?

Meditation helps reduce stress, find inner peace, mental clarity. It can also help improve mental and physical health, help with chronic pain and blood pressure. There are plenty of positive effects of daily meditation practice.

benefits of meditating correctly

Achieve success faster:

When you make meditation practice a part of your lifestyle, it can certainly help achieve your goals and success a lot faster.

Meditation improves cognitive functions, memory, self-awareness, and self-control. All these things can help you improve your connections at work and also allow you to become more efficient.

More fulfilling personal life:

You are going to notice a deeper connection with yourself. That inner clarity, peace, and deeper connection with yourself can significantly improve personal relationships and your relationship with yourself.

Inner connection and also cutting spiritual cords can significantly help improve the emotional energy you have. Having the energy to invest in your personal life is as important as social life.

Improve overall health and well-being

When you are not as stressed and anxious, it leads to a healthier body. A lot of the health issues are caused by prolonged stress. Not only physical but mental health also suffers due to being under pressure or under stress for long. Several pieces of research have shown again and again how effective meditation is in stress management.

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Many beginners can feel like meditation practice is wasting time because it may not feel like it’s working. You don’t need to meditate for long hours to get results. Meditating correctly for a few minutes and regular practice is enough. You don’t even need meditation teacher or meditation expert to learn how to meditate because meditation apps like Enhanced Meditation make it very easy to access expert-level guided meditations for free.


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