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Is It Good To Meditate At Night? 3 Reasons It’s Borderline Risky

is it good to meditate at night

It’s common for people to meditate at night because one of the most advocated benefits of meditation is improved sleep quality. So, it makes sense for you to want to meditate at night and get the best sleep you can.

However, is it good to meditate at night? Or are there any possible drawbacks and side effects? In this article, you are about to learn everything about the practical as well as spiritual drawbacks of meditating at night, along with the benefits.

Using a guided meditation in the evening to let go of the day can be more beneficial in many ways!

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What does it mean to meditate?

Before deeper into the benefits and the risk associated with meditating at night, let’s look at what it means to meditate. To meditate means to relax and dive deeper within yourself emotionally and spiritually.

It can introduce spiritual and emotional healing when you start meditating. Meditation is not just sitting and keeping your eyes closed and mind empty. When you are meditating, you let your thoughts and emotions flow and become an observer.

So, if you are a beginner and you haven’t been meditating for long, it’s possible that the things within you that are in need of healing. It’s not always the case, but for some people, it can happen. Usually, meditation relaxes and increases your spiritual powers.

You can always opt for meditating in the evening.

Enhanced app screens

Unleash Your True Potential!

Explore the world of meditation with our powerful guided sessions crafted to bring peace and strength to your spirit.

But first, let’s ensure our sessions are the perfect fit for you.

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3 reasons it’s borderline risky to meditate at night 

It’s extremely important to know what you are getting into before you start meditating regularly at night. There are both physical and spiritual aspects of night meditation that can put you at risk. 

Let’s understand them! 

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meditating at night

Risk of getting attacked by negative energies 

This is incredibly dangerous and risky for meditators who may choose to meditate at night. During the night, negative energies can be more powerful, and they can easily attack you because you are tired and you are in a vulnerable state. 

This happens because when you meditate, you become a beacon of light for these negative energies. Dark and negative energy is stuck energies that get attracted to positive and light, and they can sense your energy easily during the night.

Spiritual awakening without being ready for it 

You will most likely be mediating alone when you are meditating and at night without guidance or without a teacher. You can, of course, choose to use a guided meditation app to help you guide through the meditation process, which can reduce the status.

In case you don’t use guided meditation or meditating alone without any type of guidance, then uncontrollable spiritual awakening can happen

spiritual awakening meditating at night

It’s a good thing to get spiritually awakened and but it can go out of hand and out of control easily . So it’s best to avoid meditating at night if you don’t know how to handle spiritual awakening or when you are not ready for the awakening.

Risk of increasing stress and not getting sleep 

We have already discussed that unhealed emotions and suppressed trauma can come up for healing during meditation. Again the lack of guidance can make it worse. You can end up feeling more stress, and it can also affect your sleep. 

Using guided meditation can make it a lot easier to achieve relaxation, better sleep, and protect yourself during meditation. You can easily start with a mindfulness meditation just like this one from enhanced meditation.

Enhanced meditation app can always be there for you if you decide to meditate the night time of the day. 

Benefits of meditating and night

That are certainly many benefits of meditating at night if you do it right. It can allow you to have one of the most peaceful meditation sessions and all of the spiritual growth

Let’s find out the benefits you are going to get by meditating at night! 

benefits of meditating at night

Incredibly reduced level of anxiety and stress 

When you meditate at night, you have already been through the day, and you don’t need to do more than just go to rest. Just make meditation even more incredibly effective for reducing stress and anxiety.

You are just going to meditate and go to your bed after. It helps reduce toxins and stress build-up and heal all the damage from the stress during the day. Research has also shown that meditation can increase grey matter in the brain, that’s incredibly beneficial

Incredibly improves sleep quality.

Even the scientific hours you sleep for are not as important as the quality of sleep you are getting in those hours. When you are using your phone at night and state of meditating, you are reducing the amount of melatonin that can help you have great quality sleep.

The blue light from the phone and screen apparently reduces the amount of melatonin and sleep hormones. So when you choose to meditate at night, it relaxes your body and helps release hormones for better sleep

study from 2016 also found that short meditation training before sleep can enhance non-REM sleep quality.

Enhances your cognitive ability and brain power 

When you are brain has time to recover, get good sleep and recovery time then it works and functions a lot better. That’s only possible when you are getting every day a good night’s sleep. 

So what is the verdict? 

Is it good to meditate at night? 

It’s definitely good to meditate at night if you know how to meditate and how to protect yourself or if you are using guidance. It’s really important to know why it’s not good so you can make it right and beneficial for yourself. 

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Tips for meditating at night to make it beneficial 

tips for meditating at night

The steps for meditation are going to help you protect yourself from negative energy when you are ready. 

  1. Set up your meditation space that makes you feel safe. The lighting of the meditation room and how it makes you feel can be an important factor for making a feel safe. The feeling of security is very important. 
  2.  Set your intention before you set for your meditation session. This will help prevent getting attacked by negative energies. It can also help you get ready for spiritual awakening, so it only happens when you are actually ready for the tweaking. 
  3.  Start with easy meditations and avoid practicing extremely spiritual meditation types such as Astral projection or transcendental meditation, or Quantum jumping meditation
  4.  Body scan meditations can be incredibly easy and beneficial to achieve better relaxation and sleep. So, go for meditations like that. 
  5.  Used guided meditation apps such as enhanced meditation. It can help a lot to get started with simple 10 minutes meditation and level up towards more spiritual and longer meditation sessions. 


It’s a good idea to meditate at night because it can be incredibly beneficial, even if it’s risky. You just need to know how to do it well to avoid any risk associated with meditating and night. So is it good to meditate at night?

It definitely is good to meditate at night; you just need to know how to protect yourself during meditation. You can get benefits such as improved quality of sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, improved cognitive abilities, and a lot more powerful brain. Make sure to allow yourself progressive spiritual growth instead of accidental spiritual growth. 


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