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Astral Projection Meditation: What It Is And How You Can Do it

astral projection

Let’s start with a disclaimer and a necessary one! Keeping in mind that this is not to scare you or discourage you from trying this unique form of meditation. Astral projection meditation is one example of an extreme spiritual practice. Don’t do it without understanding what you are getting into because there can be consequences.

It can be scary if you are doing astral projection without keeping the connection with your physical body. So there’s a specific way to practice this meditation, and it’s a must that you learn astral projection from a yoga guru or astral projection expert.

In this article, you are going to understand what astral projection is and how you can travel between worlds using your astral body. You will also learn the details of practicing this kind of meditation safely and the dangers of this practice.

You can start with this 30-minute guided body scan meditation to help you master astral projection one step at a time!

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What Is Astral Projection?

Astral projection is out-of-body experience where your astral body or consciousness travels to the astral world, away from the physical body. Astral projection is more commonly known as an out-of-body experience. If astral projection happens accidentally, you will not have much control over what’s happening. if you wish to have more control over your experience, you will need to master astral projection meditation.

So, if you heard about out-of-body experience from someone, they are more likely talking about their astral projection experience.

What Is Astral Projection

What Is Astral Body?

What is an astral body? You can think of consciousness or the astral body as the main consciousness apart from your physical and mental body. It is also known as the subtle body. If you believe in spirits and souls, then you can think of the astral body as your soul.

Astral protection means you can physically be anywhere but still visit different places in the world or in the universe. It also makes it possible to travel around the different astral planes in the universe with your subtle body. There is a spiritual cord that connects your spiritual and physical body during astral projection.

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The key to astral travel is knowing everything you experience during the meditation is real. It’s possible that after returning to your physical reality, you may feel like everything was a vivid dream.

What is Astral Plane?

Most people’s belief related to the astral plane comes from philosophical or religious backgrounds. However, the astral plane is a name given to any place you go in the world or universe during your astral projection experience.

So the astral plane is not a place but a layer of reality that exists simultaneously with the physical reality, like a film over it with subtle weight. We can assume that the astral plane is the energy version of the physical reality where you are not weight down by anything. It enables you to go anywhere without the concept of time and distance.

How Is It Different From Lucid Dreaming?

Imagine you are in a dream, and suddenly you realize you have control over that dream. You can do what you want and move in the direction you desire. That’s lucid dreaming!

It’s when you become aware that you’re dreaming while you’re still within the dream itself. Once you’re lucid, you might be able to control and shape the dream to some extent. It’s like becoming the director of your own fantastical movie, where you can change the scenery and characters and even do things that defy the laws of physics.

So the key difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming is the feeling of your consciousness leaving your physical body to explore different planes. While lucid dreaming is about realizing you’re dreaming and gaining some control over the dream’s direction.

Both experiences can be incredibly exciting and mind-bending, but they have their own unique flavors.

Now let’s look at how you can practice astral projection and what to expect.

How To Astral Project: 5 Step Guide

how to astral project

This meditation technique is a part of ancient yogic practices. If you follow these steps along with regular yoga practice, then it will be easier to achieve the out-of-body experience. It will feel unreal the first time you are able to separate your energy body from your physical body.

Keep in mind that this is not exactly a step-by-step guide but a progression-based guide that will help you achieve your first astral travel experience.

Step 1: Practice Yoga Nidra

Practicing Yog Nidra will help you get used to whole-body relaxation and the corpse pose. The reason behind this is to get used to meditating in corpse pose. It will also help you differentiate between the real world and astral travel experience and dreaming. It’s best if you can practice astral projection on a yoga mat or by sitting down. Practicing astral projection can result in vivid dreaming or accidental astral travel during sleep.

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Step 2: Setting Intentions For Astral Travel

You can progressively set intentions, starting with the intent to just look at your physical body from a birds-eye view or from a different perspective than your own. The intention setting for astral projection is a very powerful step because of your consciousness. When a strong intent is set, you will be sure to experience everything that’s happening with your subtle body.

Once you can get out of your body and look at things and yourself from a different view, it will start to become real and intense from there.

Step 3: Practice Getting Out Of Your Physical Body

When you start the meditation, after you achieve the point of complete relaxation, try to get out of your physical body. It will take some practice to balance your consciousness and physical senses to allow your energy to leave your body to move without moving yourself.

It will come to the point when you sit back from lying down in meditation pose, but your body will still be left lying there if you are to look back. It can feel exciting and unreal or even scary at first but remember, you can still get back.

Step 4: Starting Slow With Roaming Around Familiar Places

Once you are comfortable practicing getting out of your physical body, try to visit around the places you are comfortable with. It can be your own home or the room you are in. Continue to practice getting up, roaming around a little, then getting back.

Step 5: Practice Getting Back To Your Physical Body

Practice getting back to your physical body again and again without going too far from where you are physically. This is very important because you want to get used to getting back to the body. Keep in mind that there is a spiritual called connecting your energy body to the physical body. That cord is the only thing that will help you return to your body again and again. It will make you feel excited and adventurous, and you will want to explore more by traveling to a different place or astral plane, but you also need to consider your safety.

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Is Out Of Body Experience A Real Phenomena?

Many people feel conflicted about whether to believe astral travel is a real experience or a hallucination. People who mostly use the phrase out of body experience instead of astral projection have experienced it but don’t believe in astral travel or the spiritual side of it. 

It is indeed hard to believe without having a first-hand experience of astral projection. It is a lot like trying to explain the taste of sugar to someone who has never tried anything sweet in their lifetime. Dr. Susan Blackmore experienced this life-changing event during doctor’s student life in 1970. In Dr. Blackmore’s words, “It was like being in two places at the same time. Since then, Dr. has been studying astral travel occurrences for decades now. Dr. Blackmore also mentioned a cord connecting the astral and physical body, which exactly matches the details of astral journeys.

Is Out Of Body Experience A Real Phenomena

There was another incident of astral projection, where a person reported accidentally astral projecting. The person said that he was lying in the hospital bed, and doctors were asking him about his state. However, he was able to see and experience everything from the perspective of a third person. Later he experienced his astral body flying towards the ceiling, and he felt detached from his physical body. This continued for 15-20 minutes.

Astral projection has been a difficult subject to research and study because many people accidentally astral project, but some people can do it on command. Yoga and meditation are such practices that can enable people to astral projects whenever they desire to do so.

Risks And Dangers Of Astral Projection

There are certainly some risks and dangers associated with astral projection practices. Being a pair of them will help you stay conscious and practice astral projection meditation safely.

Attracting negative energies: 

When you are traveling between this world and the astral world, your body is in a vulnerable state. It is like an empty vessel. If you spend too long out of your body, it is possible that negative energy can get to that vessel.

Tip: You can burn incense sticks and also keep an earthen lamp in the same room as you. These things will help keep the negative energies away and light your path for returning to your body. A guided meditation for negative energies can also be helpful.

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You may lose your way to get back: 

Even though there is a spiritual energy cord connecting you to your body when you leave, it’s possible to lose it if you travel far away. It can put your physical body at risk.

Tip: You can keep something close to you that is very dear and significant to you. It will keep your energy body or soul connected to the physical reality with the feelings attached to that thing.

Benefits of Astral Projection Meditation

Even if you are unable to astral project every time you meditate, there are many benefits of astral projection meditation.

Spiritual Growth and Self-Discovery

Astral projection is often linked to spiritual growth and self-discovery. When you explore different realms beyond the physical, you can gain very deep insights into your true self and the nature of reality. The experience can encourage introspection, self-reflection, and a deeper understanding of your purpose in life. By venturing into the astral plane, you might uncover hidden aspects of your personality and embark on a journey of personal transformation.

Expanded Consciousness

Astral projection can lead to a broader state of consciousness that goes beyond the limitations of the physical body. As your awareness travels beyond the confines of the earthly realm, you might encounter higher frequencies of existence. This expanded consciousness can offer you a broader perspective on existence, spirituality, and the interconnectedness of all things.

Healing and Energy Work

Many practitioners believe that astral projection can have therapeutic effects on the mind, body, and spirit. During astral experiences, individuals have reported feelings of rejuvenation and deep relaxation. Some even use astral projection as a form of energy healing, directing positive energy towards themselves or others. The astral plane is thought to be a place where profound healing can occur, both on a physical and energetic level.

Meeting Spirit Guides and Accessing Higher Knowledge

Astral projection is often associated with encounters with spirit guides, angels, or beings of higher wisdom. Explorers of the astral realm claim to have received guidance, insights, and teachings from these entities. These interactions can lead to a greater understanding of truths, cosmic mysteries, and the universe’s hidden knowledge. Such encounters may provide a sense of guidance and purpose in one’s life journey.


Astral projection is truly a unique and incredible spiritual experience. You can travel between different worlds and dimensions with ease if you follow the method properly with guidance. It is also important to keep your safety in mind and protect your energy as much as you can during the astral projection. Read and study about the astral projection as much as you can before you start practicing it.

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