What Is Inner Spirituality? 17 Ways To Unleash Inner Spiritual Warrior

inner spirituality and inner spiritual warrior

Getting directed into the spiritual awakening and getting bombarded with synchronicities can make anyone feel overwhelmed. Maybe today is the day when your search to find the meaning of inner spirituality will end, and your journey to spiritual growth will start. Today can be the day you decide to change and turn around your life in a completely new direction.

If you need confidence, feel power, courage, be unstoppable, and be free, then this guided meditation is all you need right now.

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What is inner spirituality?

The spiritual awakening that shifts everything within you and your consciousness. It is that one thing you can feel right now, a sense of pure energy that is free from any finery and show-off. Inner spirituality is everything that represents and gives meaning to your spirit and life. It becomes an integral part of your existence, thoughts, feelings, actions, and how you express yourself. However, it is not limited to expressions or outer parts of your life.

spiritual awakening

What does it mean to experience a spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening happens when your spirit, soul, or conscience starts to awaken and connect with the energies of the universe. It is like you start to realize that life is beyond what you can see and experience with your active surface consciousness. You rise from your sense of self to an infinite sense of reality and the truth of existence.

What is an inner spiritual warrior?

unleashing inner spiritual power

Everyone has that inner spiritual warrior that there within them. It is part of your spirit that protects and empowers you. It empowers your soul with wisdom, knowledge, truth, love, integrity and fights all inner battles. As human beings, we go through different challenges through all stages of our lives, and inner spiritual warrior helps us handle everything with confidence and courage.

Regular life and spiritual practices to unleash the inner spiritual warrior

Let’s look at how you can unleash the spiritual warrior within you to guide and help you in your journey of life. Allowing these practices to become a part of your life will also help you with quality of life, emotional, mental health, and spiritual growth.

1. Facing and overcoming fears

overcoming fears

Facing and overcoming your fears is an important aspect of unlocking your inner spiritual warrior. If you not, you will always live with the fear of uncertainty and the unknown. All the other fears in our minds stem from the fear of uncertainty. You will have to break free from your fears to let that courage in.

2. Taking control of your shadow side

shadow side

What is the shadow side? It is the part of your being that is dark and what makes you feel all sorts of negative feelings. It’s important to take control of your shadow side so that your light can come through and allow spiritual growth to happen.

3. Have a deeper connection with yourself

deeper connection with yourself

Having a deeper connection with yourself will make it possible to embody positive emotions and healing. It’s not possible to heal the wound you don’t know about. It’s not possible to embody the strongest part of yourself when you don’t know what it is.

4. Empower yourself – spiritually, mentally, and physically

empowering yourself

Only working on your spiritual life is not going to make you feel empowered and fulfilled. To get into the warrior energy, you will need to empower yourself mentally and physically also. You will not able able to help, protect and share your wisdom if you are not in the condition to do so.

5. Have a zeal for learning


There is a paradox here, the more you learn, the more you will feel like you don’t know a lot. It can be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Good because you will have a well of knowledge, but it can be bad when you let it turn into self-doubt.

So, apart from having a zeal for learning, you will also need to make sure to ground and still your mind.

6. Give self-love and self-respect importance

Confidence and empowerment will come from a place of self-love and self-respect. If you are neglecting these two things, then it’s likely that pride and ego can take the place of these two important things.

7. Having a sense of community and respect for others

Respecting others and having a sense of community are also important. Your inner warrior will be driven by a sense of connection with the collective. This will shift how you take action and how the world sees you. Respecting others is also a way to gain respect from them.

8. Having a set of values

Your values will support you and help you align your actions and thoughts with your purpose. Your values are going to be personal to you and your journey, but they will provide you guidance and power to you during the dark times.

9. Embrace your truth

Embracing yours and the truths of life will give you the power to let go of the past and worries of the future. It will require courage and deep reflection to discover your truths. It’s not always going to be what you are ready for, but it’s an essential part of finding your purpose and growing spiritually.

Enhanced app screens

Unleash Your True Potential!

Explore the world of meditation with our powerful guided sessions crafted to bring peace and strength to your spirit.

But first, let’s ensure our sessions are the perfect fit for you.

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10. Embody stillness and calm

embrace calmness

Stillness and calm are going to be your armor in your spiritual life as a spiritual warrior. You can practice meditation to help you find that calm and stillness.

11. Embrace and respect emotions

Experiencing different emotions is part of the enlightenment process. Spiritual awakening is just the start of your journey. Your inner warrior will be there to help you get through them, but you will have to respect and allow them to come to the surface.

12. Invite discipline in your life

invite discipline in your life

The discipline of mind, body, and soul. Your inner warrior will thrive and unleash when you will invite discipline into your life.

  • For the body, discipline can be in the form of workouts, sleep, diet, and fasting.
  • You can discipline your mind with learning, studying, contemplating, and meditation practice.
  • Discipline for spirit can be in the form of prayer, spending time in natureconnecting with your diving energypositive beliefs, and energy healing.

13. Believe in your power

believe in your power

Once you become aware of your inner self and your powers, believe in it. Your inner warrior will need you to rise above self-doubts and claim your power.

14. Let go of ego and jealousy

Ego and jealousy are two things that can dim your spiritual light and push away your inner spiritual warrior. So let them go, and you will notice how easy and smooth life will become.

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15. Ground and protect your energy

ground and protect your energy

Grounding and protecting your spiritual energy is as important as meditating. There are many types of celestial energies in the universe, and your inner spiritual warrior will protect your spirit. But you are your spiritual warrior; it’s not different from you.

16. Connect and spend time in nature

Spend time in nature

Connecting and spending time in nature will help you strengthen your connection with yourself and the universe. Nature is a big part of this world. When you spend time in nature, it helps your spirit to connect and feel powerful. You don’t need to go on hikes or explore forests. Walking bare feet on the grass and admiring plants and trees can also help you connect with nature.

17 Rise through challenges

rise through obstacles

To be a warrior is to rise through challenges. If you are not facing challenges and hardships because of fear of failing or disappointing yourself, then you need to start again. It’s a full circle that starts with facing and overcoming your fears.

These are wonderful small things that can definitely unleash your spiritual inner warrior and clear your path to find life’s purpose. But they can’t replace what a powerful guided meditation can do for you.


Inner spirituality is a way of life that is specific to you, just like your spirit and your life’s purpose. It is just one aspect of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. There’s so much more to life. If this article inspired you and the guided meditation made you feel powerful and confident, then you are in for a treat. Enhanced meditation app has plenty of such spiritual and mindful meditations. You can download the meditation app and access so many guided meditations for free.


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