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CIA Astral Projection: A Comprehensive Analysis

cia astral projection

Are you curious about the hidden secrets of the CIA? Well, get ready to uncover a mind-bending topic that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew. Did you know that the CIA has also delved into a realm beyond our physical world through astral projection? Yes, it’s true! In this comprehensive analysis, we’ll explore the intriguing documents and controversial studies surrounding this fascinating phenomenon. Get ready for an eye-opening journey into the unknown – one that may challenge your beliefs and question reality itself.

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Definition of astral projection

Astral projection is a special kind of out-of-body experience. It’s like your mind travels while your body stays put. Many people also believe they have a second, subtle body apart from their physical one.

During astral projection, you may see your own body as if you’re in another place. Some equate it with wild dreams or visions, but it’s much more than that for those who practice it.

It was so important that even CIA studied it in the 1970s under a secret project called Stargate.

Historical background of CIA’s involvement

The CIA began to study astral projection in the 1970s. This was part of a program called Stargate Project. The goal of this project was to look into psychic events. They wanted to see if people could use their minds for things like seeing far-off places or reading hidden messages.

In 1983, the CIA put out a big report about the project and what they found. This became known as the Gateway Report.

CIA Documents and Studies on Astral Projection

CIA Documents and Studies on Astral Projection

The CIA conducted extensive research on astral projection in the 1970s as part of its Stargate Project, revealing intriguing findings and sparking controversy. Discover the fascinating details and dive deeper into the CIA’s involvement in this mysterious phenomenon.

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Soviet and Czechoslovakian parapsychology research

The CIA paid close attention to the work done in Soviet and Czechoslovakian parapsychology research. In the 1960s, big changes took place in this field within the Soviet Union. Top Moscow scientists led these studies.

They looked deep into brain energy and signals sent out during psychic tests.

Later, U.S. Army Medical Intelligence and Defense Intelligence Agency also studied this research closely. A top-notch scientist from the Soviets thought that telepathic pulses could explain these energies and signals.

The CIA saw a chance for military use tied to psychic powers like astral projection through their studies of these findings.

Gateway Process report

In 2003, the CIA let everyone see a special report called the Gateway Process. This was part of their research on out-of-body stuff like astral projection. They used things like deep sleep, certain body feedback, and quiet meditation to explore this.

The Gateway Process report is filled with detailed work on how to step outside your own body using your mind. It dives deep into how our army can use these new skills.

Energy and meaning in the universe

The CIA’s research on astral projection has also explored the connection between energy and meaning in the universe. Through their studies, they aimed to understand the potential of astral projection and its role in uncovering deeper truths about existence.

This investigation was part of the Stargate Project, which delved into psychic phenomena. The findings from these studies shed light on how energy influences our understanding of the universe and opened up new perspectives on consciousness exploration.

With these revelations, the CIA sought to gain a military advantage by harnessing psychic abilities like astral projection.

The $20 Million Gateway Program

The $20 Million Gateway Program

The $20 Million Gateway Program was funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation and aimed to find answers about astral projection.

Funded by Templeton World Charity Foundation

The $20 Million Gateway Program, which focused on astral projection and was conducted by the CIA in the 1970s, was funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation. The foundation supports research and conversations that inspire awe and wonder, and it provided financial backing for this program to explore the possibilities of astral projection.

This funding allowed researchers to delve into this phenomenon and seek answers about its nature and also potential implications.

Goal to find answers about astral projection

The CIA’s $20 Million Gateway Program had a clear goal: to find answers about astral projection. This program, funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation, aimed to explore the mind’s potential and delve into mind-bending concepts.

Through methods like hypnosis, transcendental meditation, and biofeedback, researchers sought to assess and analyze the mechanics of astral projection. Notably, both the US Army Operational Group and US Army Intelligence and Security Command were involved in this ambitious endeavor.

Findings and Controversies

The CIA’s research on astral projection uncovered documented experiences of individuals successfully projecting their consciousness outside the physical body. However, these findings have faced criticism and skepticism from skeptics and the scientific community.

Documented astral projection experiences

Documented astral projection experiences

In the 1970s, the CIA conducted research on astral projection as part of its Stargate Project. This project aimed to investigate psychic phenomena, including astral projection. During experiments, documented experiences of astral projection were observed in laboratory settings.

Astral projection involves separating consciousness from the physical body and traveling to different locations. It has been associated with out-of-body experiences (OBEs). Techniques such as hypnosis, transcendental meditation, and biofeedback can facilitate astral projection.

These documented experiences provide intriguing insights into the potential of the human mind and its ability to explore beyond physical limitations.

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Criticism and skepticism

Criticism and skepticism surrounding the CIA’s involvement in astral projection are:

  1. Lack of Scientific Validity: Many critics argue that astral projection lacks scientific evidence and is considered a pseudoscience. They believe that it cannot be proven or replicated in controlled laboratory settings.
  2. Subjective Experiences: Skeptics argue that astral projection experiences are highly subjective and can also be influenced by imagination, suggestion, or even hallucinations. They question the reliability of such experiences as credible evidence.
  3. Ethics and Morality Concerns: Some critics raise ethical concerns about the CIA’s involvement in researching astral projection. They question whether it is appropriate for a government agency to spend resources on investigating phenomena that are not universally accepted in the scientific community.
  4. Lack of Replicable Results: Critics also point out that the CIA’s research on astral projection has not produced consistent and replicable results. This casts doubts on the reliability of their findings and raises questions about the validity of their conclusions.
  5. Conspiracy Theories: The involvement of a government agency like the CIA in researching paranormal phenomena has fueled conspiracy theories among skeptics. They speculate about hidden agendas, secret experiments, and potential manipulation of public perception through controlling psychic abilities.

Implications of CIA’s Involvement

The CIA’s involvement in astral projection raises ethical and moral questions, while also giving rise to various conspiracy theories.

Ethics and morality

The CIA’s involvement in astral projection raises significant ethical and moral concerns. Conducting research on psychic phenomena like astral projection brings up questions about the boundaries of human experimentation and privacy rights.

The use of taxpayer funds for such studies also sparks debates on the allocation of resources towards potentially unscientific endeavors. Furthermore, the implications of using astral projection for espionage and intelligence gathering purposes raise serious ethical considerations regarding invasion of privacy and violation of international laws.

The CIA’s engagement in these practices invites us to reflect on the moral compass governing intelligence operations and calls for greater transparency in government activities related to psychic phenomena research.

Conspiracy theories

There are conspiracy theories surrounding the CIA’s involvement in astral projection. Some people believe that the CIA used astral projection as a tool for espionage and remote viewing. Others think that the CIA was trying to harness the power of astral projection for mind control purposes, similar to the plot of the book “Manchurian Candidate.” Another theory suggests that the CIA wanted to explore alternative dimensions and communicate with extraterrestrial beings through astral projection. These conspiracy theories have fueled speculation and skepticism about the true intentions behind the CIA’s research on astral projection.

Conclusion: The Unsettling Truth About CIA’s Involvement in Astral Projection

The CIA’s involvement in astral projection is a fascinating and unsettling topic. Through their research and studies, they have explored the possibilities of altered states of consciousness and the human mind’s potential.

While controversies and skepticism surround this subject, it cannot be denied that the CIA has taken a keen interest in understanding astral projection and its implications. This comprehensive analysis sheds light on their investigations, raising questions about ethics, morality, and even conspiracy theories surrounding this secretive exploration.


What is the CIA’s view on astral projection?

The CIA says astral projection is real, based on their detailed studies found in declassified documents about astral projection.

Can I access the CIA’s documents on astral projection?

Yes, you can find and read the CIA’s documents on astral projection online; there are many available, including one called “CIA Astral Projection Gateway PDF”.

What does a ‘CIA energy hologram’ mean in terms of astral projection?

A ‘CIA energy hologram’ refers to an idea from their work on astral projection suggesting we may move our spirit or consciousness outside our bodies using a type of energy form.

Did the CIA actually use techniques like Astral Projection?

Yes, according to declassified cia documents, they have extensively researched and even experimented with methods like the gateway technique involved in practicing astral projections as part of their various programs.


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