Is Astral Projection Real? Accounts Of Real Experiences

is astral projection real

Ever wondered if astral projection is real, or just a figment of your imagination? This experience, often described as moving outside of one’s body during sleep, remains a medical mystery.

Our deep dive into this beguiling topic will explore varying perspectives, providing insight into the reality of astral projection.

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The Debate: Is Astral Projection Real?

Astral projection is a controversial topic, with people arguing for and against its reality. Belief and perception play a significant role in shaping individual experiences.

Arguments for and against the reality of astral projection

Astral projection’s reality has long been debated, with many expressing their beliefs for and against it. This disparity is largely because of the subjective and deeply personal nature of the experience, where one’s perception and belief play a significant role. Even in science and the medical community, views and theories about astral projection vary, with certain studies hinting at possible explanations yet leaving much to be discovered.

Arguments ForArguments Against
1. Personal experiences: Many individuals have reported experiencing astral projection, yielding strong subjective evidence supporting its existence.1. Lack of scientific proof: Despite numerous accounts, there’s no scientific evidence recognizing astral projection as an objective fact.
2. Cultural beliefs: Astral projection is a phenomenon recognized and accepted in multiple cultures and spiritual practices around the world.2. Attribution to brain activity: Some experts link OBEs to brain lesions, psychiatric disorders, or the effect of hallucinogenic drugs such as ketamine, phencyclidine, and DMT.
3. Consistency of experiences: Despite cultural and personal differences, many astral projection experiences share similar elements, suggesting a potential reality beyond individual interpretation.3. Alternative explanations: Some argue that astral projection experiences could be vivid dreams, sleep paralysis, or hallucinations fueled by an active imagination.
4. Existence of the subtle body: The belief in a “subtle body” or “astral body” that’s separate from the physical body is a central premise of astral projection’s reality.4. Lack of tangible proof: Absence of a way to physically prove the existence of an “astral body” or its ability to travel outside the physical body lends skepticism.

Regardless of the ongoing debate, the phenomenon of astral projection continues to spark curiosity and intrigue, inviting further exploration and understanding.

The role of belief and perception in astral projection experiences

Belief and perception play key runs in astral projection. People who think it is real often have these experiences. They feel pulled out of their bodies. This feeling relies on how they see the world around them.

Strong feelings can cause this as well. Emotions like fear, joy or surprise can lead to a sense that one’s spirit leaves the body for some time. So, your inner thoughts shape your outer world during astral projection experiences.

Understanding Astral Projection and Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs)

Understanding Astral Projection and Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs)

Astral projection, the phenomenon where an individual’s consciousness or soul separates from their physical body and travels to other dimension. It is often associated with out-of-body experiences (OBEs).

Moreover, OBEs involve a sense of floating outside one’s body and having a heightened perception of the surrounding environment.

Despite lacking scientific evidence, astral projection has been a topic of interest for centuries, with various cultural beliefs and spiritual traditions incorporating it into their practices.

However, skeptics argue that these experiences can be explained by psychological factors such as hallucinations or lucid dreaming rather than actual separation of consciousness from the physical body.

While there are no concrete answers regarding the reality of astral projection, personal accounts and studies continue to shed light on this fascinating phenomenon.

Definition of astral projection and OBEs

Astral projection is the willful act of moving a part of your being to another place while you sleep. It’s like taking a dream walk outside your body. This “dream walker” is often known as a subtle body.

Similar to astral projection, out-of-body experiences (OBEs) also involve seeing yourself from outside your own body. These sights can seem very real and cause strong feelings in many people.

Though some claim they can do this on purpose, there are also cases where OBEs happen due to sickness or extreme stress.

History and cultural beliefs surrounding astral projection

For centuries, people around the world have been fascinated by the idea of astral projection, or leaving their physical bodies and exploring other realms. Here are some historical and cultural beliefs about astral projection:

  • The Ancient Egyptians believed in existence of the soul, or “ka,” which could separate from the physical body during sleep or meditation.
  • In Tibetan Buddhism, practitioners aim to achieve a state called “dream yoga,” where they can consciously control their dreams and have out-of-body experiences.
  • Native American tribes, such as the Ojibwa, have traditional practices involving astral travel for spiritual insights and healing.
  • In Greek philosophy, Plato discussed the concept of astral projection or “soul flight” as a way for the soul to explore higher realms of existence.
  • Some indigenous cultures in Africa also have traditions that involve astral projection for communication with ancestors or spirits.

Scientific explanations of OBEs

Scientific explanations of OBEs

Scientists have been trying to understand and learn more about this phenomenon of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) for a long time. Some researchers believe that OBEs are related to specific sources, such as dissociative disorders or epilepsy.

They have found that individuals with these conditions are more likely to experience OBEs. Additionally, studies using brain stimulation treatments and hallucinogenic drugs like ketamine, phencyclidine, and DMT have demonstrated cases where patients had experiences similar to astral projection.

While there is no concrete scientific evidence confirming the objective existence of astral projection, scientists continue to explore explanations for OBEs based on these findings.

Real Accounts of Astral Projection Experiences

Many individuals from various cultures and time periods have shared their personal stories and experiences of astral projection, providing intriguing insights into this phenomenon.

Many individuals claim to have had out-of-body experiences where they felt like they were separate from their physical bodies and exploring different realms or dimensions.

These accounts often describe a sense of floating, seeing themselves from outside their bodies, and encountering otherworldly beings or places. These personal stories, while not scientifically proven, contribute to the broader discussion on consciousness, perception, and the nature of reality.

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Personal stories and experiences

Real Accounts of Astral Projection Experiences

1. Robert Monroe

Robert Monroe was an American author and researcher who wrote extensively about astral projection. He began to have astral projection experiences in his mid-50s. In his book Journeys Out of the Body, he recounts one of his most memorable experiences, which occurred when he was projecting to a place he called “Locale II.” Locale II was a vast, empty space filled with a brilliant white light. He felt completely at peace and at one with the universe in Locale II. He also had a number of other experiences in the astral plane, including meeting with other astral travelers and communicating with beings from other dimensions.

2. Oliver Fox

Oliver Fox is a British hypnotherapist and author and has helped thousands of people to achieve astral projection. In his book Astral Projections: A Record of Out-of-Body Experiences, he recounts several of his own experiences, as well as the experiences of his clients. One of his most interesting experiences occurred when he was projecting to the astral plane of a planet called “Zephyr.” Zephyr was a beautiful planet with lush forests and crystal-clear lakes. Fox encountered a group of beings on Zephyr who were highly evolved and spiritual. They told him that he was there to learn about the nature of reality and the importance of love and compassion.

3. Rick Strassman

Rick Strassman is a psychiatrist and author who conducted a series of clinical trials on effects of DMT, a powerful psychedelic drug. In his book DMT: The Spirit Molecule, he recounts the experiences of his volunteers, many of whom had astral projections while under the influence of DMT. One of his volunteers described an experience in which she projected to a place she called “The City.” The City was a vast and complex structure with many different levels and dimensions. She met with a variety of beings in The City, including some who were human-like and others who were completely alien.

Experiences from different cultures and time periods

Throughout history and across different cultures, there have been fascinating accounts of astral projection experiences. These stories provide insights into the widespread belief in the phenomenon. Here are some examples:

  1. Ancient Egypt: The Egyptians believed in the existence of an immortal soul called the “ka.” They practiced rituals to separate the ka from the physical body, enabling it to travel to other realms.
  2. Tibetan Buddhism: Tibetan monks have long practiced a form of meditation known as “dream yoga,” which involves consciously entering a lucid dream state and navigating through different dimensions.
  3. Native American Shamans: Native American tribes often engaged in spirit journeys, where they would enter altered states of consciousness where they can communicate with spiritual beings outside their physical bodies.
  4. Hinduism: In Hindu philosophy, astral projection is referred to as “prana” or “yoga nidra.” It is seen as a way to explore higher consciousness and connect with the divine.
  5. Modern Experiences: Today, many people claim to have had astral projection experiences during near-death experiences or through focused meditation practices. Some even assert that they can visit distant locations while their physical bodies remain still.

Studies and research

Scientific studies have been trying to explore the phenomenon of astral projection and out-of-body experiences (OBEs). Researchers have found links between OBEs and brain lesions in certain regions of the brain, such as the parietal and temporal lobes.

Researchers study people who claim to have voluntary out-of-body experiences using functional brain imaging techniques. However, no definitive scientific evidence supports astral projection as an objective phenomenon.

Potential Explanations for Astral Projection

Explore the theories from neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality that offer insights into the possible explanations for astral projection.

Theories from neuroscience and psychology

Neuroscience and psychology offer some explanations for astral projection. According to research, out-of-body experiences (OBEs) may be related to brain activity and perception. Some theories suggest that disruptions in the parietal and temporal regions of the brain could cause OBEs.

Brain lesions in these areas are associated with OBE-like experiences. Additionally, certain drugs can affect brain chemistry. For example, ketamine and DMT are known to induce hallucinations.

While these theories provide insights into how astral projection might occur from a scientific standpoint, it’s important to note that there is still much we don’t fully understand about this phenomenon.

Connections to spirituality and the afterlife

It is often connected to spirituality and beliefs about the afterlife. Many people who believe in astral travel also believe in the existence of a soul and spiritual realms.

This connection suggests that it could be a way for consciousness to transcend the physical body and explore spiritual dimensions. It implies the possibility of life after death, where consciousness may continue to exist beyond our physical form.

Despite debates on its reality, astral projection holds significance in discussions about spirituality and the potential continuation of consciousness beyond this earthly realm.

Conclusion: Is Astral Projection a Real Phenomenon?

In conclusion, the debate about whether astral projection is real remains ongoing. While there are personal accounts and experiences that suggest it is possible, there is currently no scientific evidence to support its objective existence.

The concept of astral projection continues to intrigue and captivate individuals. However, further research will help better understand this mysterious phenomenon.


Is astral projection real according to the CIA?

Yes, some sources say that the CIA says astral projection is real and they have studied it.

Are there any proofs that it is real?

There are accounts and experiences of people which provide proof that astral projection is real.

Why do some people believe in astral projection?

People believe in astral projection because of the vivid and shared experiences they’ve had.

Why don’t all people believe in Astral Projection?

There are many who feel why Astral Projection may not be real due to lack of scientific evidence or because they haven’t experienced it themselves.


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