Is Astral Projection Dangerous? You Must Know This To Stay Safe

is astral projection dangerous

Are you intrigued by the idea of astral projection but worried about its potential risksAstral projection, a fascinating out-of-body experience, has been linked to brain lesions and psychiatric disorders.

This article is going to address your concerns by discussing possible dangers and essential safety measures. Stay tuned as we demystify what you need to know for a safe journey within these ethereal realms!

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What is Astral Projection (The Out-Of-Body-Experience)?

Astral projection means having out-of-body experiences. In this, practitioners of astral projection say their spirit can leave the physical bodies and travel to astral planes or other places in the universe.


Astral projection is a special skill. With this skill, people can make an “astral body” leave their physical body on purpose. It’s like wearing and taking off a coat when you want to.

This astral body can travel far away, even to different parts of the world! But, some people don’t believe in astral projection. They think it’s all made up or could be harmful.

Accounts from various cultures and traditions

Astral projection is not new. Many cultures talk about it in their stories and beliefs. For example, some think the soul can leave the body during sleep or in a lucid dream state. This is like an out of body experience where you can see your own body from above.

Others believe astral travel lets the spirit visit other realms or planes while we are asleep. We even find this idea in many books and religious traditions around the world! They suggest that our soul can journey to different places away from our physical world.

So, practice of astral projection may feel strange, but it’s been part of human thought for a long time.

Scientific perspective

Scientists have also looked into astral projection. They often link out-of-body experiences to the brain. Some studies show these experiences can be tied to areas of the brain like the parietal and temporal regions.

This fact makes some people think astral projection is more about how our brains work than our souls traveling.

This view does not prove that astral projection is real or not. Scientists tend to seek concrete evidence for everything they study. That means they want things they can test, see, measure or touch.

Astral travel doesn’t offer those kinds of proof yet, so most scientists don’t fully back it up as real.

Beliefs of danger

Some people believe that astral projection can be dangerous. They think that when you leave your physical body and travel in the astral realm, you may encounter negative entities or spirits.

There are also concerns about losing control during astral projection and having difficulty returning to your physical body. Some believe that it can lead to psychiatric disorders and exhaustion.

However, beliefs regarding the astral projection dangers vary among individuals, and not everyone agrees on how risky it is.

Potential Dangers of Astral Projection

Dangers of Astral Projection

Encountering negative entities, experiencing physical and mental exhaustion, and struggling to regain control of your astral body are just a few potential dangers of astral projection.

Read on to learn how to stay safe during this powerful practice.

Encountering negative entities

When you try astral projection, it is possible to encounter negative or demonic entities such as spirits, demons, or malevolent beings. These entities can pose a threat to the astral traveler and their well-being.

It is important to be cautious and mentally prepared for encountering these negative entities during astral projection. Developing a strong mental and spiritual foundation can help protect against potential dangers and negative entities in the astral realm.

Staying grounded and maintaining a positive mindset during astral projection can also help avoid attracting these negative entities. Remember to take necessary precautions and seek guidance from higher powers to stay safe during your astral journeys.

Physical and mental exhaustion

Experiencing physical and mental exhaustion is one of the potential dangers associated with astral projection. When you engage in the practice, your astral body separates from your physical body, and this can be a draining experience for both aspects of yourself.

It’s like going on a long journey without allowing your physical body to rest and rejuvenate. Additionally, the process of projecting your consciousness into different realms takes a lot of mental energy, which can leave you feeling drained and fatigued afterwards.

Remember to take care of yourself by getting enough rest before attempting astral projection and allowing yourself time to recover afterwards to avoid these feelings of exhaustion.

Losing control

During astral projection, one potential danger is losing control. When you are in the astral realm, it can be difficult to maintain control over your experiences and actions. This loss of control can lead to unpredictable encounters or situations that may be unsettling or frightening.

It’s important to understand this risk and take precautions to ensure your safety during astral projection.

Psychiatric disorders

Psychiatric disorders are conditions that affect a person’s mental health and can make them experience difficulties in thinking, mood, behavior, and emotions. When it comes to astral projection, there have been associations between out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and psychiatric disorders.

Some studies have found links between OBEs and neurological conditions like epilepsy or brain lesions in the parietal and temporal regions. Additionally, severe emotional issues and traumatic experiences may trigger dissociation during an OBE.

It’s important to consider these potential risks if you’re interested in exploring astral projection and prioritize your mental well-being.

Negative energies

Negative energies are one of the potential dangers associated with astral projection. Some individuals believe that when they project their astral bodies, they may encounter negative entities or beings from different realms.

These negative energies can be harmful and pose a threat to one’s well-being during an out-of-body experience. It is important to be aware of these potential dangers and take precautions to protect oneself from any negative influences while exploring the astral plane.

Loss of control and difficulty returning to the physical body

Losing control during astral projection can be a potential danger. Sometimes, people may find it challenging to return to their physical body after exploring the astral realm. This loss of control can cause distress and panic for those who are not familiar with the experience.

It is important to note that this difficulty in returning to the physical body does not happen to everyone who practices astral projection. However, if you ever encounter this issue, try not to panic and remain calm.

There are techniques that can help you regain control and safely return back to your physical form. Remember that seeking guidance from experienced practitioners or spiritual guides can provide valuable support during these situations.

How to Stay Safe During Astral Projection

How to Stay Safe During Astral Projection

To stay safe during astral projection, it is important to properly prepare and set clear intentions for your experience.

Proper preparation and intention setting

Preparing yourself and setting clear intentions are crucial for a safe astral projection experience. Here are some important steps to follow:

  1. Find a space that feels quiet, safe and comfortable: Choose a peaceful environment where you won’t be disturbed during your astral projection practice.
  2. Relaxation techniques: Use deep breathing exercises, guided meditation, or progressive muscle relaxation to calm the racing mind and body before attempting astral projection.
  3. Visualization: Visualize yourself detaching from your physical body and entering the astral plane. Imagine yourself floating or flying freely in this realm.
  4. Positive affirmations: Repeat positive affirmations such as “I am safe and protected during my astral journey” to reinforce a sense of safety and security.
  5. Set specific intentions: Clearly state your purpose for astral projecting. Whether it’s seeking spiritual guidance, exploring new dimensions, or gaining personal insights, having a clear intention can help focus your energy.
  6. Protecting yourself energetically: Imagine a white light surrounding you, serving as a protective shield while you travel in the astral realm.
  7. Establishing boundaries: Before starting your session, set boundaries for what you are willing to explore and encounter during astral projection.

Seeking guidance and protection for your physical and astral body from a higher power

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To stay safe during astral projection, seeking guidance and protection from a higher power can be helpful. Many individuals believe that connecting with a higher power, whether it’s through prayer, meditation, or simply asking for protection, can provide a sense of security and assistance during astral travel.

This spiritual aspect allows people to feel supported and guided as they explore the astral realm. By connecting with something greater than themselves, individuals may experience an increased sense of safety and comfort during their out-of-body experiences.

Practicing grounding and protection techniques

To stay safe during astral projection, it is important to practice grounding and protection techniques. These techniques can help ensure a positive and secure experience. Here are some ways you can do this:

  1. Set your intention: Before beginning your astral projection journey, clearly state your intention to have a safe and beneficial experience.
  2. Create a protective space: Imagine yourself surrounded by a bubble of white or golden light. Visualize this light acting as a shield, keeping you safe from negative energies or entities.
  3. Ground yourself: Visualize roots growing out from the soles of your feet and connecting deep into the Earth. This will help you stay connected to your body while astral projecting.
  4. Call upon spiritual guides: Invoke the presence of spiritual guides or protective beings that you resonate with, such as angels, spirit guides, or deities. Ask them for guidance and protection during your astral journey.
  5. Use crystals or amulets: Carry or wear protective stones like black tourmaline, obsidian, or amethyst to enhance your sense of safety and security during astral projection.
  6. Practice energy cleansing: Prior to astral projection, cleanse your energetic field by visualizing any negative energy being released and replaced with pure, positive energy.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

In conclusion, astral projection can carry potential dangers, such as encountering negative entities or experiencing physical and mental exhaustion. However, with proper preparation, guidance from a higher power, and practicing grounding techniques, you can stay safe during astral projection.

Remember to always prioritize your safety and take the necessary precautions for an enjoyable and secure experience.


Is astral projection dangerous?

Some people fear that astral traveling can cause problems like personality disorders or dissociative disorders. But there’s no scientific evidence that it does.

Can anyone have an astral experience?

Yes, most people describe these as vivid dreams or near-death experiences. Some feel a silver cord linking them back to their bodies.

Could drugs make me have an astral travel experience?

Psychedelic drug use can cause weird feelings like being outside the body or seeing strange things which are not normal – sort of like dreaming while awake!

Do scientists understand why these experiences happen?

No clear answer! Theories range from altered states caused by epileptic seizures and multisensory processing issues, to simply being very afraid or feeling persistent sadness.

Do all who try for astral travel succeed?

Not every person experience astral travel right away; some take several years trying before they manage to travel on other planes beyond our world during sleep.

Is astral projection real?

Astral projection is believed in and practiced by many, but scientifically, there’s no proof it’s a literal phenomenon. It’s seen as a type of out-of-body experience, explained by psychological or neurological factors.


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