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7 Best Light For Meditation Room Lighting – Creating A Calm Atmosphere

best light for meditation

Who would have thought that the color of light can also be significant for meditation? Light is extremely important for relaxation, and it can also affect your mood. When it comes to meditation room lighting, it’s a necessity to pay attention to how it makes you feel during meditation. 

You pay close attention to the lighting of your rooms, and you make sure to dim the lights way before bedtime to get some good sleep. Then why not prepare in advance for meditation? Meditation is as important, if not less. So, in this blog post, we will look at 7 best colors for a meditation room and how lights can promote relaxation. You will also get lots of tips to enhance your meditation experience.

Try this guided meditation on white light before we understand more about the best light colors for a meditation room.

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Effects Of Colors

Colors have a very significant effect on human emotions, mood, and psychology. There are also some conflicts on the positive and negative effects of different colors. Mostly white, blue, and green are associated with calmness and positivity. More bright color lights, such as red and yellow, are associated with passion, power, sexuality, and happiness.

The color red is also associated with danger and anger, but when it comes to spirituality, it represents the root chakra. So, it makes more sense to choose a color based on how it makes you feel and what you associate the color with.

Your thoughts and beliefs can influence how different colors will affect your emotions and experience.

effect of lighting on mood

How Light Promotes Relaxation

If you are confused about how light can promote relaxation, let me explain. Not everyone is going to feel comfortable and relaxed, meditating with eyes closed. Some people may like keeping eyes open during meditation.

You don’t have to close your eyes to practice mindfulness meditation, mantra, or focus meditation. It can be more comfortable and relaxing for people who find it difficult to focus and relax with more traditional forms of meditation.

You don’t need to have a bright unpleasant light coming from one source of light or bulb. Different lighting from different sources can create an extremely relaxing environment for meditation. So having just the right amount of lighting can make you feel calm and make meditating easier.

The Negative Effects Of Lack Of Relaxation In Meditation

There can be some possible negative effects if you are not able to relax during your meditation sessions:

  1. You can feel more irritated and stressed. When you are focusing and trying to relax, it’s simply not happening despite how much your try. It can quickly get frustrating.
  2. It can also lead to procrastination. When you are not feeling as relaxed as you expected, you might want to just go off and rest instead of getting back to your day.
  3. It can also result in you feeling more negative than usual. Relaxation is part of the meditation process. There are going to be different emotions that you experience during meditation. But the lack of relaxation can make you end up feeling bitter and negative about meditating as a whole.

7 Best Light For Meditation Practice

Let’s look at the color of meditation lights you can use and why using these colors can be a good idea.

1. Natural Light

Natural light

If you are going to meditate in the morning, using natural light is the best. It will help you feel awake, and the warmth of the morning sunlight will also make you feel relaxed. Pick a room where there’s enough natural light for meditation space.

2. Blue Light

blue light for meditation

Research suggests that blue light can be very calming after a stressful day. It can help bring cortisol levels down three times quickly. We are not talking about the blue lights coming from phones, laptops, tv, and computer. We are talking about the exact shade of color blue that looks blue. You can use some dim blue led lights in your meditation room.

Blue also represents the throat chakra from the 7 energy centers of the energy body. If you are meditating to strengthen your throat chakra, then using blue light can be a great idea.

3. White Light

white light for meditation

White color lights represent divine energy, peace, and purity. It is definitely a great lighting option to use for a meditation room.

Using white lights for the meditation room is best if you are going to meditate during the daytime. Using any type of bright light for night or evening meditations can interfere with your sleep quality.

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Enhanced app screens

Unleash Your True Potential!

Explore the world of meditation with our powerful guided sessions crafted to bring peace and strength to your spirit.

But first, let’s ensure our sessions are the perfect fit for you.

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4. Yellow Light

yellow light for meditaiton

Yellow is a happy, bright color, and it represents the solar plexus chakra. Bright lighting can make it slightly difficult to achieve a deeper level of relaxation. However, it can work if you can have a dimmer switch to adjust the light’s brightness. Yellow light doesn’t interfere with your circadian rhythm when not too bright.

5. Red Light

red light for meditation room

There are two good reasons why it can be a good idea to use red color lights for meditation. If you look at the evening sky during sunset, it changes its color from yellow to shades of orange and red. Using dim red light for evening meditation can have a similar effect and can also signal your mind that the day is ending.

Another reason is red color light has the longest wavelength compared to other basic colors. Using red light for meditations will cause less sensitivity to light for the eyes, and you’ll be able to relax.

6. Purple Light

purple light for meditation room

Purple is also the color of the crown chakra, and it is also the color of protection when it comes to spiritual meditation. You visualize a purple color orb around you when you want to prevent any kind of energy from entering your energy field.

Purple light is also great for reducing emotional and mental stress. So, use this light color in your meditation room to relax, protect, and reduce stress.

7. Green Light

green lighting for meditation room

When we think about nature, the color green comes first to our mind, even though there are so many colors in nature. Green also represents the color of the heart chakra, and you can also use green candles during meditation. You can also use green light in meditation toom to bring growth, luck, and money because the color green is also associated with these things.

You can also use other colors that make you feel calm and positive. There are no set rules for how you should or shouldn’t decorate your meditation space.

Tips For Creating Relaxing Atmosphere For Meditation Room

Here are some suggestions apart from lighting that can help you create the perfect meditation space for you.

relaxing meditation room decore
  1. Avoid using vibrant colors in your meditation room decor. They can feel distracting.
  2. You can use fabric shade if you are planning to use natural light sources.
  3. Make use of candles, salt lamp, or desk lamp to decorate and add colors of your choice in your meditation room.
  4. Using essential oils can also elevate your meditating experience. It can also promote relaxation.
  5. It’s best not to add a lot of furniture in the meditation room because it can make it feel heavy.
  6. Use a color theme for decoration instead of using multiple colors together. If there are many colors in the room, it can feel more chaotic than relaxing.

How can you enhance your meditation room even more?

You can have a specific corner of the room for spiritual and personal growth, studying, and spending some me time. It’s also not possible to always have a specific room for meditation. If that’s the case, you can also make a meditation nuke, just like having a reading nuke. You can also decorate the space with some fairy lights or dim lamps.

Should a meditation room be dark?

can you meditate in the dark

It’s not necessary to meditate in a dark room! You can use lights in the meditation room. The only thing you need to remember is to have dim lighting if you practice meditation in the evening or at night.

What color light is best for meditation?

It can vary from person to person a lot, but natural light is best unless your main meditation session is at night. In that case, you will need to add some additional light sources. Just make sure that the color and intensity of light doesn’t interfere with your sleep.


Light can have such a huge impact on how you will feel after meditation. It can affect your mood, stress, and relaxation levels. You can change your whole meditation experience by just choosing specific colors of light for your room. Once you have your meditation space ready, you know what else can change your whole meditation experience? Freemium guided meditation app! Enhanced Meditation App has a big library of guided meditations. If you are a regular meditator, then it is worth checking out.


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