How To Awaken Inner Goddess? Inner Goddess Guided Meditation

inner goddess guided meditation

Are you feeling disconnected from your inner self? Do you wish to embrace your inner feminine power and awaken the goddess within you? If yes, then guided meditation is a perfect way to tap into your inner wisdom, intuition, and feminine energy. In this article, you’ll get to learn how Inner Goddess Guided Meditation.

What is Inner Goddess Guided Meditation?

Inner Goddess Guided Meditation is a type of meditation that helps you tap into your inner wisdom and feminine energy. It is a powerful tool to awaken your inner goddess and embrace your feminine power. With this meditation from Enhanced app, you will be guided through visualization and empowering affirmations to help the goddess within you rise.

The Benefits of Inner Goddess Guided Meditation

Inner Goddess Guided Meditation offers numerous benefits, including:

inner goddess meditation benefits
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety: Guided meditation helps to calm mind and reduce stress and anxiety levels.
  • Increases Self-Awareness: One of the benefits of Inner Goddess Guided Meditation is that it can increase your self-awareness. You develop a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and desires. 
  • Boosts Self-Confidence: The affirmations used during the meditation can help you develop a positive self-image and boost your self-confidence.
  • Awakens Feminine Energy: Inner Goddess Guided Meditation helps you embrace your inner feminine power and tap into your creative energy.

How to Prepare for Inner Goddess Guided Meditation

Before performing Inner Goddess Guided Meditation, you need to prepare yourself physically and mentally. Here are few things to keep in mind:

Finding a Comfortable Space

choosing a meditation place

Find a nice quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed during the meditation. You can light a candle or use essential oils to create a relaxing environment.

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Setting the Intention

Set an intention for the meditation. Think about what you desire to achieve from this meditation, and focus on that intention throughout the meditation.

Choosing the Right Meditation

When it comes to Inner Goddess Guided Meditation, it’s important to choose the right meditation for you. It can be very overwhelming to decide which one to use when there’s so many guided meditations available. However, it’s essential to choose the meditation that resonates with you the most. By selecting a meditation that aligns with your personal goals and preferences, you’ll be more likely to stick with the practice and experience its many benefits.

How to Perform Inner Goddess Guided Meditation

Inner Goddess Guided Meditation consists of three stages: Preparation Stage, Meditation Stage, and Integration Stage.

The Preparation Stage

During the preparation stage, sit or lie down comfortably and take a few deep breaths. You can close your eyes if you’d like, or keep them open and continue to relax by taking some deep breaths. Release any tension or stress that you might be holding in your body.

The Meditation Stage

meditation stage for inner goddess meditation

During the meditation stage, listen to the guided meditation and visualize yourself surrounded by a beautiful, warm light. Imagine yourself as a goddess, radiating love, compassion, and strength. Allow yourself to feel the love and energy flowing through your body.

The Integration Stage

During the integration stage, take a few deep breaths and slowly open your eyes. Take the time you need in that moment to reflect on your experience and write down any insights or revelations that you received during the meditation.

Tips for a Successful Inner Goddess Guided Meditation

These tips will help you get the best and most out of your inner goddess guided meditation practice: 

  1. Practice regularly, preferably at the same time every day.
  2. Set aside a specific time everyday to practice meditation, and try to make it a part of your daily routine.
  3. Use headphones to enhance the sound quality and immerse yourself in the guided meditation.
  4. Be patient and compassionate with yourself. It’s completely fine if you find it hard to concentrate or if your mind starts to wander, don’t force yourself to stay focused. Forcing yourself not to think or just focus will only increase resistance. Just try to gently bring your attention back to the meditation.
  5. Keep a journal to record your experiences, insights, and progress. This can help you track your growth and stay motivated.

Finally, remember to be gentle with yourself. Inner Goddess Meditation is a journey, and it takes time and practice to fully awaken your inner goddess.

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FAQ’s For Inner Goddess Guided Meditation

How often should I practice Inner Goddess Meditation?

It is recommended to practice meditation at least once a day, but you can adjust it to your schedule and needs.

Do I need any equipment to practice Inner Goddess Meditation?

Any special equipment is never a necessity for meditation. Just find a comfortable space and use headphones if you prefer.

Can Inner Goddess Meditation help me connect with my femininity?

Yes, Inner Goddess Meditation can help you embrace the feminine energy within you and connect with your inner goddess.

Can Inner Goddess Meditation help me reduce stress and anxiety?

Yes, Inner Goddess Meditation can help you reduce stress and anxiety levels by calming your mind and body.

Is Inner Goddess Guided Meditation suitable for beginners?

Yes, Inner Goddess Meditation is suitable for beginners. Just choose a meditation that resonates with you and practice regularly.


Inner Goddess Guided Meditation is a powerful tool that can help tap into your inner strength, wisdom, and beauty. Through this practice, you can connect with your feminine energy, heal emotional wounds, and cultivate a deep sense of self-love and acceptance. By following these steps outlined in this guide, you can start your journey towards awakening your inner goddess today.

To enhance your meditation practice, you may also consider using guided meditation apps such as the Enhanced. The Enhanced app is a powerful tool for guided meditation that offers a range of meditations specifically designed to help you connect with your inner strengths and cultivate self-awareness and self-love. It’s also free to sign up and download. 


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