How To Meditate With A Mantra To Experience Its Real Powers

how to meditate with a mantra

Mantra meditations can help you experience the most profound and potent meditation sessions. Mantra meditation is when you chant a Mantra and focus your mind in a meditative state on that specific Mantra. It can be to the point that you are so focused that the Mantra chant in your head can feel as if it’s repeating backward. 

There are several ways Mantra meditation can be practiced. One of the most popular on is “Transcendental Meditation“. However, TM can feel a bit restrictive, while with the usual Mantra meditation, you can choose and even make your own Mantras.

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In this article, you’ll about to learn how you can meditate with a Mantra to access its full potential. You are also going to find how you can make your own Mantras for meditation.

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What is a Mantra?

Mantras are typical sounds with a significant amount of vibrations in them. Many of the Mantras have a meaning, but not all of them have a specific meaning. 

A Mantra can also have many words, like an affirmation, or it can also be a simple syllable. Another important characteristic of the Mantra is that you can feel its enchanting power when reciting the Mantra over and over again. 

Now let’s get to the point and understand how you can meditate with the Mantra and experience its real powers. Before we do, try this wonderful guided meditation to awaken your intuition.

How To Meditate With A Mantra To Access Its Powers?

Mantra meditation can do a lot more than regular meditation, and that’s why there are so many people who swear by transcendental meditation. The secrets and steps of Mantra meditation you are going to find out right here can be life changing for you

Chant and practice the Mantra way before you start meditating 

This is important because you need find how long you can go without distorting the Mantra. It will also help understand how you connect with that specific Mantra

If you are not able to form this connection with the sound vibrations and the meaning of that, you can change it and use a different one. 

Take an oath to practice this Mantra meditation for a specific number of days 

This is also extremely important, and this is the thing that will change everything for you. Be it a Mantra you have selected from the Vedic Mantra list or the Mantra you have created for yourself. An oath or a promise to yourself can change the entire narrative of the meditation

Even if it’s a promise just to yourself, you can’t back out because it is something on the spiritual level. When you promise to do a Mantra meditation for a specific number of days, at specific time of the day. It becomes a promise to your higher self. 

Stay consistent and overcome every obstacle

Stay consistent and overcome every obstacle

Once you have practiced and have taken an oath to do the meditation, now it’s the time to get started and stay consistentWhen you have promised yourself a spiritual level, obstacles are bound to come

It’s a way of testing your dedication and power to stick to your promises by your higher self and the universe. You will come across various tiny but significant issues that can prevent you from meditating on everything at the exact time you have chosen to meditate. 

For example, you can receive an urgent office call that never happened before because it’s not your department or people who never contact you unless it is in an emergency. But here’s the thing is, if you take the call, you will have to start your meditation all over again from the beginning. 

Why this method of Mantra meditation works? 

Universe has its own ways of challenging and testing you in different ways. When you ask for growth it brings you challenges to overcome. Certainly, the Mantra is not the only thing that is powerful. It’s the combination of your dedication to your spiritual growth, the power and vibrations of the Mantra, and the power of your higher self that’s at play.

This universal connection guided meditation can help you understand the real power you hold!

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Unleash Your True Potential!

Explore the world of meditation with our powerful guided sessions crafted to bring peace and strength to your spirit.

But first, let’s ensure our sessions are the perfect fit for you.

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Mantra meditation also impacts the brain and theta waves in the brain more than usual meditation. Even beginner meditators can achieve a lot deeper states of meditation with Mantra meditations.

There was also a study, it investigated the effects of Mantra meditation. Specifically chanting the “OM” Mantra, on the brain using electroencephalography (EEG). 23 novice meditators were asked to chant “OM” for 30 minutes, and their brain activity was measured before and after the meditation using EEG. 

The results showed very significant increase in theta power across all brain regions after the meditation, indicating a reduction in cortical arousal and a state of relaxation.

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How to create a Mantra of meditation? 

Choosing and creating a Mantra can be highly personal. Let’s not talk about choosing Mantra for now. Here we are going to focus and how you can create your own Mantra. 

How to create a Mantra of meditation

1. Short and meaningful: 

When you are creating a Mantra for yourself, it’s important that it’s meaningful to you. The vibrations of the Mantra depends a lot on its meaning to you. If it doesn’t connect you with the meaning, then play around with the words’ little mode. 

2. Consider having a rhythm and its sounds good: 

When what you are chanting sounds good, you can feel it even more. If your Mantra is going to have a rhythm and a good sound, it will be easier to focus. 

3. Avoid adding negative words: 

It’s the most common mistake, and even the people who write affirmations all the time can make this mistake. When you are in a very deep meditative state, negative words might not even register in the mind, such as “no”, “never”, or “not. For example, if your Mantra is “I don’t have fear” then your mind can focus on the keyword “fear” the meditation discarding the “don’t” word. Use more positive sentences such as “I am full of courage”. 

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Mantra meditation is indeed powerful just the way it is practiced but you can definitely harness more power from your Mantra by practicing the meditation in a specific way. 

Challenge yourself to have more patience and more dedication toward your spiritual and material growth in life. Mantras are meant to give you the exact results you want so whatever desire your heart has will start to show itself in form of a quick challenging path leading to that Desire. 

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