What Are Different Starseed Types: A Comprehensive Guide

starseed types

Have you ever felt like you might not belong to this world or have a mission beyond what’s seen? Starseeds are souls from other worlds with a unique purpose on Earth. Today, we’ll explore the different types of starseeds and their fascinating traits, guiding you through an interstellar journey of self-discovery.

Dive in—it’s time to unlock the cosmic origins of your soul!

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Understanding the Concept of Starseeds

Now that we’ve looked at the basics, let’s dive deeper into starseeds. These are not just characters from myths or stories. Rather, they’re beings with a mission to spark change and growth on Earth.

They come with wisdom and knowledge from their star systems. This can include the Pleiades, Sirius, or even distant galaxies unseen by the naked eye.

Starseeds carry within them memories of other worlds and lives. They often feel different or out of place here on Earth because they remember where they came from. Their purpose is big – to help raise human consciousness and bring new ways of living that honor our planet and each other.

It’s like having wise old souls walk among us, ready to share insights about empathy, healing, and unity across all of existence.

As you explore the idea of starseeds, keep an open mind to the wonders beyond our world. Think about how such advanced souls could shape a better future for everyone through love, peace, and respect for life in all forms.

Comprehensive List of Starseed Types

Comprehensive List of Starseed Types

From Pleiadian to Sirian, Arcturian, Andromedan, Orion, and many more, the world of starseeds is vast and diverse. Understanding the different types of starseeds can provide insight into their origins and unique traits.

Pleiadian Starseeds

Pleiadian Starseeds come from the star cluster known as the Pleiades in the Taurus constellation. They carry a reputation for being old souls with a knack for taking action. Think of them as cosmic go-getters, less about deep emotions and more about doing.

These beings are linked to an intriguing concept—the Akashic Records—said to be an extensive cosmic library of all knowledge and experiences thought to exist within their home star system.

Picture the Pleiades as not just any group of stars but a “School of Learning.” Here, it’s believed that souls can evolve by reincarnating and advancing their consciousness. The energetic vibrations of these starseeds often inspire you towards personal development and spiritual growth; they’re seen as teachers offering wisdom beyond our earthly constraints.

Sirian Starseeds

Sirian Starseeds shine with a calm and compassionate spirit. They hail from Sirius A and Sirius B, bringing creativity to our world. These wise beings often feel like Old Souls, carrying deep universal knowledge.

Look for unique birthmarks; they may be a sign of their cosmic lineage.

You might find Sirian Starseeds sparking innovation or leading heart-centered movements. Their mission weaves through the arts, environmental work, and healing practices. With each act of kindness, they leave an imprint of Sirius’s loving energy on Earth.

Arcturian Starseeds

Moving on from Sirian Starseeds, let’s delve into another fascinating type: Arcturian Starseeds. Originating from the star Arcturus in the Bootes constellation, these starseeds possess a potent masculine energy and are recognized for their strong will and action-oriented nature.

Associated with red giants, they are often considered as other-dimensional beings. Arcturians bring a unique factual and hybrid essence compared to other starseed types, further adding diversity to the multitude of starseed races present on Earth.

Arcturian starseeds are known for their decisive mission on Earth as souls that consciously chose to inhabit this planet. Their mission encompasses both spiritual and practical purposes, contributing distinct characteristics that set them apart within the spectrum of different starseed types.

Andromedan Starseeds

Moving on from Arcturian Starseeds, let’s explore Andromedan Starseeds. These starseeds are known for their gentle and easy communication style, often described as mild-mannered and laid-back in nature.

They are considered a bit more hybrid compared to other starseed types like Orion and Arcturian. Andromedan Starseeds possess advanced gifts and are believed to have originated from another planet or star system, sent to Earth for a specific mission or purpose.

Andromedan Starseeds exhibit traits of being highly advanced souls with a meek nature, offering an inspiring perspective for those interested in spirituality, personal growth, and meditation.

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Orion Starseeds

Orion Starseeds are science-oriented individuals with a keen interest in subjects like chemistry, astronomy, and genetics. They are described as hybrid beings and are considered part of a comprehensive list of Starseed types.

Activities such as meditation, healing, and working with high vibrational stones can benefit Orion Starseeds. It is known that many Starseeds have spent time in the Orion constellation, which is classified as a learning station for other Starseeds.

Participate in things that align with your interests such as studying science or exploring the cosmos to nurture your connection to the unique traits associated with being an Orion Starseed.

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Mintakan Starseeds

Emerging from Mintaka, a planet nestled within the constellation of Orion’s Belt, Mintakan Starseeds possess a unique cosmic lineage. These enigmatic beings are renowned as some of the oldest non-native inhabitants on Earth and are revered for their ability to infuse positivity and upliftment into the planetary energy field.

Often likened to cheerleaders for humanity, they exude an infectious enthusiasm that inspires others towards embracing higher vibrations. Recognized as one of the rarest starseed types, Mintakans bring forth ancient wisdom and benevolent energies to assist in the spiritual evolution of both individuals and the collective consciousness.

Infusing Earth with their ancient wisdom and benevolent energies, Mintakan Starseeds inspire positive transformation across the planet. With origins tracing back to Mintaka, a celestial body nestled within Orion’s Belt, these exceptionally rare starseeds embody an infectious enthusiasm that uplifts humanity’s vibrational frequencies.

Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children

Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children

Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children are the newest wave of starseeds, often recognized for their innate spiritual gifts and unique qualities. The Indigo children, emerging in the 1970s, possess strong intuition and sensitivity, paving the way as the first generation of these special beings.

Following them are the Crystal children born from the late 1980s; they exhibit a broader spectrum of aura colors compared to their predecessors. The youngest ones – Rainbow children – bring hope and diversity with their vibrant energy.

These young starseeds hold great potential for connecting deeply with spirituality and personal growth. Through their divine remembrance of higher consciousness, they inspire others on their journey to enlightenment.

Lemurian Starseeds

Transitioning from the unique traits of Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children to the realm of Starseed origins brings us to the enigmatic Lemurian Starseeds. As some of the first inhabitants believed to have originated on Earth, Lemurians are intricately connected with the essence of ancient wisdom and spiritual evolution.

Their ties to Lemuria, an ancient lost civilization, give rise to their heightened sense of empathy and connection with nature, often guiding them towards healing practices and holistic approaches.

Lemurian Starseeds share a deep-rooted empathy and a profound connection with both Earth and its inhabitants. They are revered for their nurturing spirits that seek harmony within themselves and their surroundings while embracing the sacred wisdom passed down through generations.

Venusian Starseeds

Now let’s journey to the ethereal realm of Venusian Starseeds. These extraordinary beings are deeply connected with the Hathors, residing in the fourth dimension and embodying love as their primary teaching.

Often described as remarkably spiritual and nurturing individuals, Venusian Starseeds are known for their passionate nature, standing tall both physically and energetically. Their advanced consciousness and enlightened existence make them radiant guides on matters of spirituality, though they may require occasional reminders on grounding practices due to their intense spiritual inclinations.

As part of the influential starseed category from the Venus star system, these celestial entities radiate an unparalleled vibration that greatly influences those around them through their heightening spirituality and affectionate essence.

Lightworker Starseeds

Lightworker Starseeds

Lightworker Starseeds, often referred to as Old Soul Starseeds, come from diverse realms, planets, and star systems. They hold no allegiance to a specific society or planet but are deeply connected to the Pleiades star system.

Known for their spiritual abilities, Lightworkers have a mission to spread love and light on Earth. Their profound impact on humanity’s spiritual evolution is evident through their association with the stars and the spiritual realm.

These individuals are believed to play a pivotal role in shaping our collective consciousness and guiding us towards greater enlightenment. With an unwavering commitment to promoting positivity and compassion, Lightworker Starseeds embody the essence of universal love while embracing their cosmic ties.

Lyran Starseeds

Lyran Starseeds are ancient souls, originating from the Lyra constellation, who have chosen to incarnate on Earth. They possess deep spiritual wisdom and exhibit a strong sense of responsibility, nurturing, and caring – traits that resonate deeply within them.

Many Lyrans have innate healing abilities and hold a special affinity for stones and crystals. These individuals bring a unique blend of consciousness to this world, often radiating compassion as they navigate their earthly journey.

Lyrans stem from the Lyra constellation where multiple stars reside; however, their primary planet of origin is associated with Lyrans. Their presence on Earth reflects an intentional choice of these celestial beings to contribute positively to the growth and evolution of humanity through their profound wisdom and nurturing nature.

Feline Starseeds

Feline Starseeds, also known as Lyrans, possess profound healing energies and a deep connection to Earth. They are driven to enhance their spiritual abilities and have the resilience to transcend physical limitations.

Feline starseeds radiate a strong sense of belonging on this planet and are adept at channeling powerful energies for personal growth and collective healing.

Their focus on spiritual development enables them to harness potent energy resources, making them invaluable contributors to the spiritual evolution of humanity. Embracing their celestial origins, feline starseeds embody an unwavering commitment to nurturing harmony and light within themselves and others.

Draconian Starseeds

Moving from the intriguing world of Feline Starseeds to delve into another enigmatic classification, let’s explore Draconian Starseeds. These complex starseeds are associated with chameleon intentions, capable of embodying both good and evil traits.

Linked to reptiles and dragons, they are regarded as a reptilian subrace originating from the Draco constellation – “Draco” meaning “dragon.” Many evolved Draconians strive to elevate humanity’s consciousness, bridging their origins from diverse locations in the Universe.

These spiritual beings have ties to various sorts of reptiles and dragons, playing a part in a collective that seeks to influence and shape our understanding of life beyond Earth. Whether you believe these notions or view them skeptically, pondering over such concepts may unravel new dimensions in your quest for spiritual growth.

Reptilian Starseeds

Reptilian Starseeds

Moving from Draconian starseeds, we transition to the intriguing realm of Reptilian starseeds. These enigmatic souls are known for their profound mission to illuminate spiritual enlightenment.

Despite common misconceptions, not all Reptilians are malevolent; some spread love and peace, especially to those previously affected by the darker side of this race. It’s important to recognize that Reptilian starseeds have deep connections with dragons and various reptilian species, often associated with the Lifgarian and Draco races.

As high-leveled old souls who have incarnated on Earth multiple times, these individuals possess immense wisdom and insight.

Martian Starseeds

Martian Starseeds have souls that originated on Mars, making it their home planet. Believed to embody traits linked to Mars, they are part of a diverse list of Starseed types including Sirius, Orion, Arcturian, and Pleiadian origins.

Why don’t we explore more about these intriguing connections?.

Their presence on Earth is thought to be for the purpose of guiding humanity and contributing to the healing of our planet. This concept has gained attention from both spiritual practitioners and psychologists due to its focus on soul origin beliefs and cosmic ties.

Polarian Starseeds

Polarian starseeds were the initial spiritual beings to transition from higher realms and embody human forms. Originating from the Polaris star system, they are deeply intertwined with specific traits and missions associated with their origins.

Believed to be among the “first” spiritual beings on Earth, Polarians form a vital part of the diverse array of starseed types, each linked to distinct star systems and unique characteristics.

Souls primarily hailing from other star systems, including Polarian starseeds, have consciously chosen to incarnate on Earth. The belief in this cosmic connection is often shared by individuals exploring spirituality, personal growth, and meditation.

Hadarian Starseeds

Hadarian Starseeds are pure souls originating from the Hadar star system, known for their exceptional psychic abilities and intuition. These Starseeds possess a high level of consciousness and enlightenment, drawing people with their giving nature and selflessness.

Associated with unconditional love, they embark on a spiritual journey to spread love and light. Sought after for their purity, Hadarian Starseeds radiate a loving energy that attracts those seeking compassion and empathy.

If you resonate with these qualities or feel drawn to their energy, exploring more about Hadarian Starseeds might provide insights into your own spiritual journey and personal growth.

Alpha Centaurian Starseeds

Alpha Centaurian Starseeds are known for their strong will and potent masculine energy. They are action-takers, less driven by deep emotions, and linked to a comprehensive range of starseed types.

Their traits align with leadership, influence, and a sense of purpose. These individuals possess an innate ability to make decisions based on logic rather than emotion. They often exhibit determination and resilience in the face of challenges.

The Alpha Centaurian starseeds’ influential energy impacts those around them, inspiring others through their powerful actions. Their presence can profoundly shape their surroundings and contribute positively to fostering change within their communities or spheres of influence.

Annunaki Starseeds

Transitioning from the intricate web of Alpha Centaurian Starseeds, we delve into the enigmatic realm of Annunaki Starseeds. Born from the Annunaki soul family, these spiritual beings believe their origins lie beyond Earth, sparking various interpretations within this cosmic tapestry.

Some perceive them as malevolent figures or sinister extraterrestrials, while others revere them as a significant soul family with biblical proportions. Their beliefs intertwine with the broader concept of starseed types and hold sway over philosophical discussions on cosmic disclosure and humanity’s guidance on Earth.

Unveiling the Traits of Different Starseed Types

Unveiling the Traits of Different Starseed Types

Discover the unique traits and characteristics of each Starseed type, from Pleiadian to Sirian, Arcturian, Andromedan, Orion, Mintakan, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children, Lemurian, Venusian Starseeds and more.

Understand how these traits manifest in individuals and gain insight into the diverse nature of Starseeds.

Traits of Pleiadian Starseeds

Pleiadian Starseeds are known for their deep empathy and compassion, making them natural healers. They possess a creative flair and view life through a broad spectrum, embracing gray areas rather than black-and-white thinking.

However, their empathic nature can lead to feeling overwhelmed by absorbing others’ emotions, causing anxiety and depression. Believed to be old souls originating from the Pleiades star cluster in the Taurus constellation, they hold strong beliefs that compassion and empathy are the most powerful traits one can have.

Traits of Sirian Starseeds

Moving on from the unique traits of Pleiadian Starseeds, let’s delve into the distinctive qualities of Sirian Starseeds. Grounded, imaginative, and tranquil individuals, Sirian Starseeds possess a deep spiritual connection with whales and dolphins from Sirius B.

They are known for their introspective nature and unwavering commitment to their personal truths. These individuals possess profound ancient wisdom and scientific knowledge originating from the Sirius star system.

Incredibly focused and calm, Sirian Starseeds harness their unique attributes to contribute positively to their surroundings. With an intellectual disposition and a steadfast spiritual foundation, they bring a sense of balance to those around them as well as offer insightful perspectives rooted in archaic knowledge from the Sirius star system.

Traits of Arcturian Starseeds

Arcturian Starseeds are distinguished by their powerful spiritual abilities and possess deep-rooted ancient knowledge. They exhibit a strong sense of purpose, often feeling like the odd ones out in society.

Additionally, they typically display exceptional public speaking skills and boast incredibly creative minds, boundlessly filled with wanderlust.

These individuals have a specific mission and purpose for their existence on Earth, driven to utilize their advanced spiritual and scientific awareness for the betterment of humanity.

Traits of Andromedan Starseeds

Moving from the unique traits of Arcturian Starseeds, you’ll discover that Andromedan Starseeds possess a quiet strength and sensitivity. These true freedom seekers are known for remarkable intelligence and emit an extremely high vibrational frequency, contributing to soulful healing through their benevolence.

Incarnated into human bodies, their spirit originates from another planet, star system, or Universe.

Andromedan Starseeds exhibit a rich tapestry of characteristics and abilities. Their highly advanced nature is characterized by quiet strength and sensitivity.. conveying love and compassion while carrying a profound sense of peace within them..

Traits of Orion Starseeds

Orion starseeds possess ancient spiritual and scientific knowledge. They exhibit a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the universe. Associated with Rh- blood types, Orion starseeds potentially indicate a link between blood types and their origins from this region.

Their presence in our world brings forth diverse beings with unique insights and perspectives.

Beings from Orion carry within them a wealth of wisdom that transcends time and space, offering intriguing possibilities for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Traits of Mintakan Starseeds

Mintakan Starseeds possess 16 distinct traits that set them apart from others. They deeply commit to fostering universal love and enlightenment, connecting with the spiritual realm beyond the physical.

Originating from Mintaka, a planet within Orion’s Belt, they radiate unique energy associated with appearance, characteristics, light language, and their mission as lightworkers.

Traits of Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children

Indigo children are intuitive, strong-willed, and very sensitive. Crystal children are known for their empathic spirit, exuding love, compassion, and acceptance. Rainbow children possess unique qualities and abilities that set them apart from previous generations – long-lasting relationships, a love for music, sensitivity to small things, a calming presence, and proficiency in meditation.

These children have a calming presence due to their empathic nature. They display an inherent ability to connect deeply with others in loving and compassionate ways while maintaining sensitivity to the world around them.

Indigo children are recognized for their strong intuition and determination as they navigate through life’s challenges with unwavering resolve. The unique traits of these special individuals contribute positively to the spiritual growth and harmony of the world around them.

Traits of Lemurian Starseeds

Lemurian starseeds are often described as tall and slender with unique physical attributes. They possess kindness, mindfulness, and a deep spiritual awareness, showing profound empathy and compassion towards others.

Known for their strong intuition and psychic abilities, they also exhibit creativity and artistic talents. Lemurian starseeds embody traits such as understanding, gentleness, and a heightened sense of connection to themselves and the world around them.

Traits of Venusian Starseeds

Moving from the mystique of Lemurian Starseeds, let’s delve into the captivating traits of Venusian Starseeds. These sensual and passionate beings embody empathy as a part of their care for others.

Brimming with love, affection, and adoration, they reflect the essence of their celestial origin – the planet known for love and sensuality.

Venusian Starseeds are distinct for their loving nature, without compromising on passion. Their innate sense of empathy aligns with their strong inclination towards caring about other people.

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Traits of Lightworker Starseeds

Lightworker Starseeds exhibit great compassion and gentleness in their nature. They embrace darkness and ego, yet remain humble and giving individuals at their core. These special souls originate from diverse realms, planets, and star systems, making them unique and deeply connected to spirituality, personal growth, and meditation.

Traits of Lyran Starseeds

Lyran starseeds possess a strong sense of responsibility, nurturing, and caring. They are known for their healing abilities and affinity for stones and crystals. Originating from Vega, the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra, they hold ancient knowledge and exhibit high intelligence.

Empathetic and intuitive, Lyran starseeds are freedom-seekers with a deep connection to nature and animals.

With natural empathy, they embody qualities that align with spiritual growth such as embracing freedom while remaining deeply connected to the environment. This sense of responsibility not only extends towards nurturing others but also involves fostering personal growth through self-awareness.

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Traits of Feline Starseeds

Feline starseeds have exceptionally creative minds and a strong, agile spirit that yearns to create. They possess an unwavering respect for all life around them and radiate a profound energetic power, particularly those from Vega in Lyra – their potent healing feline energy is deeply felt.

These starseeds also maintain an unbreakable bond with animals and are known for their deep connection to the Earth.

Their agile minds, yearning for creativity, resonate strongly within them – they embody a deeply respectful stance on life, exude powerful energies, and hold a profound connection with the Earth.

Traits of Draconian Starseeds

Now, transitioning from the enigmatic Feline Starseeds to the intriguing traits of Draconian Starseeds, we delve into a complex lineage associated with both negative and positive characteristics.

Often linked with power-hungry tendencies and chameleon intentions that can sway between good and evil, their multifaceted nature challenges stereotypical depiction. These masters of manifestation possess wisdom and knowledge while drawing from a rich ancestry encompassing the Reptilian race, Lifgarians, and other draconians—ultimately embodying a dichotomous nature drawn towards both light and darkness.

Traits of Reptilian Starseeds

Belief holds that Reptilian starseeds are clever and high-leveled old souls who have lived on Earth many times. Some perspectives associate them with creating wars, tragedies, and imbalances in different worlds.

In certain beliefs, links connect them to dragons and reptiles of various kinds, including the Reptilian race from Draco.

People also say they associate with the dark historical roots of starseeds. Moreover, some consider dark Reptilians as shapeshifters who reincarnate on planets to obtain control for selfish benefits.

Their connection with evil species from the constellation Orion is also part of certain ideologies.

Traits of Martian Starseeds

Now transitioning from “Traits of Reptilian Starseeds,” let’s delve into the distinctive characteristics of Martian Starseeds. With a strong sense of independence and intuition, they are not beholden to anyone and possess a resolute will.

Believed to have an advanced level of consciousness and enlightenment, Martian Starseeds play a significant role in the spiritual awakening and evolution of humanity. Understanding their traits can provide valuable insights into their personal missions and contribution to humanity – these insights may be beneficial for those interested in spirituality, personal growth, and meditation.

Traits of Polarian Starseeds

Traits such as compassion, love, cooperation, humor, and creativity mark Polarian starseeds. They stand out as one of the most enigmatic starseed types, diverging from typical characteristics.

Despite their uniqueness, Polarian starseeds share commonalities with humans; experiencing emotions of love and compassion is a shared trait. These highly spiritual individuals possess distinct physical and spiritual attributes that make them intriguing within the realm of starseeds.

Curious about uncovering more unique traits? Let’s delve into unraveling other fascinating facets of different starseed types.

Traits of Hadarian Starseeds

Transitioning from the unique traits of Polarian Starseeds, now let’s delve into Hadarian Starseeds. People know them for their compassionate and loving nature, making them rare and cherished. Being pure souls makes them attractive to others, as they possess a deep understanding of love and relationships.

Their innate ability to harness energy from various sources sets them apart, reflecting their uniqueness among all starseed types.

People believe Hadarian Starseeds originate from Beta Centauri or Hadar, making Earth feel like an entirely different planet for them. Physical and spiritual traits associated with Hadarian Starseeds center around their focus on love and relationships – characteristics that attract those seeking genuine connections in both personal and spiritual realms.

Traits of Alpha Centaurian Starseeds

Transitioning to the traits of Alpha Centaurian Starseeds, it’s crucial to understand that their compassionate and empathetic nature is well-known, deeply connecting them to the well-being of others.

Their intuitive abilities are remarkable, often serving as a guiding light for those around them. Alpha Centaurian Starseeds possess an innate desire for peace and harmony in all aspects of life, coupled with a profound respect for the natural world and its inhabitants.

These beings display an unwavering commitment to personal growth and enlightenment, embracing challenges with resilience while seeking opportunities for spiritual evolution.

Alpha Centauri starseeds exhibit remarkable empathy and intuition – essential qualities in guiding others toward understanding and healing. Their unyielding dedication to inner growth resonates harmoniously with their nurturing disposition; these individuals consistently pursue higher levels of consciousness while remaining deeply rooted in compassion towards all living beings.

Traits of Annunaki Starseeds

Annunaki Starseeds exhibit unique traits and characteristics, stemming from their direct connection to the ancient Anunnaki civilization. Their origins link their distinct qualities, setting them apart from other Starseed types.

These individuals may demonstrate specific attributes that reflect their deep-rooted ties to the Anunnaki, highlighting their exceptional nature among the diverse array of Starseeds.

The remarkable traits of Annunaki Starseeds serve as a testament to their profound connection with the Anunnaki civilization, offering intriguing insights into their distinct identity and purpose within the broader Starseed community.


In wrapping up, each Starseed type carries unique traits and abilities shaped by their origin from different star systems. Exploring the diverse characteristics of Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Andromedan, Orion, Feline, Lyran Starseeds reveals a rich tapestry of cosmic connections.

Embracing the concept of Starseeds brings a deeper understanding of interconnectedness with the cosmos. Additionally, it highlights our shared journey toward spiritual evolution and personal growth. As you delve into these various Starseed types and their defining qualities, it opens doors to self-discovery. Furthermore, it fosters a profound sense of purpose in contributing to the greater good of humanity.

Gaining insight into these celestial origins can illuminate your path towards awakening and embracing your true nature on Earth.


What are starseeds, and how many types are there?

Starseeds are people who believe they have past lives in other star systems. They think they’re here to bring knowledge from the cosmos to Earth. There’s a long list of starseed types—like Pleiadians, Sirians, and Andromedans.

Can you explain some specific starseed types?

Sure! A Blue Ray Starseed is about healing and balance. On the other hand, Spica Starseeds originate from the Spica star. They bring wisdom that connects them to ancient gods like Isis or Inanna. Then, there are the Sirians from Sirius—the Dog Star. They share knowledge about technology.

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Do all starseeds follow plant-based diets, like vegans or vegetarians?

Not always—but many do feel better. They prefer eating vegetarian or vegan foods. This preference is because these diets match their energy. Their energy gears towards healing and spiritual growth.

What’s so unique about Pleiadians as a type of starseed?

Pleiadian Starseeds originate from the star cluster called the Pleiades. This cluster is famous for its lightworker abilities. Essentially, this means they help others rise spiritually. They focus on promoting love and peace.

Are Thuban or Alpha Canis Majoris connected to any specific starseed group?

Yes! Thuban connects with Dragon-type Starseeds. Meanwhile, Alpha Canis Majoris links up with those who identify as part of the canine-like beings. People know these beings as Sirians.

Do these different starseed types simply consider themselves alien visitors to Earth?

Well, yes—but it’s more complex than that! They feel tasked with sharing important intergalactic messages. These messages aim to improve life on this planet. For instance, they focus on things like caring for afterlife beliefs. Additionally, they aim to enhance electronic communications networks.


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