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9 Signs Of Deep Meditation And How To Achieve It

signs of deep meditation

How can you tell what meditation feels like, let alone the experience of deep meditation? What is it like to meditate? How does it feel? When you are getting into the practice of meditation, it’s hard to tell. But, in this article, we will share the 9 tell-tell signs of deep meditation. You will also get to know how you can achieve a deep meditative state.

Sometimes even seasoned meditators can make the mistake of assuming that deep relaxation is the deepest level of meditation. So, first, let’s dive into the difference between surface awareness and deep meditation experiences. Understanding this difference is going to be the first step in being able to experience more profound levels of meditation.

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What is the difference Between Surface Awareness And What Deep Meditation Feel Like?

Surface level awareness or subtle awareness is what you are going to experience when you are just started meditating. It’s possible that even when you are meditating for a long time to might not be able to achieve the level of meditation.

So, what is surface awareness? 

It is when you are aware of your surroundings. It is harder to focus within, and you often get distracted by your own thoughts. It can also feel difficult to pull away your focus from the noises and distractions in your environment.

A deeper state of meditation is when your focus and awareness completely turn inside. In this state of meditation, you are diving deeper into the layers of your subconscious mind. Any negative thoughts or any thoughts at all don’t bother you when they come. You just naturally let them come and go without paying attention. It may feel as if you are floating in a state of non-judgmental awareness. It’s when the various thoughts and feelings are not all a distraction.

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Now, let’s get straight into the 9 signs of deep meditation experiences:

1. You’re No Longer Comparing Meditation Sessions

This is one of the common signs that you are experiencing deeper levels of meditation. You focus on your own meditation practice without comparing it with other’s meditation journies. When you start meditating, you don’t feel the need to compare your progress with others. You are too focused on your journey and where you are when it comes to meditating. You feel it’s more important to assess your growth in different ways than comparing it to others’ experiences. At this point, you understand that spiritual growth is a gradual process. You are now comfortable with the fact that the experience of meditation is going to be as different as everyone’s life is.

you stop comparing with other's meditation experiences

2. Heightened Awareness

When you start not to sing the things you haven’t even paid any attention to before, that’s when you know you are meditating more deeply than ever before. Your sense of awareness will be heightened. This is not only true for your surroundings but also for your emotions. In your meditation journey, this is also where the real progress starts to happen. At this point, it becomes clear if thought and feeling are a part of intuition and the result of a higher connection or if it’s your mind distracting you.

You become more aware

3. It Feels Easy To Meditate For You

The more experience meditator you become, the easier it is for you to meditate. Meditating would become as natural and as easy as breathing without paying attention, if you had breathing at all. It is like mindfulness is now part of your personality. When you begin meditating, for most people, it is challenging to focus and continue meditating. It is not actually challenging, but it feels challenging because it’s new to you, and you haven’t experienced the deepest states of meditation yet.

4. You No Longer Doubt If Meditation Is Working Or Not

This is the easiest and most tell-tell sign of you achieving deep meditation in your practice. You just intuitively know that meditation works, and you kind of start to become addicted to meditating. When something starts to feel easy and works for us, it is our nature to get more inclined to do it. Just like that, meditation starts to feel effortless every time!

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5. No More Thoughts About The Past Or Future

Guided Meditation



Enhanced app screens

Unleash Your True Potential!

Explore the world of meditation with our powerful guided sessions crafted to bring peace and strength to your spirit.

But first, let’s ensure our sessions are the perfect fit for you.

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You entirely stop focusing and paying attention and feeding the negative and scary thoughts about the past or the time ahead. The deepest state of meditation brings a sense of clarity and maturity with it. That clarity and maturity change your thought patterns and the way you see past and future now. This is not limited to just meditation sessions. You mostly continue to start living in the now and in the present moment more often, naturally.

6. You Become Calm

you become calm

Even some experienced meditators who have been doing meditation for a long time don’t naturally become calm. Calmness is one of the common signs of deeper meditation practice. So when you are experiencing calmness and peace outside of your meditation practice, it is because you are meditating deeply. Your body also starts to adapt to that calmness. Your body’s reaction to stress and anxiety will also start to change after deep experiences of meditation. You also start to realize that the calmness from the meditation helps you manage mental and emotional stressors a lot more easily compared to before.

7. Your Forget That You Are Even Meditating

The flow of meditation becomes so natural that when you sit down for a meditation session, it doesn’t feel like you are sitting still. Sitting still can be one of the hardest parts of meditation for many people. When meditation becomes so effortless that you start losing count of how much time has passed. It is almost like you forget that you are meditating at all, then that’s when you know you are deep into the meditation practice.

8. Present Moment Is All That You Experience

Living in the present comes not really come to you. We have all heard many people say, “live in the moment,” and you enjoy life more that way. But it’s not just a saying for you. Living in the present is completely normal to you. You start focusing on the things that are important now instead of worrying about yesterday or tomorrow.

9. Shallow Breathing Rate

As you go deeper into the meditation, you start barely breathing. During the deep meditation, your entire body becomes extremely relaxed, and it also affects your body’s breathing rate. You start to breathe slowly, just like most people do when falling asleep. It happens because your body and mind start to reach the fourth state of consciousness, also known as the turiya state. This is the state where your body is relaxed, as if you are asleep, but your mind is conscious.

Tips To Achieve Deep State In Meditation Practice

how to achieve deaper state of meditation

These tips are going to help you take your meditation experiences to the next level, even if you are beginning to meditate.

  • Practice Meditation by sitting upright. When you sit upright with your spines straight, it will prevent you from falling asleep. It’s natural to fall asleep when you meditate lying down.
  • If you are just starting to meditate, study more about how to meditate correctly. Understanding the method for meditating correctly is essential for achieving a deeper level of meditation.
  • Keep fewer expectations from yourself. It will put pressure on your mind if you expect a lot from your meditations.
  • If one type of meditation is not working for you, try different meditation styles. It’s possible that a different type of meditation can help you access more deep meditation experiences. You can explore many different guided meditations in Enhanced Meditation App.
  • Take rest if you are not able to focus and meditate properly. Meditating when you are feeling restless because you can’t focus can have some common side effect. You may start to feel tired, more stress, and have low energy.
  • If you find that it’s hard to stop your mind from wandering, then simply observing can be helpful; by observing, you will be able to become more of your thought patterns and why these thoughts occur.
  • Don’t force yourself to meditate, but you can always add meditation to your do list. It can act as a reminder for you and help you stay consistent with the practice.


If you have noticed any of the sign, then you are heading in the right direction. With regular meditation practice, you will soon start to get all the benefits of meditation, spiritual and material. Regular meditation helps us with anxiety, peace, positive mind shifts, clarity of thoughts and feelings, and general well-being.

If you are just beginning to meditate, then guided meditation can be a great option for experiencing deep meditation. Even avid meditators can benefit from them because guided meditations allow you to completely submerge in the process. Enhanced meditation is a free meditation app where you can access premium quality meditations for free.


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