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What To Focus On In Meditation To Make It Even More Powerful?

what to focus on in meditation

What to focus on in meditation? You’re at the right place If this question worries you every time you sit down for your meditation practice. You are definitely going to discover many unusual things to focus on while meditating

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Here Are 13 Answers For What To Focus On In Meditation

If you want to try meditation without focusing on breathing, then look no further. You don’t always need to focus on breathing every time you meditate. 

We are certainly going to cover how to focus on breath in meditation to make focusing easier, but that’s not the only option. We have plenty of options for everything, even when it comes to focusing during meditation. 

#1 Present Moment

Isn’t mindfulness meditation about being present? Yes, that’s why we are starting from the basics. Even in the present moment, there are a lot of things you can focus on. There’s no limit to where and on what you can focus your senses on in the present moment. 

Let’s look at the list of things that can be experienced in the present during meditation.

  • Feel The Surface: The feeling of the fabric or the surface touching your skin. Feel your body sinking in the chair or bed you are meditating on. 
  • Feel The Air: If you don’t use a fan, it might not feel as apparent or as intense, but you can sit down by the window to meditate. Feel the air as it touches your skin and how it feels, if it’s warm or cold.
  • Sounds: There will always be some kind of sound you can focus on during meditation. It can be challenging if you live in a soundproof space. You can still focus on the available sound like coffee machine or rain, or wind. If you pay close attention, you’ll be easily able to hear some kinds of sounds.

#2 Your Inner Child

One of the most beautiful and rewarding things to focus on in meditation sessions. We all grow through different circumstances, and a lot of the time, there are things that need healing. Being with our child-self and treating it with love and care also helps us connect with that innocent, cheery, lively, positive part of us. 

#3 Focus On The Universe

This is mainly focusing on how we know and see space, the darkness, and how different types of stars and galaxies make it look beautiful.

If you can visualize and feel connected to the universe when you are meditating with space visualizations, then you are doing great. It makes a difference that can’t be described in words. One way the feeling can be described as you will start to feel connected to everything around you. 

Enhanced app screens

Unleash Your True Potential!

Explore the world of meditation with our powerful guided sessions crafted to bring peace and strength to your spirit.

But first, let’s ensure our sessions are the perfect fit for you.

Take our short quiz to find out!

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#4 The Energy And Power Of Love

In the secret series book “the power,” love is talked about a lot, and the power love really has. Focusing on the feeling of love and the energy of that feeling will help you harness its powers.  

“You have to feel love to harness its power!”

Rhonda Byrne, The Power

#5 Your Manifestation Goals

This is the best option if you are into manifestation or even if you are just a goal-oriented person. There’s one condition, though, the things you think about your goals should be positive. You will also need to be conscious of not indulging in the negative bias our minds have. 

#6 Chakras And Their Energy

For this work, you will need to prepare a little in advance. You can look up the chakra positions and the colors online, or you can get a print of 7 chakras and frame it where you meditate. 

Focusing on chakras during meditation helps to strengthen the energies associated with each chakra and how each chakra affects our lives. Researchers also suggest chakra healing meditation can reduce stress and increase relaxation incredibly.

Another research published in 2020 shows that eight weeks of chakra meditation can bring out significant improvements in the heart chakra region. 

#7 Your Spiritual Idols Or An Energy You Believe In

You don’t need to visualize anything or anyone specific, but you can if you want to. The intention behind visualizing the spiritual energy or idol you believe in is to help you concentrate and center yourself. 

If you don’t have a spiritual idol, then you can focus on nature and earth as spiritual energy.

#8 Void Noises

We are not talking about white noises. Void noise is something you will begin to hear or feel if you choose to focus on it. When you reach a stage where you are able to hear five different types of sounds, then you’ve reached a higher level of spiritual consciousness. 

In the beginning, the sound can start as the “Anhad Naad” sound, and then it will change as you progress.

The incredible thing about this focus tool of meditation is that it tells you about your spiritual growth. This is something extremely powerful way to meditate. 

#9 Your Spiritual Body And Its Energy

You can visualize your spiritual body and focus on its aura and its light increasing in intensity. Remember not to expand your energy field or aura. You can also visualize a safe energy sphere around you to protect your spiritual energy body. 

#10 The Feeling Of Gratitude

We all have tried writing gratitude journals at some point in life. Focusing on that feeling of gratitude in meditation can be a game-changing addition to that. 

We are all capable of experiencing and feeling gratitude. Choose an experience or thing that made you feel very thankful that it happened. Focus on that experience and how it made you feel during the meditation.

#11 Focus on breath

It sounds simple, but it can feel boring, and once you feel bored, your mind will start to wander. If you want to find a solution to prevent the mind from wandering during meditation, we have it coved for you. You can check out this article right here.

Here are some tips on how to focus on breath in meditation:

  • You can use a mental breath countdown. For example, count one as you breathe in and two as you hold your breath, and three when you are exhaling.
  • You can try different pranayam methods to keep you engaged and focus on the breath as you meditate.
  • Try Controlled breathing by counting seconds and taking deep, slow breaths. This will also keep you engaged.

#12 Beauty Of This World & The Things In It

This focus meditation can be done with eyes open. You can also combine this with active meditation. You can focus on a flower or plant or admire the sky, sunset, or sunrise. There’s actually no limit to the things you can focus on in nature.

#13 Focus On Being With Yourself

This is more about being with your thoughts and feelings. When you are sitting down for meditation, take your time to be with yourself. Notice how it makes you feel.

If you are not a fan of solitude or there are some emotions you don’t want to face, then it can feel difficult. It can take some time or a while to get used to being with your thoughts and feelings, but it can be a healing and rewarding meditation experience.

Sometimes the real issue is not what should you focus on when meditating. It could be the time you are choosing to meditate might not be the best for you. If that’s the case, this article on the best time for meditation can help you find the most suitable one for you.

Use Guided Meditation if you still can’t focus on meditation after trying all these options to focus on in meditation. Guided meditation available on the Enhanced meditation app can be incredibly useful if you want to focus for a long time. It has many advanced as well as beginner-friendly long-guided meditations. 

There are also plenty of meditations specially created to enhance the ability to focus for longer spans of time. 


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