What Is Dzogchen Method? A Natural Way Of Mindfulness Practice

dzogchen method

Dzogchen, an extremely ancient Tibetan practice here for you. This method of mindfulness is also known as “The Great Perfection”. It’s interesting an open eye meditation. You can easily practice it with the meditation app Moments Of Space in collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow. Open eye meditation is the key feature of this app and there’s a lot more to explore.

This article will help you learn and understand what this acient tibetian practice is. You will also get to find out an easier next-gen way of meditation “open-eyes meditation” to add the wisdom of Dzogchen principles. 

Let’s start by understanding what it is then we’ll also move on to learn how you can practice it.

What is Dzogchen?

Dzogchen isn’t just another meditation technique. It’s a state of mind. Where you are connected with the entire space. An awarenss where you can just sit back back and let your thoughts pass like clouds in the sky.

This practice encourages you to look past the chaos of everyday life to see the clarity that’s always existed. It’s not about emptying your mind but understanding its essence.

We draw inspiration from masters such as Dudjom Lingpa, who guide us on a timeless, cultural journey towards awakening. With Dzogchenenlightenment is within immediate reach, offering us a chance to experience the world anew with every breath, appreciating the beauty of existence and awareness.

The Approach and Appeal of Dzogchen

Now that we’ve dipped our toes into what Dzogchen is, let’s dive deeper into why it’s capturing the hearts of many. Imagine a practice so direct and down-to-earth that you can’t help but feel drawn to it.

This is where Dzogchen shines. Its charm lies in its simplicity and the way it cuts through the noise to reveal the serene space of your own mind. You’re not lost in endless rituals or complicated theories.

Instead, you find yourself on an experiential journey straight to the heart of awareness.

People from all walks of life are finding solace in this ancient wisdom, partly because it doesn’t ask them to change who they are. It invites them to recognize what they already possess – a pristine state of natural awareness untouched by everyday chaos.

The teachings of Dudjom Lingpa have spread far and wide, echoing the beauty of realizing one’s pure nature without getting tangled in intellectual gymnastics. 

Steps of Dzogchen Meditation

In Dzogchen meditation, you take a gentle dive into the calm waters of your mind, learning to recognize and rest in its true nature. This journey is not just about sitting quietly; it’s an adventure to discover the vast sky of awareness inside you.

Curious? Let’s find out the technique for meditating further.

Method of Meditating

So, let’s dive straight into the heart of Dzogchen meditation

Picture yourself sitting comfortably, eyes open but not fixed on anything in particular. The key here is to focus on how thoughts come and go, like clouds passing through a clear sky.

This practice isn’t about emptying your mind; rather, it’s about observing the natural flow of thoughts without getting caught up in them.

Now, imagine each thought as a moment that arises, exists briefly, and then dissolves—this is the essence of moments of verbal thinking Dudjom Lingpa talked about. You’re not trying to stop these moments or cling to them.

Just let them be, witnessing their dance with a gentle curiosity. It’s like watching waves crash onto the shore: they come in strong but always retreat back into the sea. 

Through this simple yet profound approach—thanks also to platforms like “Moments of Space” for bringing it into our modern lives. You’ll find yourself stepping into a space of inner peace and presence that’s been there all along.

moments of space app

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has launched this amazing meditation app in collaboration with its founder Kim Little. Gwyneth has been using eyes-open meditation for connecting with her “higher-self”. Paltrow added that she finds open eyes meditation can be done any time. It makes it possible to engage with the world while still staying connected to yourself.

This makes it easy and accessible for everyone to meditate more often. The app also has AI-powered personalization feature. App’s AI captures how you are feeling on a regular basis to suggest more personalized content that is best for your needs.  

Additionally, many scientific studies have shown that little and often approach has greater benefits to cognitive function and lower levels of perceived stress than a single session.

Also, the open eyes meditation is a very next-gen approach to mindfulness. You can check out the Moments of Space website as well as download the app (now available for iOS & Android) to learn more about it.

Recognizing the Alaya for Habits

After exploring how to meditate, let’s delve into recognizing the Alaya for habits. Think of this as a deeper layer under the everyday hustle and bustle of thoughts and senses. The Alaya for habits is like the calm ocean beneath stormy waves.

It’s where seeing, hearing, imagining, and thinking in words come from but it’s much quieter than all that noise.

The cool part? When you tap into the Alaya, you find yourself in a peaceful spot. This place is steady and doesn’t rush to label things or jump to conclusions. Imagine sitting back in your mind’s cozy armchair, watching thoughts float by without grabbing onto them.

That’s what touching base with the Alaya feels like – a world away from mental chatter and labels.

The Two Levels of Dzogchen Practice

In Dzogchen, there are two major steps to really get the hang of this incredible mindfulness approach. Think of it as climbing a mountain – first, you cut through the fog to see the path clearly, and then you leap straight towards the breathtaking view at the top.

Curious about how to start? Let’s dive in some deeper.

Two Levels of Dzogchen Practice

Trekchöd – The Path of Cutting Through

Trekchöd, or the path of cutting through, is a fascinating journey. It’s like slicing right to the heart of what matters most in our search for inner peace and understanding. The great Dudjom Lingpa uncovered this path, guided by the wisdom of the primordial buddha Samantabhadra.

Imagine it as your mind being a dense forest, full of thoughts buzzing around like busy bees. Trekchöd teaches you how to clear a path through that chaos, finding a space where calm and clarity reign.

This isn’t just about sitting quietly; it’s an active engagement with your inner self. Through practices including shamatha (calm abiding) and vipashyana (insight), you learn to see past distractions and tap into a deeper level of mindfulness.

This clears the way for recognizing essence rigpa – our fundamental nature that’s always been there, waiting patiently beneath layers of confusion and doubt. So grab your mental machete – let’s cut through to discover what lies beyond!

Tögal – The Path of Direct Realization

It follows after clearing confusion with Trekchöd. It’s like finally seeing the world clearly, a world you’ve always known but never fully perceived. It’s about direct understanding without the mind playing tricks or creating illusions.

Tögal takes us on a journey of vivid clarity and pure awareness. Imagine experiencing life in vibrant colors and feeling deeply connected to everything around you. It’s not just about sitting in meditation; it’s living fully awakened every moment, with every breath.

Here, we discover our true self: bright and limitless. The teachings say this path can lead some dedicated practitioners toward achieving a rainbow body, showing us what’s possible when we align deeply with our innermost essence.

Primordial Mindfulness in Dzogchen

It’s about tapping into an ancient wisdom that sits at the very core of our being. This isn’t just any kind of awareness; it’s primordial mindfulness, which means it’s been part of us since the beginning.

Imagine uncovering a inner brightness layer by layer—that’s what Dzogchen practice is about. It helps us see past everyday distractions to our mind’s true nature. We’re talking about pure, untouched awareness that doesn’t get bogged down by thoughts or emotions.

It sounds like a tall order, but with guidance from experienced masters and the teachings passed down from figures like Dudjom Lingpa, reaching this state is more than just wishful thinking—it becomes achievable.

Think of it as unlocking a door to profound peace that’s always been inside you, waiting for its moment to shine.

The Role of Dzogchen Masters

Dzogchen Masters are like guides on a journey to discovering your true self. Think of them as expert navigators in the vast ocean of meditation, showing you how not to get lost in thoughts but sail smoothly towards awareness.

These masters use special methods that allow practitioners to experience rigpa—a state where one sees things as they truly are, without any filters.

Their teachings aren’t just about sitting quietly; it’s an active exploration of consciousness. From Dudjom Lingpa’s visionary experiences to modern collaborations like Moments of Space with Gwyneth Paltrow, these masters are always finding innovative ways to bring ancient wisdom into our daily lives.

They make mindfulness easy to start, no matter where you are on your journey.

Stages of Recognizing Essence Rigpa

IUnderstanding Essence Rigpa in Dzogchen is like uncovering a hidden gem right in your own space, revealing the brilliant light within waiting for acknowledgment.

Break-Through Stage

Reaching the Break-Through Stage in Dzogchen marks a thrilling turn. Here, you begin to see essence rigpa—essentially, your mind’s true nature—as if spotting an elephant in the room that’s always been there, representing pure, shining awareness.

At this point, each moment becomes a chance to catch a glimpse of reality without any makeup on. You’re learning to peel back layers of habitual thinking and feeling, kind of like removing sunglasses indoors; suddenly everything seems brighter and more vivid.

Dudjom Lingpa talked about this stage as critical for moving towards buddhahood with his teachings paving the way like breadcrumbs on a trail through an enchanted forest. The key here? Keeping your eyes open, staying curious, and not getting too caught up in looking for something specific.

Let’s face it – enlightenment might not come with fireworks every time but finding joy in these little breakthroughs can be just as rewarding.

Leap-Ahead Stage

The leap-ahead stage in Dzogchen meditation is like suddenly finding yourself at the top of a mountain after a long climb, where the view is clear and vast. This stage is all about experiencing essence rigpa—your true nature—in full bloom.

Think of it as unlocking a secret chamber within you that’s always been there, waiting to be discovered. Now, you’re not just peeking through the keyhole but stepping into an expansive space filled with light.

Here, habits dissolve like shadows in the sunlight of awareness. You see things as they truly are – beyond thoughts, beyond emotions – in their raw purity. It’s a profound realization that changes everything without changing anything physically around you.

Like waking up from a dream and remembering who you are – infinite and unbounded.

Moving forward, let’s explore how Dzogchen masters guide students on this incredible journey.


So, there you have it — Dzogchen, a beacon of light guiding the way to mindfulness and inner peace. It’s like your mind is a wild horse, and Dzogchen is the gentle hand that calms it down.

Imagine walking through life with that kind of tranquility! With its roots deeply anchored in ancient wisdom, yet ever so relevant today, this method isn’t just about sitting still; it’s an adventure into the depths of your being.

And guess what? You don’t need to be a monk or live in a cave to get started. Right where you are, with just a willing heart, you’re ready to embark on this beautiful journey.. A journey that promises not less than transformation itself!


What’s the big deal with Dzogchen?

Ah, Dzogchen! It’s like the secret sauce of mindfulness in Tibetan Buddhism. Think of it as a way to chill and see things as they really are – no extra toppings, just pure mind vibes. This method comes from ancient teachings that help folks catch a glimpse of their true nature – kind of like finding your inner superhero without needing a cape.

Who started this whole Dzogchen?

Picture this: Tibet, ages ago. A cool guy named Garab Dorje decided to drop some wisdom about seeing life through HD glasses – that’s Dzogchen for you! He kicked off what we now call the ultimate chill pill in spiritual practice, making waves through the Nyingma lineage and beyond.

Can anyone try Dzogchen or is it VIP only?

Here’s the scoop – while it might sound like an exclusive club, Dzogchen welcomes everyone! You don’t need a secret handshake or a special pass. Whether you’re new to meditation or have been around the block with Zen and Vipassana, diving into Dzogchen can add some serious sparkle to your spiritual journey.

Do I need fancy gear for this?

Nope! The beauty of Dzogchen lies in its simplicity. Forget about stocking up on special cushions or designer meditation bells. All you need is an open mind and maybe a good teacher who can point you in the right direction – think wise guru meets friendly neighborhood guide.

How does practicing Dzogchen make life better?

Imagine walking around feeling lighter because all that mental clutter got taken out with yesterday’s trash. That’s what practicing Dzogchen can do for you! It helps peel away layers of confusion so you can enjoy life’s ups and downs without getting stuck on the rollercoaster.


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