9 Types Of Soul Ties

types of soul ties

Are you feeling mysteriously connected to someone and can’t figure out why? The concept of ‘soul ties’ might offer some clarity. Soul ties are psychic links between individuals that arise from various types of relationships, be it sexual, emotional or spiritual.

In this article, we’ll explore the nine kinds of soul tiestheir signs, and how to navigate them—meaning by the end you’ll have a much better grasp on these unseen connections that significantly impact our lives.

Come along; let’s delve into the world of soulful bonding!

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Types of soul ties

There are several types of soul ties that can form, including sexual, emotional, protective, spiritual, permanent, social, romantic, toxic, and soul ties with family and friends.

Sexual soul ties

Sexual soul ties

Sexual soul ties are strong bonds. Two people in a sexual relationship form them. They share more than just their bodies. Their hearts and spirits connect too. This link is due to the oxytocin hormone, which comes out during orgasm.

Breaking free from these ties can be hard, but not impossible. Methods such as therapy and self-thought may help with this.

Emotional soul ties

Emotional soul ties happen when two people share a deep bond. This bond can form through shared actions, feelings or experiences. For example, best friends might have an emotional soul tie because they’ve been through a lot together.

These strong bonds are not always good for us. Sometimes, they can hold us back or hurt our feelings over and over again. Just like physical ties, these emotional bonds need to be healthy and positive.

It’s very important that we break unhealthy emotional soul ties so we can move on and grow.

Romantic soul ties

romantic soul ties

Romantic soul ties are a type of deep connection that can form between two individuals in a romantic relationship. These soul ties go beyond just physical intimacy and involve emotional, spiritual, and even social bonds.

When someone has a romantic soul tie with another person, they may feel deeply connected to them on multiple levels. This can result in intense feelings of love, dependency, and the desire for constant closeness.

However, it’s important to note that not all romantic relationships have a soul tie aspect to them. It is possible for these connections to be healthy and fulfilling, but they can also become toxic and harmful if one or both partners do not establish boundaries or if their needs are not being met.

Spiritual soul ties

Spiritual soul ties are connections developed when two individuals have a deep connection based on their shared beliefs and spiritual journey. These ties go beyond just physical and emotional connections, encompassing the bond between their bodies, minds, and spirits.

In these relationships, there is a strong sense of unity and understanding that goes beyond surface-level interactions. People with spiritual soul ties often find solace in each other’s presence and feel a profound connection on a spiritual level.

Permanent soul ties

Permanent soul ties

Permanent soul ties are deep and enduring connections that go beyond the physical realm. These ties can be formed with various people, such as romantic partners, family members, close friends, coworkers, and even animals.

Unlike other types of soul ties that may come and go, permanent soul ties have a lasting impact on our lives. These bonds consume our body and mind, binding us together physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Breaking free from permanent soul ties requires setting boundaries and cutting off contacts with the person to regain our own sense of self.

Protective soul ties

Protective soul ties form a bond that is very strong. It can happen when someone helps you during hard times. This tie is not just about feelings or bodies, it’s also about the spirit.

Sometimes, one person may feel more attached than the other in this type of tie. It’s important to note that jealousy can change this healthy bond into an unhealthy one. These ties are not limited to love relations only but can include other deep bonds as well.

Among all types of soul ties, protective ones have their own place and are deeply valued.

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Toxic soul ties

Toxic soul ties

Toxic soul ties can develop within different types of soul ties. These are unhealthy connections that bring distress and instability to relationships. They occur when someone takes advantage of another person’s gratitude or when there is an imbalance of power in the relationship.

Toxic soul ties can have a negative impact on both parties involved, especially in parent-child relationships where emotional well-being is affected. In codependent relationships, energetic soul ties create illusions that hinder personal growth.

It is important to recognize and break free from toxic soul ties to promote emotional well-being and build healthier relationships with others.

Social soul ties

Social soul ties are formed through close relationships with peers, friends, and colleagues. These ties develop when we share common interests and experiences with others in our community.

Social soul ties can be uplifting and enjoyable as they provide a sense of belonging and connection. They can also be influential in shaping our beliefs, values, and behaviors. However, it’s important to be mindful of the kind of people we form these ties with, as negative or toxic social soul ties can have a detrimental effect on our overall well-being.

It is crucial to foster healthy social soul ties that support personal growth and bring positivity into our lives.

Soul ties with family and friends

Soul ties with family and friends

Soul ties can also develop with family members and friends. These soul ties can be one-sided, meaning that you may feel a deep connection even if the other person does not reciprocate it in the same way.

Soul ties with family and friends are often formed through various types of intimate bonds, such as shared experiences, trust, and unconditional love. However, it’s important to establish boundaries and cut off contact if these soul ties become unhealthy or toxic.

By doing so, you can break free from any negative influences and regain your emotional well-being.

How to Break an Unhealthy Soul Tie

To break an unhealthy soul tie, you must first identify and acknowledge the soul tie, then communicate and set boundaries with the person. Disconnect yourself from them and practice forgiveness to release any negative energy associated with the tie.

How to Break Unhealthy Soul Tie

Identify and acknowledge the soul tie

To break an unhealthy soul tie, the first step is to identify and acknowledge its presence. Take a moment to reflect on your relationship with the person involved and consider how it makes you feel.

Are there any negative emotions or patterns that consistently arise? Understanding the nature of the soul tie is crucial in order to address it effectively. Recognize that not all soul ties are healthy and that breaking free from an unhealthy one is necessary for your own well-being.

By acknowledging its existence, you empower yourself to take the next steps towards healing and freedom.

Communicate and set boundaries

To break an unhealthy soul tie, it is important to communicate and set boundaries with the person you have a connection with. This means having open and honest conversations about your feelings and the need to distance yourself from them.

Clearly express what you are comfortable with and what you are not. Setting boundaries helps establish clear expectations for both parties involved, ensuring that emotional or physical intimacy does not continue in an unhealthy way.

By communicating and setting boundaries, you can take a proactive approach towards breaking the soul tie and finding healing in your life.

Disconnect yourself from the person

To break an unhealthy soul tie, it is important to disconnect yourself from the person involved. This means creating distance and setting boundaries in order to protect your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Disconnecting requires acknowledging that the relationship is not healthy and taking steps to separate yourself from the person. This can involve limiting contact, unfollowing on social media, or even cutting off communication completely if necessary.

It may be a difficult process, but it is essential for breaking free from the negative effects of an unhealthy soul tie. Remember that healing can take time and effort, so be patient with yourself as you work towards disconnecting from the person associated with the soul tie.

Practice forgiveness

To break an unhealthy soul tie, it’s important to practice forgiveness. This means allowing yourself to let go of any anger or resentment towards the person you have a soul tie with. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting or condoning what they did, but it’s about releasing yourself from the negative emotions that are holding you back.

By forgiving, you free yourself from the emotional weight and allow healing to take place. It may not be easy, but forgiveness is very powerful tool for breaking unhealthy soul ties and moving forward in your life.

Signs of a Soul Tie

Signs of a Soul Tie include feeling a deep connection and synergy with another person, constantly thinking about them, struggling to be away from them, having a sense of knowing them forever, and neglecting relationships with others.

Deep connection and synergy with another person

deep connection and synergy with another person is a strong indication of a soul tie. It’s when you feel like you understand them without even speaking, and there’s an unexplainable bond that goes beyond words.

You may finish each other’s sentences or have similar thoughts and feelings. This connection can be emotional, spiritual, or both. You might find yourself thinking about this person often and feeling incomplete when they’re not around.

Soul ties create a unique energy between two individuals that cannot be easily broken.

Constant thoughts about them

If you find yourself constantly thinking about someone, it could be a sign of a soul tie. This means that there is an intense connection between you and the other person that goes beyond just physical attraction.

Having your mind continuously occupied with thoughts of them indicates a deep bond that cannot be easily explained. You might also experience strong reactions when their name is mentioned or when you see them.

These constant thoughts are a symptom of a soul tie and can indicate the strength of your connection to this person.

Difficulty being away from them

Feeling a strong pain and emptiness when separated from someone you have a soul tie with is quite common. Being away from them can be really hard, causing feelings of sadness and longing.

It’s like a piece of you is missing, and you may feel lost without them. The deep connection of a soul tie makes it challenging to be apart because the bond feels so strong and unbreakable.

This difficulty being away shows just how powerful and meaningful the relationship is for you.

Sense of knowing them forever

Feeling like you’ve known someone forever is a strong indication of a soul tie connection. This sense of familiarity and deep understanding can develop when there is a profound bond between two individuals.

Soul ties go beyond surface-level connections and create an inexplicable feeling that you were meant to be together. It’s as if your souls have crossed paths before, leading to this instant recognition and comfort in each other’s presence.

In soul tie relationships, the connection feels timeless, almost as if you’ve shared countless lifetimes together. This sense of knowing them forever can be both comforting and overwhelming at the same time, as it signifies the depth of the bond formed through the soul tie connection.

Neglecting relationships with others

Neglecting relationships with others is a common sign of having a soul tie. When someone has a strong connection with another person, they may unintentionally prioritize that relationship over their other relationships.

This means they might spend less time or energy on their friends, family, or even themselves. Neglecting these important connections can lead to strained relationships and feelings of isolation.

It’s important to recognize this behavior and work towards finding balance in all our relationships, not just the ones we feel tied to. By breaking unhealthy soul ties and focusing on nurturing all our connections, we can create healthier and more fulfilling bonds with those around us.


In conclusion, soul ties are powerful connections that can form between individuals. There are different types of soul ties, such as sexual, emotional, spiritual, and social ties. It’s important to be aware of these connections and take steps to maintain healthy boundaries in relationships.

Remember that breaking free from unhealthy soul ties requires self-reflection and seeking support if needed.


What are soul ties?

Soul ties mean deep links or bonds people form emotionally, physically and sometimes even with pets.

Are there different types of soul ties?

Yes, there are many types including emotional and physical ones, even sexual soul ties meaning a transfer of energy during close moments.

Can a person break these soul ties?

Yes! Breaking emotional soul ties can be done when they cause harm or stress to the person.

Is it possible to have a soul tie with my pet?

Indeed! People can form strong bonds called “soul ties” with their pets which become part of their family.


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