Symptoms of Soul Ties: 15 Signs and How to Break Free

symptoms of soul ties

Have you ever felt an unexplainable deep connection to someone, like your souls are intertwined? It can be one of the symptoms of soul ties. It is an invisible bond that links two people emotionally and spiritually.

Our article aims to shed light on the 15 key symptoms of such connections, helping you identify if you’ve formed a soul tie. So read on because understanding these signs and learning how to break free if need be can lead towards a more balanced life.

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15 Symptoms of Soul Ties

Even if you are not able to relate to all the symptoms of soul ties, yet you feel that there’s a connection deeper than human comprehension, then it can mean it’s a soul tie. With time, contemplation, and self-reflection, you will be able to recognize what is the real nature of your connection to that specific person.

1. Energized by their presence

You feel a lift in your spirit when they are around. This is one sign of soul ties. Their presence makes you happy, bright, and full of life. You get more done and feel stronger with them nearby.

It’s like they give you extra power or drive to do things. Even a dull day gets better when they come in.

2. Unveiling vulnerability with ease

Soul ties make it easy to show your weak sides. You feel safe with that person and want to share every part of you, even the parts you hide from others. It feels natural with them.

This is one of the main symptoms of soul ties.

This ease comes from feeling secure and accepted by them. They give you power when you feel low. Even things that make you scared or unhappy can be shared without the fear of being judged.

Your trust in them makes letting go of your guard simple and comforting.

3. Fierce protectiveness

You feel a strong need to keep your partner safe. This is called fierce protectiveness. It shows up in soul ties. If anyone tries to hurt them, you step in right away. You want to shield them from bad things.

This can be seen as a sign of deep emotional connection with that person.

4. Authentic self-expression

Authentic self-expression is a key symptom of soul ties. When you have a strong connection with someone, you feel comfortable being yourself around them. You don’t have to pretend or put on a mask.

Instead, you can openly express your feelings, thoughts, and desires without fear of being judged or rejected. This kind of genuine self-expression allows you to be vulnerable and authentic in the relationship, deepening the bond between you and the other person.

It creates a space where both individuals can truly understand each other and support one another’s growth and development.

5. Emotional resonance

When you have a soul tie with someone, there is often a strong emotional resonance between the two of you. This means that their emotions affect you deeply and vice versa. You may find yourself feeling what they feel or experiencing intense emotions when they are around.

The bond goes beyond just understanding each other’s feelings – it’s like being connected on a much deeper level where your emotions are intertwined. This emotional resonance can bring both joy and pain, as your moods and emotional states become closely linked to each other.

6. Insatiable curiosity

One of the symptoms of soul ties is having an insatiable curiosity about the other person. This means that you have a strong desire to learn everything about them, their interests, and their life experiences.

You can’t help but ask questions and want to dig deeper into who they are as a person. Your curiosity drives you to explore their world and understand them on a deeper level.

Having an insatiable curiosity can be seen as a positive aspect of a soul tie because it shows genuine interest and investment in the relationship. It indicates that you value getting to know the other person fully.

7. An air of familiarity

Feeling a sense of familiarity with someone you’ve just met can be a symptom of a soul tie. It’s like you’ve known them for a long time, even though you haven’t. This connection goes beyond common interests or shared experiences – it’s an unexplainable bond that draws you towards each other.

unexplainable bond that draws you towards each other

You may find yourself finishing each other’s sentences or knowing what the other person is thinking without them saying a word. This feeling of déjà vu is a strong sign that there may be a soul tie at play.

8. Life’s synchronicity

Life’s synchronicity is a key indicator of soul ties. When you have a deep connection with someone, you may notice that your lives seem to align in meaningful ways. For example, you might find yourselves thinking the same thoughts, having similar dreams or coincidentally running into each other at unexpected places.

These synchronicities are not just random occurrences but can be signs of a powerful soul tie between two people. It’s like the universe is bringing you together and guiding your paths in parallel directions.

This shared journey can deepen the bond and make it harder to break free from an unhealthy soul tie. Soul ties have the potential to bring about significant changes in your life through these synchronous experiences that connect you on a deeper level.

9. Parallel journeys

Parallel journeys refer to the experience of two individuals who are on similar paths, facing similar challenges, or going through similar life events. In the context of soul ties, parallel journeys can indicate a strong connection between two people.

It means that their lives seem to align in ways that go beyond coincidence or chance. They may have experienced similar highs and lows, encountered comparable obstacles, or achieved breakthroughs together.

Parallel journeys show that there is a deep connection between individuals with soul ties, as they seem to be walking side by side on their respective life paths.

10. Shared values

Having shared values is another sign of a soul tie. When you have a deep connection with someone, it’s likely that you both have similar beliefs and principles that you hold dear. You find yourselves aligning on important issues and sharing the same worldview.

This common ground creates a strong bond between you, as you feel understood and supported by each other. It’s comforting to know that your values are in sync, as it provides a sense of stability and trust in the relationship.

Shared values can also contribute to personal growth within the soul tie. As you encounter different experiences and challenges together, your shared values act as guiding principles for decision-making and problem-solving.

They serve as a compass, helping both individuals navigate through life’s challenges, ups and downs while staying true to their core beliefs.

However, it’s essential to recognize whether these shared values are healthy or unhealthy within the soul tie. Sometimes, people may form bonds based on negative or destructive beliefs that lead them astray from their authentic selves.

11. Effortless understanding

Having effortless understanding is another symptom of soul ties. When you have deeper connection with someone, it feels like they can read your mind and know what you’re thinking without even saying a word.

You don’t have to explain yourself or overanalyze things because they just get you. It’s as if there is an unspoken language between the two of you that allows for seamless communication.

This kind of understanding creates a strong bond and makes the relationship feel natural and easy.

12. Feeling deep connection

Feeling a deep connection is one of the key signs of soul ties. It goes beyond just surface-level interactions and creates an intense emotional bond between two people. This connection can be so strong that it feels like you have known the other person for a long time, even if you’ve only recently met them.

You may experience a sense of familiarity and understanding with them that is hard to explain. This deep connection is often accompanied by strong emotions and a feeling of being truly seen and understood by the other person.

It’s important to note that this level of connection can be both positive and negative, depending on the healthiness of the soul tie.

13. Dependence on the other person

Dependence on the other person is a common symptom of soul ties. When you have a deep connection with someone, it’s natural to rely on them for support and companionship. In unhealthy soul ties, this dependence can become excessive and unhealthy.

You may feel like you can’t function without the other person, losing your sense of individuality in the process. Breaking free from this dependency is vital for your own well-being and personal growth.

It involves setting boundaries, being honest about your feelings, and having open discussions with the person involved to establish a healthier dynamic. Remember that independence is important for maintaining your identity and freedom within any relationship or connection.

14. Losing yourself in the relationship

When you find yourself consumed by a relationship and losing your own sense of identity, it could be a sign of an unhealthy soul tie. You may start neglecting your own needs and desires while prioritizing the other person’s happiness above your own.

This can lead to feelings of confusion, anxiousness, or even depression when you are away from them. Becoming overly dependent on the other person can also cause you to lose sight of who you are as an individual.

It is essential to recognize this loss of self and take steps towards reclaiming your identity and independence in order to break free from the negative effects of an unhealthy soul tie.

15. Inability to move on

Being unable to move on is a common symptom of an unhealthy soul tie. It can feel like you’re stuck in the past and unable to let go of the connection you have with the other person.

You might find yourself constantly thinking about themlonging for their presence, and feeling incomplete without them. This inability to move on can lead to emotional distress and prevent you from forming new relationships or finding happiness in your own life.

Breaking free from an unhealthy soul tie is crucial in order to regain your sense of self and create a healthier future for yourself.

Effects of Unhealthy Soul Ties

Effects of Unhealthy Soul Ties

Unhealthy soul ties can result in a loss of identity and freedom, as individuals may find themselves compromising their values and beliefs to maintain the relationship.

Loss of identity and freedom

Unhealthy soul ties can lead to a loss of identity and freedom. When we are in an unhealthy soul tie, we may find ourselves feeling like we have lost our sense of self. We start prioritizing the other person’s needs and desires over our own.

This can result in us compromising our values and beliefs, going against what truly aligns with who we are. Additionally, in these relationships, there is often a sense of control or manipulation present that further restricts our freedom to be ourselves.

It becomes difficult to make decisions independently or pursue our own passions and interests when we feel bound by the expectations and demands of the other person. In an unhealthy soul tie, we may lose sight of who we are as individuals, leading to a diminished sense of identity and personal freedom.

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Going against values and beliefs

Unhealthy soul ties can often lead individuals to go against their own values and beliefs. This happens because the strong emotional connection formed through soul ties can cloud judgment and compromise one’s sense of right and wrong.

When someone is deeply connected to another person through a soul tie, they may find themselves compromising their principles or engaging in behaviors that they wouldn’t normally condone.

This conflict between their values and the influence of the unhealthy soul tie can create inner turmoil and dissatisfaction with oneself. It is important to recognize this effect and take steps towards breaking free from such toxic connections in order to regain personal alignment with one’s own values and beliefs.

Difficulty in ending the relationship

Ending a relationship can be incredibly challenging when soul ties are involved. Unhealthy soul ties create strong emotional bonds that make it difficult to let go. You may feel dependent on the other person and lose your sense of self in the relationship.

Ending the connection can feel like losing a part of yourself, causing fear and resistance to moving on. It’s important to recognize that breaking an unhealthy soul tie takes time and effort, as these relationships can be deeply ingrained in our lives.

How to Break an Unhealthy Soul Tie

How to Break an Unhealthy Soul Tie

Set boundaries, practice honesty, and perform a powerful ritual to break free from the grip of unhealthy soul ties. Read on to discover how you can reclaim your identity and find true freedom.

Set boundaries

To break an unhealthy soul tie, it is important to set boundaries. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Clearly communicate your needs and expectations.
  • Say no when something feels uncomfortable or goes against your values.
  • Establish limits on the time and energy you invest in the relationship.
  • Create physical distance if necessary.
  • Protect your personal space and privacy.
  • Avoid engaging in activities that perpetuate the entanglement of the soul tie.
  • Seek support from friends, family, or a therapist to help enforce boundaries.

Be honest and transparent

Be honest and transparent when breaking an unhealthy soul tie. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Openly communicate your feelings and concerns.
  • Share your needs and boundaries with the other person.
  • Be truthful about your intentions and desires.
  • Avoid hiding or suppressing emotions.
  • Express yourself authentically, without fear of judgment.

Perform a ritual for breaking soul ties.

Performing a ritual can help in breaking soul ties. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Create a sacred space: Find a quiet and peaceful place where you feel comfortable. Clear the area of any distractions or negative energy.
  2. Set your intention: Clearly state your intention to break the unhealthy soul tie. This could be done silently or out loud, depending on what feels right for you.
  3. Use visualization: Close your eyes and imagine the soul tie as a physical cord connecting you and the other person. Visualize yourself cutting or releasing this cord with love and compassion.
  4. Release forgiveness: In order to fully break the soul tie, it is important to forgive both yourself and the other person involved. Take a moment to acknowledge any pain or hurt caused by the relationship, and then consciously choose to let go of these emotions.
  5. Affirmation and grounding: Repeat positive affirmations that reinforce your independence, self-worth, and resilience. Ground yourself by connecting with nature, such as taking a walk outside or placing your hands on the earth.
  6. Burn or bury symbolic objects: If there are any items that remind you of the relationship, consider burning them safely or burying them as a symbolic gesture of letting go.
  7. Seek support if needed: Breaking a soul tie can be an emotional process, so don’t hesitate to seek support from friends you strust, family, or professionals if necessary.


In conclusion, recognizing the symptoms of soul ties is the first step towards breaking free from their grasp. Whether it’s feeling an intense connection or losing yourself in a relationship, these signs can indicate an unhealthy bond.

However, by setting boundaries, being honest with yourself and the other person, and performing a ritual for breaking soul ties, you can regain your identity and find freedom once again.

Don’t let soul ties hold you back – take control and break free.


What are the emotional symptoms of soul ties?

The emotional symptoms of soul ties can involve deep feelings for someone even after the relationship has ended.

Are there physical symptoms linked with soul ties?

Yes, sometimes people may feel actual physical pain or discomfort when thinking about or being around the person to whom they’re tied.

How can I know if I have a soul tie?

If you show emotional or physical signs like not being able to forget someone, feeling hurt when they’re in pain, then it could mean you have a soul tie.

Is it possible to break free from these signs and symptoms of a soul tie?

Yes, by acknowledging your feelings and seeking help from trusted others, one can break free from the effects of a soul tie.


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