10 Signs You Are A Spiritual Healer And How To Control Your Power

signs you are a spiritual healer

Have you ever felt an inexplicable pull towards helping others heal, both inside and out? Dolores Cannon‘s work suggests that spiritual healers possess certain unmistakable traits.

This article will unveil ten signs that you may be one of these nurturing souls and guide you on managing this profound ability. Discover your hidden gift—keep reading!

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10 Signs of Being a Spiritual Healer

If you find yourself surviving difficult situations and experiencing a dark night of the soul, you may possess the innate abilities of a spiritual healer. Your high sensitivity to emotions, intuition, and profound interest in spirituality may also indicate that you have natural healing abilities.

Surviving Difficult Situations

Life can throw tough times our way, but getting through them can transform us. For some, surviving a crisis becomes their turning point. It can unlock hidden strengths and wisdom within you.

This newfound power might push you to help others heal.

Hard times test our spirit and often leave us changed. They carve out paths for many spiritual healers who find purpose in aiding those suffering around them. Next, we dive into the “Dark Night of the Soul,” another sign that may signal your healer’s journey is unfolding.

Experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul

Going through a Dark Night of the Soul feels like a tough test. It’s a deep and difficult journey within yourself. You might feel lost or alone as you face your inner shadows. This experience changes you.

It wakes up your ability to sense energy and spirit realms more clearly.

Think of it as a personal shamanic journey. You’re not just getting by; you’re transforming. It can be scary, but this is how many spiritual healers begin to realize their gifts. They come out stronger, with greater empathy and a deeper connection to the world around them.

Your own Dark Night could be the start of discovering powerful healing abilities inside you.

Being Overwhelmed by Crowded Places

Feeling drained in busy malls or packed concerts isn’t unusual for a spiritual healer. Your energy might feel zapped as you pick up vibes from those around you. This sensitivity to bustling spaces is a tell-tale sign of your healing abilities.

It speaks to how tuned-in you are to the energies and emotions that swirl in places where many people gather.

If crowded spots leave you needing a breather, it’s vital to recognize this reaction as part of your spiritual toolkit. You’re not just shy or antisocial; instead, your spirit senses the overload and needs space.

Acknowledge this aspect of yourself and use it as a cue to seek quiet when necessary—it’s an essential step in managing your gift.

Strong Connection to Nature and Animals

Spiritual healers often share a profound connection to nature and animals, feeling attuned to the rhythms of the natural world. This deep bond with the earth and its creatures is a clear sign of their innate healing abilities.

From finding solace in serene landscapes to resonating with the energy of animals, this connection forms a vital part of their spiritual journey.

In addition, spiritual healers’ strong affinity for nature and animals aligns with their heightened sensitivity to energies and intuition, creating a harmonious relationship that nourishes their healing powers.

High Sensitivity to Emotions, Energies and Intuition

Being highly sensitive to emotions, energies, and intuition is a significant sign of being a spiritual healer. Heightened emotional sensitivity allows you to deeply understand and connect with the feelings of others.

Increased intuition enables you to sense things that are beyond the physical realm, guiding you in your healing journey. Vivid dreams often accompany this sensitivity, providing insights into your own inner world and the energies around you.

This heightened awareness also means being more susceptible to external and environmental energies. It’s important for spiritual healers to manage their surroundings carefully because crowded places can overwhelm them.

Strong Dreaming Ability

Having a strong dreaming ability is a significant sign of being a spiritual healer. Heightened senses, intuitive insights, and vivid dreams often characterize those with healing potential.

This aspect allows individuals to tap into deeper realms of consciousness, gaining valuable knowledge and guidance from the dream world. Dolores Cannon, an authority in spiritual healing, emphasized the importance of vivid dreaming as a key indicator of healing potential – an insight that resonates deeply within many spiritual healers’ experiences.

Vivid dreams and astral experiences are not just mere flights of fancy; they can be potent tools for understanding oneself and others at profound levels. These dreams offer glimpses into the interconnectedness of all things, providing essential wisdom that aids in the healing process.

Ability to “See” Issues or Illnesses in Others

Having the ability to “see” issues or illnesses in others is a significant sign of being a spiritual healer. This heightened intuitive and empathic nature allows spiritual healers to perceive and understand the ailments and struggles of others, sometimes even before the individual is aware of them.

It indicates a deep connection with energies and emotions, enabling them to offer therapeutic guidance and support.

Additionally, this intuitive insight gives spiritual healers a unique perspective on how to approach medical interventions, distant healing, alternative medicine, complementary therapies, chronic pain treatments, mental health care, palliative care, and more.

Profound Interest in Spirituality, Metaphysics, or Healing Modalities

profound interest in spirituality, metaphysics, or healing modalities is a strong indicator of being a spiritual healer. Your continuous pursuit of knowledge in these areas reflects your innate connection to spiritual healing and metaphysical practices.

Delving into the teachings and practices related to complementary and alternative medicinemeditation, prayer, and energy healing aligns with the characteristics of a spiritual healer.

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This deep interest is rooted in the desire to understand and harness the power of healing energies for personal growth and well-being, paving the way for you to explore and embrace your potential as a spiritual healer.

As you delve into various modalities such as crystal healing, herbalism, oriental medicine, animal-assisted therapy or aquatic therapy – fueled by your profound passion for spirituality – you are embarking on an enriching journey that complements your innate ability to heal through spiritual connections.

The extensive exploration into these realms not only broadens your understanding but also provides practical insights into channeling positive energies for mental health issues, pain management, addiction recovery, resilience building and post-traumatic growth.

History of Healers in the Family

Transitioning from an interest in spirituality, metaphysics, or healing modalities to the history of healers in the family is a significant aspect for those exploring spiritual healing.

Dolores Cannon suggests that a history of healers in the family could signify a generational passing down of healing abilities, making it one of the clear signs of being a spiritual healer.

While statistical data and specific historical examples are absent from this article, considering ancestral ties to healing may provide insight into one’s own spiritual gifts.

lineage of healers can influence and shape individuals’ inherent powers and inclinations towards spirituality, offering valuable context for those looking to understand their calling as a spiritual healer.

People Naturally Open Up to You

Strangers and acquaintances feel comfortable sharing their personal troubles with you, indicating your natural ability towards healing. This sign aligns with the concepts of spiritual healing presented by Dolores Cannon, emphasizing an innate predisposition to help others through emotional support and understanding.

This sign is one of the 10 clear indicators that you possess the traits of a spiritual healer, all pointing towards your capacity to provide solace and guidance to those around you.

Harnessing this ability can lead to a deeper sense of purpose in your journey as a spiritual healer, shaping meaningful connections and fostering positive transformations in others’ lives.

How to Have Control Your Power as a Spiritual Healer

Setting boundaries, kind yet assertive boundaries is crucial for protecting your energy as a spiritual healer, and taking time alone to recharge can help you maintain control. To learn more about managing your power and the signs that indicate you may be a natural healer, keep reading!

Setting Boundaries to Protect Energy

To protect your energy as a spiritual healer, follow these steps:

  1. Create physical boundaries by choosing when and where to engage in healing practices. This can help prevent exhaustion and burnout.
  2. Establish emotional boundaries by being selective about the energies you allow into your space, helping maintain your emotional well-being.
  3. Practice self – care routines that replenish your energy. For example, meditationspending time in nature, or engaging in activities you enjoy.
  4. Communicate openly with those around you about your need for solitude and rejuvenation to maintain a healthy energetic balance.

Using Alone Time to Recharge and Regenerate Energy

To recharge and regenerate energy, spiritual healers need to prioritize alone time.


Recognizing the signs of being a spiritual healer can pave the way for understanding and embracing your innate gifts. Setting boundaries and seeking guidance from experienced healers are actionable steps to control and harness your healing power.

Remember that these signs are guideposts, not definitive labels – trust in your journey as you navigate this transformative path.


What are clear signs you might be a spiritual healer?

You may be a spiritual healer if you often find yourself helping others heal emotionally, physically, or spiritually—maybe through thoughtful conversation, meditating together, or something as simple as offering forgiveness when it’s needed most.

How can I become a skilled spiritual healer?

To harness your potential as a spiritual healer, practice meditation regularly, study different healing methods like CAM therapies and herbal remedies—and always remember to take informed consents seriously to respect individuals’ rights.

Can prayers truly contribute to healing?

Across many cultures—from Muslims praying for health benefits to the Shia seeking mental healing—healing through prayer is recognized for its positive impact on sickness and improving quality of life.

Are there research-backed health benefits from being spiritually grounded?

Yes! Studies—with controlled clinical trial designs (like double-blind trials)—have shown that practices such as forgiveness and integrating spirituality into one’s life can result in better psychological counseling outcomes and overall well-being.

Can alternative medicines stand up alongside traditional medical treatments?

Certainly! Alternative and complementary medicine—including salvia divinorum used by curanderos—has been researched thoroughly using rigorous methodologies; these approaches are valued in integrative medicine especially for those with terminal illness needing holistic care.

How do social determinants tie into my journey as a spiritual healer?

Recognizing the broad scope of factors influencing health outcomes invites you to address them within your practice. Consequently, this will enrich your qualitative research ethics. Moreover, it makes room for more culturally sensitive paths. These paths lead toward rehabilitation and acculturation among caregivers as well.


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