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Meditation For Jealousy: Transforming Inner Chaos Into Power

meditation for jealousy

Jealousy can not only destroy your friendships, relationships, and social life, but it can also start affecting your professional life. If you let jealousy get the best of you, it can literally destroy everything you have ever made or accomplished. But that’s never going to happen with you because you’re going to learn how to take control of this specific feeling using meditation for jealousy. 

In the article, you will get one of the best-guided meditations for getting rid of jealousy, along with tips to handle the feeling of jealousy within. 

Let’s begin with a 10-minute powerful meditation for jealousy, and then we will move to understand the power of this meditation practice and the benefits of meditating for jealousy.

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The power of meditation for overcoming jealousy 

Meditation helps a lot to manage and understand our emotions. When you continue to meditate for a period of time, you’ll notice that you are becoming more emotionally stable. 

This emotional stability allows us to recognize the triggers for every specific emotion; for example, jealousy can be triggered by your desires and aspirations when somebody else already has what you want to achieve. It can also be triggered by a place of insecurity or the fear of something being taken away from you that is out of your control, for example, friendships. 

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Finding Jealousy Triggers With Meditation

There can be many different things that are triggering you to feel jealousy, and it’s not always easy to find exactly what is causing this feeling. But because meditation can bring clarity by helping you become an observer, it becomes easy to identify and get rid of jealousy. 

The specific meditation for getting rid of jealousy shared in this article guides you through visualizations that can help you understand and find out where that jealousy is coming from. Towards the end of the meditation, you will also be guided through many positive affirmations for enhancing self-esteem and a happier feeling within.

The Benefits of Meditation for Jealousy 

Meditation for getting rid of jealousy has a lot of benefits, including feeling more secure, self-compassion, and self-worth. And like any other meditation, it also helps reduce stress, but the level of stress emotional imbalance causes can be overwhelming, so that’s meditation is even more effective in reducing stress.

benefit of meditation for jealousy

Cultivating Emotional Awareness and Self-Reflection 

Meditation is specifically great for letting go of jealousy and helps you attain more emotional awareness, and allow you to reflect. Self-reflection is necessary, especially when it comes to maintaining healthy relationships.

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Developing Mindfulness to Observe Jealousy Without Attachment 

When you start observing your emotions and jealousy triggers during meditation, it starts to translate into your regular life. Over time you start to become more mindful and observant of jealousy triggers. It also helps to react more mindfully because you are not attached to these events as much as you may have been before.

Building Self-Compassion and Nurturing Inner Security 

Assuming that you have tried the 10-minute meditation, you already know that daily practice of this guided meditation for jealousy will lead to having more compassion for yourself and self-worth. This is going to enhance the feeling of security within yourself which is a very important component in getting rid of jealousy. 

Healthier Personal and Professional Relationships 

At the core, we all human beings are social creatures, and we depend a lot on relationships, even if we are introverts or extroverts. Having healthy relationships is important for everyone, and letting go of jealousy and meditating on this feeling can help a lot to nurture healthy relationships in life. 

3 More Meditation Techniques for Overcoming Jealousy 

These are also Three Types of meditation techniques that can help you overcome jealousy so that you don’t get bored of meditating the same way over and over again. 

Guided meditation to believe in yourself 

When you believe in yourself, that is no place for jealousy, and it allows you to believe that whatever you desire, you have the ability to get it. When you believe in yourself, it also makes it easy to feel secure and independent. It eliminates the need for emotional co-dependency. That’s why this meditation technique is extremely powerful and beneficial if you are trying to let go of jealousy.

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Unleash Your True Potential!

Explore the world of meditation with our powerful guided sessions crafted to bring peace and strength to your spirit.

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Abundance mindset meditation 

Abundance mindset is one of the key components of letting of any kind of negative emotion, not just jealousy. When you type into this mindset, you know that there is no lack of people, support, and the things you desire, be it money, fame, love, or anything else. 

The lack mindset set is what attracts these negative emotions like jealousy.

Positive Thinking Mindfulness  

This mindfulness meditation technique involves understanding and finding feelings and thought patterns that have been stored in your mind and memories from any time of your life. By the repeated practice of this guided meditation, you may also unblock Memories and resolve them even from childhood. It inspires you to ask questions and delve deeper into these thoughts. 

This meditation is safe for practicing every day because it revolves around the technique of mindfulness, and it is very effective yet easy on the mind.

Tips for harnessing the power of meditation to eliminate jealousy from everyday life. 

It’s possible that you may feel jealous here and there during everyday life. It can go unrecognized a lot of the time because we don’t pay attention or even acknowledge that we feel jealous. It’s very common because it’s difficult to admit you have felt something negative. 

You don’t need to admit it to others, but admitting to yourself that you experienced this feeling at this specific moment of the day, and you are making conscious effort to let that feeling go. 

meditation tips for overcoming jealousy

These meditation and mindfulness tips are going to help you recognize and reflect on these everyday life jealousy and let go of them: 

  • Cultivate gratitude: Gratitude is one of the key things that can help you find peace with everything you already have. It can incredibly help to avoid jealousy. 
  • Having the designated place for meditation: This can inspire you to meditate every day. You don’t have to use the same guided meditation over in over again. You can try many different meditation techniques available in the enhanced have if you decide to download it, start your free trial. 
  • Focussing on personal growth: When you are busy focusing on your own growth and doing things for yourself, then others’ success or achievements can’t even bother you, let alone make you feel jealous. 
  • Trying different mindfulness exercises: There are a lot of mindfulness exercises that can train your mind to focus on staying mindful and being an observer. When you are mind is not busy overthinking and instead busy experiencing everything movement, then it doesn’t have enough time to indulge in any negative emotion. 

On the note of focusing on personal growth, this article on unleashing your Inner Warrior can incredibly help you foster incredibly amazing quality is in your personality and shift your mindset entirely and help you take on more of a leadership role. Take a look and make sure to start your free trial of the Enhanced Meditation app for many such incredible guided meditations. 


When you are feeling jealous, it can feel like that is nothing you can do, but there is a lot you can do. You can go ahead, find the triggers, find the cause, and work on it. Meditations are an incredible help when it comes to reflecting and finding out your triggers. 

There are also many different meditation techniques that can help you let go of jealousy. A lot of the time, the ego also triggers jealousy. If you want to understand how to let go of the ego, here is an incredibly helpful article for that. 


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