How To Break Soul Ties: 10 Effective Methods For Freedom And Healing

how to break soul ties

If you don’t learn how to break soul ties, then it can make it difficult to form emotional bonds that are hindering your happiness and growth? Soul ties, both positive and negative, play a significant role in our lives but can be especially damaging when they turn toxic.

This informative post will guide you through 10 effective methods to break those soul ties, paving the way for freedom and healing. Ready for transformation? Let’s dive into these liberating strategies!

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What are Soul Ties?

Soul ties are powerful connections between individuals, both positive and negative, that can be formed through deep emotional or physical bonds.

Positive and negative aspects

Soul ties bring joy and pain. Good ones make us feel loved and safe. We share them with people who matter like family and close friends. Bad ones hurt us instead of helping us grow.

They can put too much weight on our minds and bodies. It is not healthy to depend too much on others for worth or approval, but bad soul ties do this to people. Not all soul ties are good, some are toxic and we need to get rid of them.

Connections with loved ones and in marriage

Connections with loved ones and in marriage

Soul ties hold a lot of power in marriage. They bring people close and make the bond strong. This deep link is healthy and gives love without any terms or ends. In good times and bad, soul ties keep couples together like a strong team.

Connections with loved ones go beyond words or actions; they speak to our souls directly! These bonds can make us feel safe, wanted, and much loved. But it’s always key to know when these soul ties move from being life-giving to life-draining!

Dangers of toxic soul ties

Toxic soul ties can hurt you a lot. They may make you feel sad or scared all the time. They can also trap you in bad love stories that harm your life. Some people get sick with worry because of toxic soul ties.

If someone is mean to you but you still feel tied to them, it’s not good for your health. You might start feeling low and lose faith in yourself. In worse cases, some even face problems like anxiety or addiction because of such unhealthy bonds.

How to Break Soul Ties: 10 Effective Methods

To break soul ties effectively, it is important to acknowledge the tie and then cut off contact with the person.

How to Break Soul Ties: 10 Effective Methods

Acknowledge the soul tie

To break a soul tie, it’s important to acknowledge its existence and recognize its impact on your life. This means accepting that you have a deep connection with someone that may be unhealthy or toxic.

Recognizing the soul tie allows you to confront the emotions and memories associated with it, which is an essential step in breaking free from its hold. By acknowledging the soul tie, you can begin the journey towards healing and moving forward in a healthy way.

Cut off contact with the person

Cut off contact with the person associated with the soul tie. This is an important step in breaking soul ties for healing and freedom. Cutting off contact signifies a commitment to heal oneself from past emotional and spiritual connections. It requires consciously ending communication and interactions with the person. By doing this, you create space for your own growth and well-being. Cutting off contact helps dissolve the connection and allows you to move forward without being tied to the past.

Discard reminders and purge from social media

To break soul ties, it’s important to discard reminders and purge from social media. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Delete old text messages and emails from the person you have a soul tie with.
  2. Throw away gifts or items that remind you of them.
  3. Unfriend or unfollow them on social media platforms.
  4. Remove any pictures or posts that involve them.
  5. Limit your exposure to their updates or profiles online.

Forgive and meditate

Forgive and meditate

One effective method to break soul ties is through forgiveness and meditation. Forgiving the person you have a soul tie with can help release any negative emotions or resentment that may be tied to them.

By forgiving, you free yourself from the emotional baggage and allow healing to take place. Meditation can also be helpful in breaking soul ties as it allows you to clear your mind and focus on disconnecting from the person energetically.

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It helps create inner peace and balance, allowing you to let go of the connection and move forward towards freedom and healing.

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Visualize cutting the tie

To break soul ties, one effective method is to visualize cutting the tie. This involves mentally picturing and actively imagining the act of severing the connection between yourself and the other person.

By visualizing this, you are symbolically releasing yourself from their influence and presence in your life. It is believed that by vividly envisioning this action, you can dissolve the tie and experience freedom and healing.

Visualizing cutting the tie is considered a powerful technique for breaking soul ties, helping you to regain control over your emotions and thoughts.

Pray for guidance

To break soul ties, praying for guidance can be a helpful method. Prayer is a way to seek divine assistance and clarity in the process of breaking these connections. By asking for guidance, individuals can find strength, wisdom, and direction to navigate through the healing journey.

It allows them to surrender their troubles and burdens to a higher power, trusting that they will receive the support needed. Praying also helps in finding peace within oneself and cultivating a sense of spirituality that can aid in breaking negative soul ties.

With prayer as part of the process, individuals can experience comfort, hope, and assurance as they work towards freedom from harmful connections.

In summary:

– Praying for guidance is an effective method to break soul ties.

– It involves seeking divine assistance and clarity.

Write a letter

Writing a letter can be an effective method for breaking soul ties. When you put your thoughts and emotions into writing, it helps to clarify and crystallize them. Additionally, writing down your deepest emotions contributes to the process of breaking a soul tie.

By writing a letter, you acknowledge and reflect on the unhealthy or destructive aspects of the soul tie. This act is a step towards healing yourself and finding freedom from soul ties.

So, take some time to write down all that you feel and release those emotions onto paper as part of your journey to break free from soul ties.

Build self-esteem

One important step in breaking soul ties is to build self-esteem. Here are some effective ways to accomplish this:

  • Practice self-care: Take the time to prioritize your own physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Engage in activities that make you feel good about yourself and take care of your body through exercise, proper nutrition, and sufficient rest.
  • Surround yourself with positive influences: Look for relationships and friendships with people who uplift and support you. Distance yourself from individuals who bring you down or make you question your worth.
  • Set boundaries: Establish clear boundaries in all areas of your life, including relationships, work, and personal commitments. Learn to say no when necessary and prioritize your own needs and values.
  • Celebrate achievements: Acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Take pride in your abilities and give yourself credit for the progress you have made.
  • Challenge negative self-talk: Pay attention to any negative thoughts or beliefs about yourself and actively challenge them. Replace negative self-talk with positive affirming self-talk that reinforce your worthiness and capabilities.

Seek professional help

Professional help is a crucial step in breaking ungodly soul ties and achieving emotional and spiritual healing. Qualified professionals, such as therapists or counselors, have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process effectively.

They provide a safe space for you to explore your emotions, understand the root causes of your soul ties, and develop healthy coping strategies. A professional can offer valuable insights, tools, and techniques that will support your journey towards wholeness.

Seeking their help allows you to receive personalized guidance tailored to your specific situation, enabling you to break free from toxic connections and find true freedom and healing.


Meditation can be a powerful tool to break soul ties. By taking the time to sit in stillness and quiet your mind, you allow yourself to connect with your inner self and find peace.

Meditation will help you center yourself release negative emotions and thoughts that are tied to the soul tie, allowing you to let go of the connection. It also helps in gaining clarity and perspective on the situation, enabling you to heal and move forward.

So, find a calm space, close your eyes, take deep breaths, and focus your attention on letting go of the soul tie through meditation.


Break free from the chains of soul ties with these 10 effective methods. Acknowledge and cut off contact with the persondiscard remindersforgivevisualize cutting the tie, pray for guidance, write a letter, build self-esteem, seek professional help, and meditate.

Don’t let toxic soul ties hold you back; take action now for your freedom and healing.


How can I break soul ties with a man?

To break soul ties with a man, first acknowledge the tie and then choose to let go of it.

What steps should I take to break sexual soul ties?

Breaking sexual soul ties involves realizing the need for freedom, accepting your feelings as valid, and finding healing in supportive communities.

If someone else is stuck in a harmful bond, how can I help them break their emotional soul ties?

Helping someone else to break emotional soul ties requires compassion, support, and guidance towards healthy relationships.

Is prayer effective in breaking all types of soul ties?

Yes! Praying to seek strength and clarity is an important step when learning how to break any type of soul tie.


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