7 Best Astral Projection Techniques

best astral projection techniques

If you’ve ever wondered about astral projection and how to experience this extraordinary state of consciousness, you’re not alone. Astral projection, a concept that suggests our souls can depart from our physical bodies, has intrigued people for centuries.

In this article, we uncover seven effective techniques for astral projection, each offering its unique approach to help you break free from the confines of your physical self. Curious? Dive in and discover the liberating world of astral exploration!

Out of all the 7 techniques, guided meditation is best for beginners and spiritually advanced individuals alike, because of the support and guidance it can provide during the meditation practice.

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Best Techniques for Astral Projection

The seven best astral projection techniques help people learn to leave their physical body. Now let’s explore the most effective techniques for astral projection that will help you have out-of-body experiences.

The Rope Technique

The Rope Technique

Let’s talk about the Rope Technique. This is a special way to astral project. The idea came from a man named Robert Bruce. It’s not hard to learn at all! You start by seeing a rope in your mind.

It’s hanging right above your head. To do it right, you need to feel calm and alert to the small shakes in your body. Many people say this is one of the best ways for astral projection.

The Belly Button Method

You can try the Belly Button Method for astral projection. This way is best for some people. It’s like a guided meditation. You feel your belly button and think about traveling outside of your body.

The more you do it, the better you get at it. It might not be in books like “Mastering Astral Projection: 90-day Guide to Out-of-Body Experience”. But many guides say this method works well for astral projection techniques that work.

The Hammock Method

Try the Hammock Method for astral projection. It’s sort of like a dream where you sit in a bright white hammock. Your body gets soft and light. You lose track of your body, which helps with this technique.

This method is safe and works well for many people doing astral projection techniques. Practicing with open eyes makes it more confusing but can help a lot. This confusion adds to the feeling that you are not in your own body anymore.

The Herbal Method

The Herbal Method

To achieve astral projection using the herbal method, you can align your energetic points and connect with your chakras by utilizing specific herbs. This method involves preparing a herbal concoction or tea that promotes relaxation, enhances spiritual awareness, and induces a meditative state.

By consuming this herbal blend before attempting astral projection, you can create an optimal environment for this out-of-body experience.

To practice the herbal method of astral projection, start by researching and identifying herbs known for their calming and mind-altering properties. Some commonly used herbs include mugwort, chamomile, lavender, and valerian root.

Once you have your chosen mixture of herbs ready, brew it into a tea or consume it in another form that suits you best.

Creating a peaceful environment is vital when practicing astral projection with the herbal method. Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed to enhance concentration during your meditation.

As you consume the prepared herbal blend or tea, focus on relaxing your body and mind.

The Mirror Gazing Technique

The Mirror Gazing Technique is considered one of the best methods for astral projection. It involves looking into a mirror and focusing on your reflection. This technique can help you have an out-of-body experience where you see your physical body in a different visual space.

It’s important to be relaxed and focused before attempting astral projection, so techniques like meditation and deep breathing are recommended. The Mirror Gazing Technique requires concentration and practice, but it can be a powerful way to explore the realm of astral projection.

The Forgetting-Everything-You-Know Method

The Forgetting-Everything-You-Know Method

One of the best techniques for achieving astral projection is the Forgetting-Everything-You-Know Method. This technique involves letting go of any preconceived notions or beliefs about astral projection.

It allows you to approach astral projection with an open mind and without any expectations. By forgetting everything you know, you can create a blank slate for your mind, making it a lot easier to enter a state of deep relaxation and detachment from your physical body.

With this method, you can explore the realm of astral projection more freely and experience its full potential.

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Astral Projection Meditation

To achieve astral projection, meditation can be a powerful technique. By focusing your mind and relaxing your body, you create the conditions for your consciousness to separate from your physical form.

During astral projection meditation, you enter a deep state of relaxation and concentration. As you meditate, visualize yourself leaving your body and explore different realms or dimensions.

This visualization helps shift your consciousness into the astral plane, where you can experience new sensations and gain insights into yourself and the world around you. Astral projection meditation requires practice and patience, but it can be a rewarding way to explore beyond the limits of our physical existence.

How To Exit Asral Projection

To exit astral projection, follow these easy steps:

How To Exit Asral Projection
  • Slowly start moving your physical body, wiggling your fingers and toes.
  • Take deep breaths and visualize yourself returning to your body.
  • Gently open your eyes and focus on your surroundings.
  • Stretch your body to help reestablish the connection with your physical form.
  • Reflect on your astral journey and take some time to fully reintegrate.

Tips for Successful Astral Projection

To have a successful astral projection experience, consider the following tips:

  1. RelaxFind a quiet and comfortable space where you can fully relax your body and mind.
  2. VisualizationImagine yourself floating or separating from your physical body.
  3. Positive IntentionsSet positive intentions for your astral projection journey.
  4. Patience and Persistence: Astral projection may take time and practice, so be patient with yourself and keep trying.
  5. Record Your Experiences: Keep a journal to document your astral projections, which can help you track progress and gain insights.


In conclusion, these seven techniques offer different approaches to achieving astral projection. Whether it’s using the rope method or practicing meditation, there are various ways to explore this powerful state of consciousness.

Remember to be patient and open-minded as you embark on your astral projection journey. Happy exploring!


Did Robert Crookall write about astral projection methods?

Yes, Robert Crookall wrote a book called “The Techniques of Astral Projection”. Many use his work to learn and practice these skills.

Can meditation aid in astral projection?

Yes, meditation is a vital part of many types of astral projection methods that helps one focus better on leaving their physical self.

Do I need any tools to practice these top 7 techniques?

No, you don’t need anything more than a quiet space where you can relax deeply and let your mind wander while using the chosen method.


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