7 Secrets Of Finding Purpose In Life


What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? What am I living for? What is the purpose of my life? When your mind starts to ask questions like these, you can either find yourself anxious or spiritually awakened. When you don’t have the answers, you’ll find yourself nervous. When you start looking for answers, you might feel lost.

Today our purpose is to help you navigate your journey to find meaning and purpose in your life by the end of this article.

We’ll first understand what the purpose of life means and why it’s crucial to have one. Then we’ll get to the ways that can help your find your life’s purpose. Lastly, we’ll focus on what’s the meaning of life and how purpose can give life real meaning.

For most of our lives, we tend to rely on goals and achieve specific dreams we have. But the thing with them is, once we reach the goals or those dreams, it’s basically over. We are faced with the question now what! What’s next? what can we do more? What am I going to do now? What am I living for now? Is it my job? Or is it my family? 

A lot of the time, the existential crisis hits us in the face because we don’t know what to do next. It feels like being able to find the purpose of life is the only thing that can save us. We start looking for the meaning of life and purpose. We spend time meditating endlessly just to be able to feel that sense of enlightenment. 

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Let’s first dive into the meaning and importance of life’s purpose!

What is the meaning of life’s purpose?

The meaning of life’s purpose can not be defined, but we are still going to try. Many philosophers, time and time again, have tried to understand what is the purpose of life and how we can find it. But it is still up there for debate; you’ll understand why as we move forward. 

Every individual has a unique life path, making unique and different choices. All people are going to be faced with equally special life situations and opportunities. Each of the things we do daily is going to shape our whole life. That’s why we can only see examples of people’s life purposes. It’s rare that someone has the same life purpose as you. Because it’s something that one feels they are called to do. 

Finding life’s purpose is just like giving your life meaning. When you have found yours, it will feel like everything makes sense to you now. 

We also did a little bit of digging before we could come up with an answer and expand our perspective. We came across an article by psychologist Mike Brooks and according to him, “We are here so that we can continue to live, adapt, learn, and grow. A purpose of life, and our purpose, is to continue to evolve.”

You might be thinking, why consider a psychological answer when the question is of a spiritual nature? Because life’s purpose is intertwined with the meaning of life. And if you think deeply will find that the ultimate purpose of life is to live. What do we do when we live? We evolve. We help other people as well when we are living. 

But even with this standpoint, you can find your purpose in life because it’s your life and can be as unique as you want it to be.

What is the importance of finding the purpose of life?

Well, the simple answer is that you will get your zeal to live back. That Spark that sometimes feels missing will be back. You are likely to feel happiness and excitement just like we used to feel as kids. Everything will become exciting you will be able to do things with joy. 

All these sound like huge promises, we know. But these things are definitely attainable. So many of our emotions are highly influenced and regulated by our spiritual state. When we find our life’s purpose, that spiritual disconnection is replaced with balance and peace. 

When we start to feel that balance and peace on the spiritual level, everything starts to change. Having that sense of purpose will also help you a lot not to take things personally because you’d have that sense of knowing and purpose. You will also be able to understand that everyone’s going through something in their own journey. Also, having a life purpose is going to help you navigate your life in the right direction.

How To Find Purpose In Life? 

These are just suggestions that can help you immensely on your journey to find your purpose. There are no hard and fast rules. Flow with life and take things slowly, knowing that your soul or the energy you believe in is already leading you towards your life’s purpose. 

Ask yourself questions and look for answers.

You are here because your mind started asking you questions. You felt the urge to look for answers. This is the best way to navigate toward spiritual growth. Finding your purpose can be the first step that you might take. The more you’ll get curious to know, the more you’ll be able to grow.

So continue doing that. Don’t be afraid of the questions that feel heavy and make you afraid. Because at the other end of that question lies all the things you need to know to grow.

Do not rush to find purpose.

Rushing to find your life’s purpose can look like reading lots of books and doing hours of meditation. You will need to let things happen and come to you as naturally as possible. 

We all know that meditating or reading for hours is not practical for anyone. So start with as much time as you can without any rush. When you are not rushing, when you feel calm, you will notice that your spiritual mind is starting to guide you. 

The more time you’ll spend being in the moment, the easier it will become. Because when we are in a rush, most of us experience the tendency to try to control things. As a human, it’s kind of essential for us to be able to feel safe

Even with meditation, we feel the need to control our thoughts to reach peace. But meditation is not at all about being able to control your mind. It’s more about being able to understand our mind and how powerful it really is.

Try free-flow journaling. 

Free-flow journalling is sitting down and writing your heart out. Write whatever comes first to your mind. With this type of journaling, you will be able to receive guidance from your spiritual mind or subconscious mind.

It will help you get in the direction of finding the purpose of your life. Free-flow journaling is also a way to connect with your deeper self and intuition. Write as often as you can or whenever you feel there’s a lot going on in your head.

Keep the learner in you alive.

You never know how quickly things move and change. Having the attitude of a learner can take anybody to places. When it comes to spirituality, learning is even more critical. Because once you get the “I know it all” mindset, you are giving up on the ego. It’s the ego that creates a wall between you and enlightenment.

Having that mindset of a learner and the urge to acquire more knowledge will be one of the key factors in finding life’s purpose. Because when we accept that there’s so much we don’t know and understand. We become more open to the world of possibilities and miracles. 

The learner mindset acts as a ladder for growth and the fulfilling life we all want to live. If you’re afraid of trying and learning new things, how you’ll be able to know what drives you? 

Spend time to really understand yourself.

Spend time getting to understand the real you, all the deep desires and emotions you feel. Really connect with yourself. The more you will understand who you are deep down, the easier it will be to understand where your real passion lies. 

For most of us, our purpose in life is connected with our passion and the things that we genuinely love. Think about the things that fascinate you. Think about something that you can do tirelessly. 

Also, think about the things that drain you. Sometimes our life’s purpose can also be learning to love new things we never liked. But you will just know it in that case because then your mind will be making those shifts for you.

Really get to understand the person you are, your shadow side, as well as your light and loving side. Once you know yourself that well, you will be able to act on the guidance of your spiritual conscience.

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Connect with people who uplift and help you grow.

It is a lot like finding your tribe. Spend time and connect with the people who uplift you, inspire, and motivate you to grow. This will also help you evolve and grow emotionally, spiritually, and financially. 

It will all put you in a position to focus your energy on growth and getting out of the routine you are so used to. Else, you’ll keep settling down according to the people around you just because it’s easy and comfortable.

Look at life as a whole experience.

Ups and downs will be there even when you are on the right track to finding your purpose. You can always seek guidance from within and from the universe or the powers you believe in the most. 

What is life’s meaning, and how is it connected to the purpose?

Life is meant to live, not to search for meaning. But the minds we have will look for the meaning behind everything. If something doesn’t have a meaning, we try to give it a meaning to rationalize it. But life itself means a lot. Everything gives life meaning, to breathe, live, grow, experience things and emotions, and help people, animals, and plants. 

The thought of having just one life to experience all these things, and there is so much to do. We don’t even know how much time we got. It is overwhelming to think about all these things. But it also gives life meaning. No one would be giving life so much value if we were to have infinite time to live. All the things and opportunities we have to grow, live and accomplish something in this finite period of time are what make life so meaningful. 

Having a purpose to fulfill in this life makes it even more special. That sense of purpose gives us direction as well as a reason to live each day. Waking up each day knowing what you need to do and what you want to do makes you want to live. 

So, are you ready to find your purpose in life?

Finding purpose in life is to grow and evolve to the level where you can give something to humanity. Something that is just as unique as you and your life journey. In that journey, some days are going to be better and happier than others because growth happens when you are faced with difficulties. Just like we look for solutions when we have problems. We don’t create problems because we have solutions. 

The life and spiritual journey are just like that. Finding purpose is just the start. There’s so much to experience and grow. You are here because you are called to grow. This kind of shift can take time, so be patient with yourself. You can also use the Enhanced app to help you find your true purpose with a plethora of guided meditation.


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